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Cutler Stop Gap Has Long Term Affect On Gase

Cutler Stop Gap Has Long Term Affect On Gase

The move for Cutler will negatively affect both 2017 & 2018

The move for Cutler will have affect on both 2017 & 2018

With few options, Gase made a desperate move to save 2017 with Cutler

After last season’s playoff birth with rookie Head Coach Adam Gase at the helm completely exceeding expectations, the bar for 2017 was fairly high.

And since the NFL is a win now league, those expectations seemed to prompt Gase to make some bold moves to match or exceed 2018. One of those bold moves re-inflated expectations after the deflating injury of Ryan Tannehill. Now that move, along with many others, are crashing down on Gase, the Franchise, and the fans like a ton of concrete.

A Head Coach must be able to see the big picture and make decisions based on the long term good of the team. Desperation is never in the mix with good moves. But let’s be fair–and let’s hope–that there’s still time for Gase to learn this. Sophomore slumps can even happen with coaches… fingers crossed.

While the PPH bookie services weren’t betting on the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this season. Many fans were at least hoping for the Fins to build off last season and play meaningful games in December.

Whether proved true or not, this disastrous season of 4-7 has a whiff of finality for Gase’s tenure and this regime.

Maybe the Offseason will lessen the stink of disappointment… maybe not.

Gase wasn’t served well by appointing Cutler starter without any semblance of competition

In hindsight, 2017 went rotten the moment QB Tannehill went down.

It’s not to say Tannehill would or wouldn’t have made all this ugliness better, but maybe if Gase had seen the writing on the wall, and not reached with Jay Cutler, expectations would have been less and 2017’s failure wouldn’t be so crushing.

It’s obvious now that Gase and this team could have used another year of marination to build upon. This was a waste of mulligan, because 2018 will be full of unwanted pressure. Unlike 2017’s bad luck, next year’s pressure is warranted because of poor choices.

Gase has been given a lot of leeway since he has come to Miami. Last season, things seemed to be headed in the right direction. But with the Dolphins in last place of the AFC East, having lost 5 games in a row, Coach Gase’s job could quickly become in jeopardy if it gets ugly early in 2018.

And the Cutler signing will minus 10 Million dollar less in cap space for the team to work with, making the job of Gase even harder.

Long distance talent evaluation hasn’t been a strong suit of Gase

But I’ll go out on a limb and say this: I think there’s an extra negative effect, beyond lost cash. Cutler was brought in as the starter. He bypassed a long time Fin in Matt Moore, who is club house favorite, without even a hint of competition. This isn’t about whether Moore could have actually won or even made the competition close. All a player asks for is a chance to compete. All Gase’s talked about was competition being key and that the best players play. Players would have every right to question his message and his ability to evaluate talent going forward… until proved otherwise.

All in all, whether you like it or not, Gase will get a free pass this season from the only man that matters: Steven Ross. Gase’s failings can be overcome by winning and the money mitigated with some cuts. However, this leeway will be quickly rescinded if he can’t get this team back on the fast track to success.This pressure will go a long way to either breaking Gase and his regime, or in making them rethink things and making better choices going forward. Either way: Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …I’ll e you the name of that specialist …you’re still in denial 😀

    …nuts, eh …well lets think about that, eh …I said Center before Guard and that seems to be your hang-up …here’s the thing, Pouncey is on the downside, he just can’t run block worth a hoot any more …and he can’t help either G that needs it …he’s the key to the interior line, not the G …and he can’t be replaced by a 4th rounder, c’mon mj, you know better than that …we need to run the ball with TH at QB …so go get a C before you get a LG …but do get that LG as well, both are essential …we just disagree on which is most important …and that’s not “nuts” eh

    …btw, who is “phins”?

    • admin

      Packers C J.C.Tretter, Bengles C Russell Bodin 4th Round Eagles, C Jason Kelce 6th, Skins C Kory Lichtensteiger 4th, Ravens C Jeremy Zuttah 3rd (83), Vikes C Joe Berger 4th, Pats C David Andrews Undrafted, C Brandon Linder 3rd (93), Titan C Ben Jones 4th, Chargers C Matt Slauson 6th, Rams C Tim Barnes Undrafted. Now I agree I don’t know if Miami can find one… but more than half the other starting C in the league, with some of the top OL’s, have. 🙂 Maybe you’re going to the wrong doctors 🙂

      • Lemmus

        …now now mj, I didn’t say you can’t get a C in the 4th round …I said “he” can’t be replaced by a 4th rounder …and I’ll say it again and again …he’s still a damn good pb, one of the best and a former pro-bowler because of it …his hip problems have devastated his rb ability to the point that he’s now a serious deficit on the OL …because we need to run the ball with TH at QB …and Pouncey can’t reliably get it done any more …your screed about a 4th rounder being good enough sounds all too much like the same line we’ve heard about Gs for the last several years …so no, mj, I’m not buying any thing below a 2nd for a C …I may not get what I want but if not, its because the FO has their head up their rectal orifice, not because I’m nuts 🙂

        …think about it …you’ve finally moved to calling for a LG in the 1st round …so you want to move the OL problems from the Gs to the C by sticking with the 4th round for interior linemen bit? …c’mon

    • admin

      Phins is now when Jimmy and I do one together… he sometimes forgets… it helps with his memory.

  • Steve

    The formula to the Miami Dolphins getting to a supper bowl

    1. Hire the Offensive and Defensive Coaches who have won Super Bowls.
    2. Stephen Ross cannot dictate who will be his QB
    3. Tannehill, Fales and Doughty——-Will not get this team pass New England nor into a Super Bowl. Quick Fooling yourselves!
    4. I was told that the defensive line is the real problem with the Dolphins Defense? Why they are soaking up
    most of the money. Suh and Wake are the only two carry their weight on the line.

    Now! if Gase start next season with the same Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and Tannehill, Fales and Doughty he may not make it to mid season before he is finished.

    The Fins had 3 prime time games back to back and everyone is asking why did the rating drop?
    Thursday Night Football’ Ratings Hit Season Low As Ravens Shutout Dolphins.
    No one wants to watch the Fins but a few fans who has not realized their legs are wet!

    • admin

      “1. Hire the Offensive and Defensive Coaches who have won Super Bowls.” I totally agree on the OC… but Burke has called a good enough game to get a second season. Game after game, Steve, secondary player are out of position. Part of it is McDonald missed half a season and Tank was forced in too early. But really the secondary coach and the players take the biggest hit. Now if yo could get a guy lie Wade…man do I love Wade as a DC, then yeah. I do think Burke needs to adjust the scheme and challenge to routes at the bottom of the stem with physical play, but overall, I’m far more disappointed with Gase than Burke.

      2. “Stephen Ross cannot dictate who will be his QB…” 100% he should sign checks and zip after that.

      3. “Tannehill, Fales and Doughty——-Will not get this team pass New England nor into a Super Bowl. Quick Fooling yourselves!” No sure on Thill…I’d lean more towards your take, but still not sold he isn’t.

      4. “I was told that the defensive line is the real problem with the Dolphins Defense? Why they are soaking up” Suh has lost half a step isn’t the same in pass rush, Wake needs much less snaps, Harris is either bust or slow bloomer, Branch is solid and nothing more, Godchaux has done well, Phillips is a rotational guy with impact. A main problem is the this D scheme DOESN’T jam and alter routes… like ever. So the DL must be race cars or but. This scheme needs to get a does of practicality over theory.

  • Steve

    Who will win Broncos or Dolphins?

    In Week 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Broncos looked like a deflated unit that didn’t care about how bad they looked while giving up 51 points.

    Coaching matters

    Vance Joseph has not been that guy in Denver. Can he grow into that guy? Time will tell, but John Elway shouldn’t be willing to give him a whole lot of time.

    The youngest coach in NFL history Sean McVay, one who has completely transformed the Los Angeles Rams into a contender in half of a season.

    By the way, he’s getting help from Denver’s former defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, who the Broncos allowed to walk away following the season. That’s looking like a worse decision with each game.

    I was never a fan of Coach Joseph being the Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins and definitely thought that El Way was making a bad decision hiring him to be the head coach.

    Where was our Dolphins management when Wade Phillips was an option?
    There are other Competent Defensive and Offensive Coordinator around.

    Who will win! Miami should when this game.

    • admin

      “I was never a fan of Coach Joseph being the Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins and definitely thought that El Way was making a bad decision hiring him to be the head coach.” You and me both brother… but glad he got out of Miami however it happened.

      “Where was our Dolphins management when Wade Phillips was an option?” We would have to change the scheme to 3-4…which our scheme is based off BTW… so who knows. I like Wade alot.

  • Steve

    We’ll Lemmus though I respect your opinion. Here is the main ingredient (we have not had the coaches to developed our players). Why do they all seem to regress under the fins?
    regardless who we Draft. This is a serious issue.

    • Lemmus

      …couldn’t agree more Steve …but that’s been endemic with at least the past 4 coaching regimes …Dion Jordan is a classic example, an extremely costly fail under two phins regimes but now a starter with the Seahawks …Caroo certainly fits, we traded up to take him but so far, another costly mistake …but we’ll trade him for peanuts and then watch him succeed elsewhere

    • admin

      This was another let down with this coaching staff. I think it’s a combination of issues that lead to this. The CB’s for example are always playing off and this makes their task harder; Gase for some unknown reason can never get a play for Grant to be successful; bad evaluation Kiko at WLB… I said last year he wasn’t good at coverage.. he was always a step off last year and weak in Zone… ect. I think both Burke and Gase must rethink their scheme. Gase did after Ajayi was gone and it helped. Burke inherited this soft style with do or die DL pass rush… good the scheme annoys me. Did so last year as well. Both coaches have been slow to adjust to their talent when their original intentions fail… burke though gets more of a pass than Gase as he is a rook and has done a better job at calling than Gase. I don’t know Steve… they need to take at least two steps forward next year for me to have trust in them… players and talent acquisition is all secondary to me.

      • Lemmus

        …I think we’re stuck with Alonzo at olb …the MLB slot has a redshirted rookie’s name on it …one who apparently can’t play olb either …but I hope Burke tries ’cause kiko gets picked on now

        …I’m cum se, cum sa about Burke …he’s been an improvement over Joseph but does he win games for us? Wade would have been too much of a threat to Gase, not going to happen …not that that’s a good reason, it just is what it is

        …I think Grant is gone, he just can’t catch the ball reliably and he’s not been successful enough at returner to tie the slot up …fast, yes, but speed only works if you’ve got the ball in your hands

        • admin

          Agree on Grant. Burke needs a longer look, and I’d hate for Gase to be that weak that Wade would throw his apple cart. Maybe McMillian can play SLB–but as you and has been said maybe not…Timmons must be cut either way. Sort of a blessing in disguise he skipped the first game… now we can cut him and save 7 mill.

          • Lemmus

            …now that’s new …don’t recall you hitting on Timmons before …he’s not been great but never considered cutting him …and I don’t see him as the problem with the defense that you seem to …give us a few lines on why you think he should be cut and how we go about replacing him …especially in light of the contract Alonzo got vs his pass play this season

          • Lemmus

            …ok, you’re channeling Salquero …he often makes valid points but he’s 50-50 at best on his “insights” imnsho …Timmons had a pretty good game against Denver (as did almost everyone) …not sure it would be wise to cut him when we have so little FA cap space and much more serious needs on the offense …his replacement isn’t on the roster

  • Lemmus


    If you’re a negative nellie (like me) you might have already thrown the towel in on this season
    Even if Gase found his lost magic wand and we won all 5 remaining games to get to 9-7, it still wouldn’t get us into the play offs …without a LOT of help from other teams.

    If we lose to Denver this Sunday, its over, really over. The plus side is that it would likely move us up in the ’18 draft order. We could pick as high as #5 in ’18 and that is a serious consideration …that’s top tier QB or RB territory, or trade down for a lower 1st and a 2nd/3rd possibility …not anything to sniff at.

    But what if we win tomorrow (the odds makers have us down 1.5 right now even as the home team …against 3-8 Denver …think about that)?

    Who has to LOSE tomorrow (besides Denver) to keep the dream alive?

    You might think every other AFC East team but no, you want to root for a NE win over Buffalo no matter how much you hate the Pats …NE has a virtual lock on the division, its Buffalo that needs to lose to give Miami any hope of a wild card …and we have 2 games remaining against them …and one vs the Pats …all of which are must wins.

    The AFC standings currently look like this:

    Pittsburgh (9-2)
    New England (9-2)
    Tennessee (7-4)
    Kansas City (6-5)
    Jacksonville (7-4)
    Baltimore (6-5)
    Buffalo (6-5)
    Cincinnati (5-6)
    LA Chargers (5-6)
    Oakland (5-6)
    NY Jets (4-7)
    Miami (4-7)
    Houston (4-7)
    Indianapolis (3-8)
    Denver (3-8)
    Cleveland (0-11)

    On first look, that might make you think KC should lose tomorrow, but they are an AFC West contender playing the Jets who are currently ahead of us in the AFC East playoff chase …and we have a home game against KC that we must win anyway …so KC has to win tomorrow and lose in Miami …not so easy to see, eh

    Work it on out for yourself …you obviously want every NFC team to beat an AFC opponent …and so on …its one reason I’m not optimistic at this point (besides our own play) …there are too many permutations that have to go just right over the next five weeks for Miami to have ANY chance at the 6th playoff slot again this year …not just our winning all 5 games vs some tough teams …but a number of good teams have to lose, some multiple times (Buffalo for instance) for the magic to work again.

    But on any given Sunday, eh …and there are 5 of them left …its “possible” there could be a 6th …just don’t put any money on it that you could have bought gifts for the family with or donated to a good charity …or even finally bought that Dolphins Jersey with ( you figure out which one to buy, eh) 🙂

    …ps, kudos to phinphanatic for the list, just didn’t think they had the right spin on it.

    • admin

      I don’t think the Fins have a shot at the Post Season, but Gase has no choice but to create a carrot for the players. If they end the season as sloppy as they started and lose… I doubt next year will be any different no matter how much talent they have. If Gase gets them tight over the last 5 games then I’ll have higher expectations. Post Season was never the key issue for me in 2017… not even really wins. Quality play and coaching building on 2016 was. So far it’s a flop… and as Steve said the talent hasn’t been coached up either.

  • Phinfreak

    I don’t get it. How does one mediocre season, that is backing in to WC playoff game and getting creamed, make Gase or last season a turnaround?

    Where is this winning expectation coming from w Gase? The guy was a WR coach a few short years ago, then got promoted to QB coach and was blessed to be Peyton Manning’s understudy.

    What has Gase accomplished if any significance on a consistent level to warrant this blind optimism?

    Any logical objective look at this franchise void of fanaticism will only conclude the fact that the only consistent thing with the Miami Dolphins has been chaos and one fiasco after another especially during the ROSS era.

    • admin

      “I don’t get it. How does one mediocre season, that is backing in to WC playoff game and getting creamed, make Gase or last season a turnaround?”

      He took a low talent roster and beat the odds of the money guys. That’s very hard to do. If this was a talented roster, then it wouldn’t be much. But he exceeded the talent level, expectations, and odds. For those who aren’t jaded fans, it’s an accomplishment. Now I get you Freak… even though you might not think so. I too am a fan for a long time… near 40 years. I have never seen the promised land with this team. I too am pissed and want to write negative stuff with a “I won’t believe till I see it” mindset. But that only would serve one type of fan. Jimmy swings hard in each direction, like any fan would with an inconsistent team. I have tried to be objective and stay in the middle. Early on and even before the season I spoke of what Gase needed to do to got to the next level. He didn’t. But the guy does have strengths… those strength though are being lost due to his failing in discipline that have been exasperated by being green and a series of highly extenuating circumstances. The most basic and foundational aspect of a successful team is discipline. If this quality discipline was installed, even in the range of 11-15– upper middle of the pack– the season would be viewed in a different light. Not saying it would make him a Superbowl coach, but above average in competency. If Gase can go back to formula, this team will again appear to be heading in the right direction. This year I expected a slight drop in wins, but a rise in quality. Next year I’d say if Gase fixes HIS issues 7-9 wins with a quality level of play will set the team for 2019… and really that what it’s always been about. Remember, ” fanaticism” can come in hater aid or kool aid flavor…

      • Steve


        I was wearing my Dolphins cap when this lady passed by me. Then she goes why to do you wear the Dolphins hat they are and have always been one of the worst teams around. They give you nothing. I said well! You go down with your team!

        • admin

          We are trained professionals at that, sadly. When I first got married my wife was so psyched to watch football with me. She is from another country and had never watched the game before. The 1-15 season ended that. Now she says why do you keep watching them? They always lose… uggghggghg. In house troll is the worst.

  • dolphinst

    Nail on the head brother! That’s what sucks about this year’s situation is that it seems to have done some damage to the coaches and the team culture, two areas that I felt pretty confident we’re headed in the right direction after last year…. finally as as both have been lacking for a while. One more year to see if they can right the ship through good coaching….

    • admin

      I added the part about Moore and competition to Jimmy”s article and what Fritz had said in the comments a few articles back that Tannhill’s injury could have been a blessing in disguise, if Cutler hadn’t been signed. I personally was fine with the signing, but to hand him the job–that bothered me. I wasn’t so concerned about the # of wins, if they were 7-8 plus and had a hard fought * and well coached team * next to them this season. This though is trash at the deepest level. Can Gase turn it around… not sure. That would really suck.

      • Lemmus

        …5 games to go

        …give Drake the ball and see what we have …ergo, do we need to draft a RB high?

        …bench Gase AND Moore, play Fales next two games …he was damn good in camp/pre-season …yeah, I know, Gase is committed to starting Cutler …doesn’t mean he should.

        …if Fales doesn’t cut it, cut him and bring Doughty up …we need to know NOW if Fales or Doughty can replace Moore as bu and likely successor to TH …else we need to invest a top 4 pick in a QB

        …stop screwing around with Davis, start him at RT …we need to know NOW if he can get the job done …this constant swapping around doesn’t help him nor us …start Asiata at RG …we need to know NOW if we need another OT/OG in the draft …actually, not IF, just how many ..yeah, a win would be nice but the next 5 games are about NEXT year, this year is OVER!

        …bench Thomas and start MG or the new TE …we need to know NOW if one of them can cut it …else there goes another high draft pick

        …put Parker on the line …target him with every opportunity …play up to his hype or become trade bait for 3/4 round draft pick

        …start Harris at DE, stop the run/pass swap with Fede …Fede is a perennial BU, we need to know NOW if Harris can actually learn to play run defense, else ANOTHER high draft pick must be allocated to DE …because, otherwise Hayes is going to cost big FA $ to retain

        …get the Landry contract behind us …sign him to a $10+ mil contract NOW …else we’re looking at a $15+ mil franchise tag …yeah it ain’t going to be easy, but it is what T-bum gets paid to make happen

        …Trade Caroo for whatever we can get …bring Scott back before someone else nabs him

        …stop the Moore/Cutler competition hindsight …Cutler would not have risked coming unless Gase committed to starting him …he had bu offers from other teams and refused to even discuss it …yeah, it should have happened but it was never going to …Gase had a very clear choice and made it, right or wrong is simply irrelevant at this point

        …pray that Howard and Tankersly blossom in ’18 and our IR all come back in full health …both corners are weak right now …yes Tank has played better than the guy he replaced …but what does that really mean? …weak is still weak even if it is better than terrible, eh

        …yeah, Gase needs to stop trying to be OC and become a full time HC …mj’s pic of Gase drawing up offense plays while the defense was on the field struck home …ITS NOT HIS JOB, no matter how much he loves it …else he will be doing it full time somewhere else next year

        • admin

          Great write up as usual… although I disagree with some points, I don’t see any as outlandish… except for “bench Gase AND Moore” 🙂 Just busting on you, I know what you meant Cutler.

          “…stop screwing around with Davis, start him at RT …we need to know NOW if he can get the job done …this constant swapping around doesn’t help him nor us …start Asiata at RG …we need to know NOW if we need another OT/OG in the draft”
          I watched every play of Davis’ this week with coach cam. The right side suits him better. I think he will be with this team for years to come. He was beat once with a LB using speed and an inide move to get underneath him. At 6’6” his size,at times, becomes a hindrance. But outside the sack he only had one other play with issues– it was an inside move as well. Maybe there was a play or two I missed where he struggled, but not much more than that. I like him at either RG or RT. Eric Smith is back and the kid looked good. Not saying he is this or that, but if he can stay healthy and build his strength, he has excellent agility for a big guy and I could see him back up Davis next year… maybe. I’ll go with you on that in the last game or two they should put Smith in and have the two play next to each other. I really want a C or LG thi draft. LG was a key position that I called as key in the preseason. RG is the easiest spot and it’s one reason why Davis is perfect for it even though he is better suited for RT. I want to see Asiata, Davis and Smith get some action. Tunsil is looking like a disappointment… I swear there is something up with him. He was beat way too many times this season. He again sat in his stance after the ball was snapped. It must be half a dozen times this season… Tunsil even being slightly above average is a big wound on this franchise.

          Thomas should have been benched Week2 .

          Carroo should get another year, because Parker sucks and is a bust. Howard is showing some signs and Tank is a top level athlete with a pedestrian knowledge of the game… hopefully he can figure it out. It’s not Burke… the system seems too complicated for some guys… either not smart enough, to green, or not enough time in the system. Salguero counted 20 of 60+ snaps had players out of their assignment.

          “yeah, Gase needs to stop trying to be OC and become a full time HC …mj’s pic of Gase drawing up offense plays while the defense was on the field struck home …ITS NOT HIS JOB, no matter how much he loves it …else he will be doing it full time somewhere else next year.” I got something right! Hallelujah– must mean the end of the world is coming!!

          I too want to see what Fales and Doughty can do… BUT I can see from Gase’s standpoint. If they win this week it keeps the carrot in front of the team. If they lose, then I’ll be disappointed if Gase doesn’t start testing out players for next year.

          • Lemmus

            EDIT!! …damn, mj got me 🙂

            …sorry, the carrot is rotten …if Denver wins, we move up the draft board to #5/6 slot …if we win, we probably remain around #10 …there is one heck of a difference between 5/10 in trade down value …I never say “tank” but this season is over as far as play-offs are concerned …we’d have to win out and 9-7 still wouldn’t get us in without a lot of help …and since we have no cap space to play with in FA, the lure of a “winning team” won’t help us there either …and then there’s the Pats …we’d have to beat them again, and KC, and the Bills twice …and I just don’t see that happening

            …wish we really knew what TH’s status is …if he’s coming back fully able to run and/or plant on that knee, then we have our QB and can afford to put Fales or Doughty behind him …if not, then the draft just became totally different for us …which is why I’d like to see them play Fales now …at #5 a top rated QB should still be available, but at best a 50/50 gamble …and we have sooooooooooo many other needs …que sera, sera

            …I’d like to see us get a real answer on Davis over the next 5 games and I just don’t think the constant position switching helps us get there …it’s of more value to me to get an answer on Davis for ’18 at RT than it is to win another game in ’17

            …you have more faith in Howard and Caroo than I do …I think Caroo is a bust now and Howard hasn’t bitten anyone yet …still hoping that Lippet earns a start

          • Steve


            This weekend would be great for Dolphin fans to watch there 1st round draft picked. Currently we are between the 6th and 9th picked in the 2018 draft. Also we currently have two 4th rounders and two 7 round picks. Our 1st round picked FSU QB is in the 6th or 7th round due to his injury this season.

            Miami Dolphins Arden Key, LSU DE

            Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame OT

            Minkah Fitzpatrick Alabama (Can go wrong with this pick)

            Derwin James || Hardest Hitting Safety in the Country (We can trade back for him)

            Quenton Nelson 2016 Highlights (We can trade back for him)

            https://youtu.be/rEsswczmQzk Miami Properly can trade back later in the 1st for him
            Christian Wilkins, Clemson DT Maybe the Best picked for the Dolphins in the 1st?

            Don’t be afraid of success!

          • Lemmus

            …sorry Steve, but there is absolutely no defensive player that SHOULD be picked by Miami in the 1st through 4th rounds, regardless of how highly rated they are …even if every draft guru in the country thinks they are manna from heaven …the defense got its picks last year and will have key contributors returning from IR

            …this draft belongs to the offense …the OL in particular …and possibly a RB if Drake can’t stop the fumbles …all 5 positions on the OL are up for grabs with Tunsil possibly being the only survivor among the current starters …those replacements must come from the draft since our FA cap pool is extremely tight and two of our own key FAs will be expensive

            …we have 5 picks in rounds 1-4 (so far, I expect trades to add at least one more) and those rounds must all be successful if we are to be true contenders again in ’18 …and such a success rate is already highly improbable with T-bum making the picks (look at his record) …thus we have ZERO room for a rounds 1-4 defensive pick no matter who falls to us

            …and anyone who wants to argue one more time that our current OL is “good enough”, I have the name of a specialist in rectal-cranial inversion therapy that you need to see …soon, eh

            …it may be that Tunsil is in the midst of a learning curve at LT and will show enough improvement over the next 5 games to count on him being our starter there for the foreseeable future …or not …because to date, he’s been very inconsistent …imnsho, if he doesn’t improve at LT, we should move him back to LG where he performed pretty well in the latter half of ’16 …and get a primo LT in the draft, the 1st one on the board wherever we draft …and in that case, we should not trade down

            …if otoh, Tunsil improves at LT, then I think we need to draft the top Center available …to those who say Pouncey is “good enough” for one more year, I say BS …this team needs to …no MUST …run the ball to succeed with TH at QB …and while Pouncey remains a solid PB, he has fallen off the cliff in RB …AND he will cost $9m+ in cap unless we cut him, no small consideration when Landry and Hayes are must retain FAs this year

            …I will cut some slack here and allow for a bpa pick among C/TE/OT/G if one of the other positions has a MUCH higher rated player on our board at that point …but a new C is essential …this year, not next

            …next up, would be RT if Davis doesn’t prove that he can perform consistently in the position against Buffalo, NE, and KC …I’d love for mj to be right about Davis but I’m not taking him on faith …he has 5 games to prove it …he definitely is not a starting LG …James was a 1st round (19) pick at RT that many thought was taken at least a round high …and has proven inconsistent at the position …but its his cap number and 5th year option that make him a cut or, hopefully, a trade …he is not good enough at the position to warrant keeping him at his projected cost …so without Davis or James, RT becomes a real need high in the draft order

            …then, I’m sure to no one’s surprise we need at least two guards in the 4th, and hopefully another …I’d be happy with OTs here who can play G successfully in the NFL …as well as play bu for the starting OTs

            …here’s the Cliff Notes version:

            1st: LT (stay) or C (trade down)
            2nd: C or RT
            3rd: RT or G/OT
            4th: G/OT
            4th: G/OT/TE

            …as with all things, there are caveats
            …TH returns with no loss of ability, ergo, no QB needed in top 4
            …Drake has no more fumbles at RB, ergo, no RB needed in top 4
            …Tunsil improves at LT per above
            …Davis proves mj right at RT
            …MG performs well at TE in next 5 games
            …Parker either has a miraculous recovery in the last five or is traded for a mid round pick

            …the latter rounds should all be bpa with a nod to QB/RB/TE candidates
            …I don’t see us taking a WR unless Landry is lost to FA, in which case T-bum should beat him out the door …Caroo is trade bait for a low round pick and we bring UDFA Scott up again to replace him
            …Moore is a FA and I just can’t picture him back next year with the lack of confidence Gase showed in him this year

            …as always, my opinion, worth what it cost you and subject to change at every change in the wind

          • admin

            I think your OL draft is a bit nuts. Now, I do think they should use mutliple picks on OL. I want that top G with the first pick. Since they are expensive now to resign or get in FA you might as well Draft them high and get an excellent one and pay for quality rather than over pay or have turnstile at the spot. My question is can he play LG? Maybe you know Lemmus or Steve. Now if a stud T is available then maybe him instead… but I think Giving up on Tunsil at LT will hurt even if it’s the right thing to do. We need to be sure, because if he isn’t good enough then 2016 is looking pretty ugly. I really like Smith having a shot at RT… or Davis, who I think will be good for a year, at least. If Smith can do it, then move Davis inside to RG. We’ll find out how good he is there over the next few weeks. He wasn’t a liability with his first start… things can change, of course. I’d get a LB in the first if no top G or tackle is there.. or again trade back. I don’t know the values on a Center, but that is a key as well. Pouncey hurts the interior so much with his weak hips. A more rounded C would make a huge difference.

            So I’d look to get 2 OL in the Draft if Davis and Smith show something. LG would be the high pick and another T or C mid 4th.
            Larsen is best at RG as I said early on… this talk of him at LG is ridiculous.

            If just Davis shows to be good at RG or and RT then 1 OL high, the best G , and if not, then a T and 2 more in the 3rd and 1 4th.

            If Davis gets a terrible injury or sucks, then a T in the first or the Top G if tackle isn’t there and flip it and get a OL in the 2nd. Then use the early 4th on another with a late OL pick up.

            You can’t use every pick on OL because you MUST get TE, you must cut Timmons, and then need a true blitzing cover LB–kiko needs to go back to MLB. You also need DE help and CB help and RB help as Williams might not be back.

            LT: Tunsil / (rookie) LG: Rookie / Larsen / Steen (BU) C: Pouncey or Brendel or rookie or Steen RG: Davis or Larsen or Asiata RT: Davis or Smith or rookie or Tunsil

            There are pieces, even if they are stop gaps till 2019 draft. Given the cap and all you must build and fill, evenly with slight emphasis. This year the Dolphins pass blocking has been fairly high. But mental mistakes, Tunsil being avg, Pouncey being weak on runs, and pedestrian or below avg LG play in pass block was the main issue. And remember Davis, Smith, Brendel, and Steen were picked up on the cheap… so stop gaps and BU can be had, as well as gems. Can we find them? That’s the big question. If Tunsil flops, then what can you believe in?

          • admin

            “…and anyone who wants to argue one more time that our current OL is “good enough”, I have the name of a specialist in rectal-cranial inversion therapy that you need to see …soon, eh”

            This line was good enough IF Tunsil had played up to expectation, penalties were very low, and the call weren’t half assed till half way through the season. See Seahawks as an example.. and they are worse than us in penalties. There line is far worse… if that were possible. Add in James going down, Urbik getting injured and cut, and Larsen missing half the season, the trajectory of a decent enough line to hold over till the 2018 draft was seriously altered. This season was lost on LACK OF DISCIPLINE, injuries, and insane events. The OL play when backed by the previous was exposed. Prior to James’ injury PFF ranked the Dolphins OL at #21… they were ranked at 30th the season previously. So I agree (again) the OL needs a lot of help for a championship team, but this season was far more than a bad OL>

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