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Curious Post-Game Response By Gase

Curious Post-Game Response By Gase

The job of an NFL Head Coach is all consuming and Gase is no exception

The job of an NFL Head Coach is all consuming, and Gase is no exception

Very few can successfully call plays and run an organization… can Gase?

I’m still a believer that Adam Gase can be part of the solution… if he continues to grow. But yes, that confidence has waned over the course of this season.

When Gase started off his tenure as the Dolphins Head Coach he had a weak roster, zero experience as a H.C., limited cap space, and made the choice to call the plays on offense, on top of all his other responsibilities.

That’s a lot to get thrown on your plate. A learning curve was to be expected.

But his inaugural season exceeded the expectations of the best pay per head services, and as much, if not more, was expected in Year 2.

We all know the rest. Ryan Tannehill went down and everything under the sun went wrong, including a prominent coach caught on film doing cocaine and trading away Miami’s most prominent offensive weapon.

The Dolphins 2017 Season has been marked by some of the worst offense ever witnessed in Miami, inexplicable inconsistency, and sloppy play riddled with penalties.

After a loss last week, the final post game comment by Gase (in the video below) struck me the wrong way for several reasons.

Adam Gase must always be Head Coach first and foremost to have success

Reporter, “Would you ever relinquish play calling”

Gase, “No, it’s the one thing I like doing.”

I won’t play amateur psychologist and speak about his body language, or try to mind read and say he meant this or that. Maybe he misspoke or was caught up in the emotion of the big loss.

But if you just take his words at face value…

…My first problem with his response is it focuses on his want, regardless of what’s best for the team.

Gase likes to do it, so it stays.

What if there was a better caller available? Or what if it was better for the team that he focuses on just being the H.C.?

My second problem is that he said of all his responsibilities as a head honcho of the Dolphins, the only one he likes doing is calling plays.

If you only like calling plays, then why are you the Head Coach?

As far a I know, if you don’t like doing something, then it’s a job and not a passion… and any endeavor in football must have a foundation of passion.

A H.C. must always have to team’s best interest in mind

Jay Ajayi only liked to run the ball, pass blocking and studying his responsibilities wasn’t his thing. So he didn’t do it. That was no good according to Gase, and Ajayi was canned.

If Gase had said, ‘No, I’m the best qualified’. Or if his response was, ‘Everything is on the table to get this team to win’. Then okay. Maybe he’s right or wrong, but at least the team comes first. That would be a consistent message.

A Head Coach must at least do these two things: be objective and exemplify everything he is preaching.

A fairly prominent detective novelist John Westermann once said to me, “If you want a chance to make it in this business, you must learn to murder your little darlings.”

In laymen terms: if you want to give yourself a shot at succeeding in anything, nothing you do must be too precious to be cut out or fixed.

I never made it as a novelist. But I hope like hell Gase can one up me and make it as the Dolphins Head Coach. Go Fins!!!


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  • Steve


    How much coaching did Phil Jackson have to do having Michael Jordan or O’Neale or C. Bryant or Bill Belichick have to do having Tom Brady or Mike Shanahan have to do having Elway? The QB Rookie or Veteran must be able to Coach his team mates in the game. Must be able to carry a team when need to. That has been the Dolphins failure over the yars. Every thing has to be A project with the Dolphins. We need to go after a Marque QB And Running back. Dallas will not fair well with E. ELLIOT OUT THESE SIX GAMES. We have been beatdown so long the Fans have become ti except the Dolphins poor play. The Canes gets a “COACH” and now Rank # 3 now.

    • admin

      I think you can build a championship team in a few ways. You can go the Pats/ Brady route, or the Gruden Tampa D route, or even the Raven Flacco Route. The best is your way… even better having both and the 90’s Dallas way. No matter what though, as we have spoken about an efficient + run game is key. A quality D even more so. And coach that can make the right calls and get the team to have low penalties and be tough minded is key in any makeup. My problem is Miami doesn’t have one solid foundation at this point. I based everything on Gase being the foundation on which everything is built. I still think he can be, but he must change. Coughlin had that moment where he needed to alter a keep part of his persona or be avg. He hanged and took the next step. Gase, in my opinion, must become an HC… he still wants to make the PC’s… that statement tells me that this one aspect is not under review. Everything must be under review… this is the biggest problem with an HC calling plays: they aren’t as objective. No way no how should some of the calls he is making be made. But this is what happens when someone give you the gameplan rather than you building it yourself. I’m assuming this is the process and why there is lapses and a sense of disconnect. If he is building it himself then we are in trouble. But, yeah Steve. If we could get a top 5 QB, sure that wold be awesome… a shame we passed on Brees–twice.

  • phinfreak

    Like Ive said here many times, Gase is not HC material. No franchise should have to “wait” for a rookie HC to go through the “learning curve”. There is no guarantee he will come out the other end having learned anything.

    ‘ …if they dont bite when theyre puppies..they wont bite when theyre growed up..’

    • Lemmus

      …one of the dumbest things you ever written here …really …by your standards Bellichick should be coaching a junior high school team

      …as usual, you’re all bark and no bite

  • Lemmus

    …damn spell check!!!! 🙁

  • Lemmus

    …tick off the HCs with the best records …they all had rough spots, losing seasons, even getting fired, some more than once before they caught the ring …the one thing they all seem to have in common is that the players like to play for them …and Gase seems to have that going for him, even now

    …otoh, the last phins coach to make it to the playoffs in his first year, Sparano, and then get fired after two bad seasons, lucked into a franchise QB his playoff season …and lost him to injury the next …does that sound familiar? …and, note this, his OL fell apart on him as well …hhhmmm

    …I just don’t think in-game play calling is all that big a workload on Gase …and sure he loves it, it’s what got him here …and we all say things we didn’t really mean to come out the way it did …ask my wife, eh …better yet, ask your’s 🙂

    …would he be a better HC if his OC made the calls? …I don’t know …and neither does anyone else because it hasn’t happened …last year with a different QB and a different OL, he won more than he lost making the calls …this year so far, he’s behind the power curve …but I just don’t see the difference being his continuing to call the plays …his player assets are different, there have been a lot more distractions, and a tougher schedule …I think that accounts for far more of the current pain than any play calling duties …a number of successful HCs have made there own calls, Gase is in the minority but certainly not unique

    …ask yourself …do you really believe we made the playoffs last year despite Gase making poor play calls? …if not, then why is it his play calls that are at fault this year when there is no shortage of other things to lay the fault on?

    …his personnel decisions as HC being one I couldn’t argue with

    • phinfreak

      Fins won enough games by miraculous effort from Jay Ajayi. Couple games they shouldnt have won i.e. Pittsburgh. So the back into the playoffs as the lowest seed wildcard and everyone crowns their asses. It was a mirage.

  • Chad Hickes

    no idea what you mean by yes we are all aware of Marino being thrown under the bus. But the point I was making is Miami has been a joke since 99. I cherished my dolphins. Now they have miniority celebrity owners. Stupid draft picks, trades and free agent acquisitions. After owner Robbie there has been zero stability. Their new helmets are pathetic.