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Concussion Protocol Forces A Moore Start

Concussion Protocol Forces A Moore Start

Cutler was expected to start, but he failed Concussion Protocol and now Moore take the reins

Cutler was expected to start, but he failed the Concussion Protocol, and now Moore takes the reins

Moore has a long shot to both shock the world and increase his value going into FA

Jay Cutler failed Concussion Protocol late Thursday and is a scratch for the Pats game. Whether this was an attempt by Adam Gase to force the New England Patriots to prepare for two QB’s, or Cutler’s push to start was real and was thwarted by injury, no one knows.

But what’s certain is Matt Moore will start, and the Fins will be razor thin at QB.

Fins Fans craving for Moore to start will get their wish… and this time it won’t be with a single, walk-through practice to prepare, like the Ravens game. Will this outing look better? Very likely. Will it lead to a win? Very unlikely.

First, let’s clear something up: if the Pats win it will be with offense, because their defense isn’t good (those bastards will likely play lights out on D to spite me). Pats lead the league in yards allowed per game with 401. Their impact plays on defense are also way, way down with 8 picks (18th) and 17 sacks (27th). Overall they are 11th in points (20.3), 31st in pass yards (293 per gm), and 24th in rushing allowed (119 per gm).

So Moore damn well better have a good performance. And if he does, it shouldn’t be an indictment against Cutler or Gase–not yet. But it sure as hell wouldn’t hurt the case that the Dolphins might have been better to run with Moore over Cutler this season.

The knock on Moore is he makes a few too many big mistakes

Pats offense is another story with a points per game ranking at 5th, 1st in pass yards, and 16th in rushing. And as a team they have a turn over differential of +8 (4th).

While the Dolphins have had substantial improvement on offense since Ajayi’s departure, they rank in the bottom 3rd of the league in all major offensive categories and are 30th in turnover differential at -9.

The name of Miami’s game has been as sloppy as a truck stop toilet… and the Pats, as of late, are ship shape.

Up until a few weeks ago, the Patriots had been playing sloppy football and were ranked in the bottom third of the league in penalties committed. Since then, they have battened down the hatches and are now 5th in least screw ups.

On the other hand, the Dolphins were in the bottom 3rd in most committed penalties, and have gone from bad to worse as they are just one better than the bottom of the barrel at 31st. Their point differential is ranked 30th at -9. The Pats once again let you beat yourself and the Fins are masochists beating themselves silly week after week.

Moore must reduce his stupid throws into triple coverage

Do I think that the Fins can win? No–not until Sunday, when I get blind with fandom… but damn I really, really would love to.

I do like this new look Offensive Line makeup against this defense, and Moore has the tools to cut into this secondary. But even blind love has trouble believing that the Miami defense can slow or harass Brady enough to make a difference.

The long, long shot wildcard will be LB Stephone Anthony‘s coverage of the TE’s… but I’m not betting my house on it with the best pay per head sites on it.

The only snow cone chance in a volcano that Miami wins is if they have less than 3 penalties and beat the Pats in turnovers… I’m betting on Lotto for better odds. But no matter what, and especially against the Pats: Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    OMG, its fun to read all this after the fact….most of you guys just won’t admit this team simply sucks. Say it. C’mon, say it slowly…wwwweeee sssssssuuuuuk!

    You can write long winded paragraphs detailing why and where and how but its not necessary when you suck everywhere from the HC down … except maybe the FG kicker, we should keep him.

    • phinfreak

      I forgot to mention, I finally saw why Moore is not nor will he ever be regardless of where he plays…a starting QB. Its not his arm. He is stupid…by NFL QB standards. He loses poise, begins to flail, cant control his emotions, but the worst part is he runs back up to the LOS with 5 seconds left on the play clock to call out the Mike and change the play and formation…Doh!

      He did this over and over and over…and over…while Gase just watched with tilted head and a facial expression that said…”where am I?”

      • admin

        Actually, Gase faulted Parker on the pick… other than that he didn’t play poorly till, the defense pinned his ears back. Moore was in Foxboroo after not starting, come on I have seen plenty to good QB’s Manning included get like that there.Again, 2nd most in penalties committed against and 2nd most in penalties committed. I think you are going overboard. If anything it’s Gase unable to gain discipline and talent evaluation from Gase that’s the biggest issue. Chiefs have only two wins more than the Fins… Andy sucks and they have no talent? If Miami was in the top 15 of least amount of penalties this team would be middle of the road and that would be fair given everything that has happened. Do I think Gase can turn it around? Not sure. Add in the kneeling and his stance on it… could all be the death nail. We’ll have a season or two more to find out. Ross won’t end this regime till then.

  • Lemmus

    Gase, Monday, 11/27/17  

    • admin

      All that counts is trying… give them all a trophy. The nice guy route seems like he can no longer use the boom stick because they are deaf to it, he believes it, or he’s worried about losing the locker room. None of which are good news. Landry spouting off about the not getting a review (on a play that would have lost the review) feels like the rats are starting to jump ship.

      • Lemmus

        …maybe Landry thinks that if he pisses Gase off enough, he’ll trade him to the Pats for a 5th round pick …”yassuh massa, throw me in that there briar patch!” …worked for Ajayi, it did

        …now there’s a thought …Landry/Pats vs Ajayi/Eagles in the SB, while Gase cleans out his office …meanwhile, Ross is flying around in his private jet, begging someone to take the HC job …to no avail

        …could be a spectacular season ending after-all 🙂

        • admin

          I was thinking the same thing… not to the Pats, they won’t pay 15 mill. But I think Landry might be wanting to jump ship… he has had shades of screw this a few times this season. I do think if Gase continues this way that he will be on his way out sooner rather than later. He shoot for the moon this season and it was too early. Should have rode Moore and kept expectations low. He should have continued to purge and set the foundation. It’s inexcusable to have this kind of play…

  • Lemmus


    The fat lady has sang for the phins ’17 season …and she was way off key

    My hopes were high before FA …we needed LB and OL …we had plenty of cap …a winning team/coach …shouldn’t have been a problem to attract a top flight LB and two proven Guards

    …instead, we got one flaky LB, overpaid to keep a DL, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpaid to keep the worst rated G in the NFL from ’16, brought in a Bears G reject on the cheap, and traded Albert for Jax reject TE Thomas …yes we kept Stills and made a decent trade for Hayes …then renegotiated his two year contract for a one year deal making him a FA in ’18 …and we failed to sign Landry to a new contract, making him a FA in ’18 as well unless we franchise him

    …sigh, kept believing that they would finally fix the OL in the draft …they didn’t even try …a 5th round pick who didn’t even dress for the Pats game

    …I called it a 7-9 season then …got a lot of rah-rah, kool aid drinking, negative nellie raps

    …then we lost TH to a really dumb (in hindsight) off season decision not to repair his knee last November

    …then Misi failed to pass a physical and was put out for the year

    …then we lost our #2 pick LB in off season

    …then we brought in Maualuga as ILB but he was so out of shape he couldn’t even play for games 1-4

    …then IRMA took away our first decent bye-week in ages

    …then Timmons went flaky …and the OL coach got caught sniffing the white powder

    …and then …oh hell …seven losses, four wins …and those by the skin of out teeth

    Five losses in a row …humiliating losses …ONE offensive TD …bye-bye Moore, sayonara Cutler

    Offense is truly offensive

    Parker was hyped out of camp to be our #1 WR this year, a future HoF in the making …turns out, he was a practical joke …on us …iirc he had ONE reception for FIVE yards against the pats …the guy is injured ALL THE F’N TIME! He needs to be traded for whatever we can get before the ’18 draft.

    We couldn’t get a deal done for Landry this year …we will pay through the nose to keep him next year …pray that we can …but then he’s calling Gase out now, so who knows?

    Did I mention WR Caroo who we traded UP for last year …no I didn’t …he can’t win a spot over UDFA Scott …”the future’s not our’s to see” theme song of phins scouts

    OL …dear god …seven sacks Sunday from the 27th rated pass rush …the best you can say is that Bushrod is gone, gone, gone …the worst you can say is that we have no BUs …anywhere …the entire OL needs a recast …bye-bye James/Bushrod/Pouncey/Larsen …move Tunsil back to LG if we get a top LT in the off season

    TE Thomas to the rescue? …that was the hype …Gase’s boy was gonna make this offense hum …hmmmmmmmm ……more like Lurch trying to lumber across a route …bye-bye Thomas

    QB TH out for knee surgery …those who didn’t appreciate him, do now …Cutler, another Gase rescue …should have stayed in the broadcast booth (bet he agrees) …and Moore, given his shot, missed …badly …no more Moore-ons in the cheap seats

    RB …oh yeah …best RB in years, traded to the Eagles for a VERY low 4th round pick …he bitched too much …Williams now out for the rest of the year …Drake is the man for now …if he can’t get it done, then we may have to use a high pick on a RB in ’18 …but only if we fix the OL first

    Defense is disastrous

    They were supposed to be top five …6 of 7 draft picks went to them …not a one earned a start out of camp

    We got a FA deal done on Hayes, signed him to a one year contract instead of the 2 year he was on …turns out he is our best DE against the run …and he will now cost a fortune to resign in ’18 …but now on IR

    We were supposed to have fixed the run defense …its now worse than ’16 …big money Alonzo who can’t cover anyone …the pass defense is porous, 2nd year CB can’t bite, much less bark …rookie Tank is a rookie maybe …we do look like we have two true Safeties …but then they met Brady …again

    UDFA Allen at MLB after Maualuga went nuts in a South Beach bar …say it ain’t so

    Suh, the 25 mil a year DL, played 55+ snaps Sunday …almost twice as many as any other DL …he’s a great player …but he’s also human …and even he wears down eventually

    So there it is folks …no rah rah here …we came to this season full of hope for good reason …I took a pass on it after FA and draft because of the OL fix fail …others here kept the hope alive …until Sunday …seven sacks on our QB in our 7th loss …by the 27th ranked pass rush …kind of says it all

    Now we talk FA and Draft and FO and Staff for ’18

    Oops …no FA talk …we have almost no cap …and Landry/Hayes are (imnsho) mandatory FA keeps …and they both are going to be expensive …very expensive against our cap …we are going to release some decent players just to make cap room to sign those two …thank the FO for putting us in cap hell and getting nothing for it

    So we AGAIN have a LOT of holes to fill via the draft …and even that assumes that ALL of our IR come back fully capable of playing at or above their previous levels

    We will have a relatively high draft pick …somewhere between 5th and 13th as I read the tea leaves …the sole “benefit” so far of this season …unless the phins suddenly pull a Gase and win 5 straight, damn their hides 🙁

    So don’t talk to me about a 1st round pick for a sure fire QB or RB …there is no such thing as a sure fire pick in this lottery …50/50 at best …plan on trading down for more picks this year, not up, not standing still again …not happening

    • admin

      Nice! Saved me from begging Jimmy for an article or me writing one!

      All my quotes prior to season.

      “9-7 with some hard fought losses wouldn’t be a bad season given everything involved.” After the Tannehill injury and prior to everything else.


      I also said this:

      “AGREE!!! Miami WILL not survive this season with a slow start to the season or games. They need to play full games and full season. These first QTR offensive sleep walks will wreck the season if they continue.”

      And on our discipline:

      “We were bottom 10 in penalties and the Pats were top 5… that alone is worlds apart as far as quality of the team. If Gase can get this teams some discipline, that alone would make Miami tough.”

      Basically, all this talk about Miami not having enough talent, while true, is secondary compared to the quality of play. Teams that get beat by lack of talent in one thing. Teams that fumble, lead the league in presanp penalties, and top 5 in most committed penalties is another. This aspect of the game is not dependent on physical talent. It’s about a player being prepared and being mentally tough. This season Miami is tops in penalties committed against, if they had been Top 10 in least amount committed the season would have been totally different. This is what was expected from Gase’s team. A tough, smart, disciplined team that’s building to year 3 or 4. Forget the injuries and circumstances and lack of talent here or there. Even if this was a team of ALL Stars, this level of ineptitude would sink the team, ultimately. I’m not going to say Gase can or can’t fix the problem. I’m not going to say if it’s him or his staff. I don’t know. But as the HC it’s up to him to vet the staff and players. He failed in player evaluation 70% of the time. He was given a blank check this season for what he wanted. Gase wanted Cutler, Bushrod, Thomas, get rid of Ajayi, win with the OL talent they had, Burke to be DC, Larsen, and was a major impetus to last year’s O draft… all of which could be understood, overcome and forgiven–in time, if the ship was run tight. A learning curve was expected. In 2016 they were 11th worst in penalties (not sure about presnap), they nosed dived this year. If this isn’t fixed, forget about this regime. At this point, Gase, if he was fair in evaluation, would focus on the team and give up calling plays… while the defense was on the field in a crucial stretch he has sitting on the bench working on plays… hey, I know we are driving at 100 MPH, but I’m going to leave the wheel and get in the backseat to check the map to see where we are…okay?! Until Week 1 of 2018, nothing is going to be more crucial, in my mind, as a disciplined team…regardless of talent. If that’s in play, then I’ll focus on play calls and team talent.

  • dolphinst

    Here’s to hoping the Dolphins can stick around till the 4th quarter and sneak a victory, hopefully with some Matt Moore and Kenny Stills action!

    • admin

      Pats plying sloppier than Fins… hope it continues.

    • admin

      There goes that… Parker/ Moore are trash.

      • Steve


        Not enough emphasis is placed on the concept we are 53 players and offensive/defensive coordinators away from the Super Bowl and if Coach Gase moved towards Tannehill next season to be the only answer in place of going after that game changing running back and a couple of Qb’s that can replace Tannehill for the future then his games are most likely limited with the Dolphins. I don’t know about anybody else but when my job is only the linevitable I’m going after the Best. I’m going down fighting with the best. Does this mean going after a Qb in the 1st round absolutely not. Does this mean drafting Penn state Running back absolutely yes if he falls to us.

        • admin

          I think Gase made the mistake of not setting the foundation further. I think he believed the hype and got desperate in Preseason to try and make the playoffs… I think as you said the concept needed more refinement. Now with this disaster of a season Gase has lost all his rope and he will be on pis and needles next season trying to salvage his career here. Two back to back flops, especially if they are as or near as undisciplined, is grounded for a firing. To me, it not the losing, it’s the how they are losing and the complete lack of professionalism and disorganization that’s the primary concern. Talent failing was expected. But this type of football and regression of quality mental discipline is a shock and makes me rethink everything on Gase.

          I’m on the fence though about a Olmen or RB in the 1st round… at this point, I need to take pointers from you and study the college games and the upcoming draft. I don’t know Steve… I just don’t know… Gase has left me uncertain. I am now a jaded, prove it fan because this type of sloppiness is terrible. I’ll concede that Carrol has his team even worse, so maybe there is hope.

  • Fritz

    It’s easy to look back now and say that signing Cutler was a mistake. When I heard his signing was happening, I cringed. After Tannehill went down for the year, I would have preferred giving Moore the reigns. Win or lose, we would have known for certain what we have in him. If the record was good, everyone happy. If it was bad then the Moore Bandwagon gets put to rest once and for all. Either way, Gase would have gotten a pass this season.

    • admin

      “If the record was good, everyone happy. If it was bad then the Moore Bandwagon gets put to rest once and for all. Either way, Gase would have gotten a pass this season.”

      Desperation is a dangerous trap… it gets you every time. I agree. I didn’t mind the Cutler signing so much if he wasn’t getting handed the starting role. I think even if they had acquired Cutler let their be some competition… but I’d of preferred to go with Moore because as a regime, this would have lowered expectations and given Gase another season to season up with a built in pass. But to me the biggest negative Fritz is the lack of discipline… If everything else had stayed the same and this team was ranked 10-15 in penalties, they have 2+ more wins and the product on the field season wide would look far different.

  • Lemmus

    1) …the Pats defense stats are delusive …they were rotten the 1st two games …since then they’ve been dominant …don’t let the stats fool you, they are a top tier defense right now

    2) …we just lost Hayes, probably for the season …that is a HUGE hole in our defense …probably the 2nd or 3rd best player on defense …and he was best where Harris, who will now likely start, is weakest https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-dolphins-lose-de-hayes-to-back-injury

    …if they have doubts about Harris against the run, perennial bu Fede may get the start instead …that would be a pretty emphatic comment on Harris’ development

    • admin

      Actually, it was the 1st and 3rd game they were blown out. If you look over their games the defense has improved in 12th in scoring defense–they have been steady most elsewhere. This along with the O not turning it over, and team wide the penalties are now very low, has helped them. But if you look over the season and watch some of the games their formula is this: If the O can get 14 pt the D does well… the other team usually loses patience and makes mistakes and the Pats capitalize. This allows to Pats defense to dictate against an opponent in perpetual passing situations. When the opponent though put points on and matches the Pats O and doesn’t make mistakes the games are very close and the D get brought down to earth as they are a bit thin and their run weakness gets revealed. To beat the Pats would must keep it close, not turn the ball over and keep penalties very low… and then like the Jets game, don’t forget to out pay Kraft when it comes to paying the refs off. 🙂

      I agree on Harris… But this game will be close or not based on Dolphins penalties and turnovers and defense being able to slow the Pats early. If Pats get 14 pts ahead it will be a total blowout.

    • admin

      Omar reported this “Gase was behind the “we can win with what we got” O-line movement.”

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