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Can Fins Beat Wounded Bucs?

Can Fins Beat Wounded Bucs?

Bucs are down their starting QB

Bucs are down their starting QB

Fins V.S. Bucs is a battle of the lowly

The Miami Dolphins are on the other side of their total embarrassment of losing three Prime Time games, with 2 of them being outright blow outs.

Miami is all but a national joke at this point. But the show must go on. The Fins must regroup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today to have any shot at salvaging the 2017 Season.

The hard part to swallow for fans is, even if they win today it’s still a long, long shot that they even sniff the Post Season.

The Bucs have been a bit of a disappointment as well this season with only 2 wins. Their starting QB in Jameis Winston is out with injury and is under investigation for sexual assault. So one of our familiar foes will lead the offense, instead. Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a history of giving the Dolphins trouble. He can be frustrating because he’s mobile enough to make plays with his feet. Today he will have a good stable of Receivers to throw to and test Miami’s CB’s.

Bucs and Fins were expected to do well this season… not!

After last week’s beat down, it’s hard to have any encouragement that our defense is going to be able to stop anybody. In addition, the Dolphins have not had a sack in the last two games. They desperately need to get some life back in their pass rush. So far, it been a grossly over paid unit given it’s impact.

Ohh, you can  also add in Rey Maualuga’s arrest to the issues surrounding the Dolphins defense.

On offense the Dolphins are starting to play a little better. However, they continue to be consistently inconsistent. Cutler made some poor decisions and throws against the Panthers. He’ll have to do much better if the Dolphins want to have any chance to win against the Bucs.

The best bookie services in the world have this game as a pick’em. The line has pretty much stayed there the entire week. Of all the games this upcoming week this game is getting the least amount of action on it, which is mainly because these two teams have been playing so bad that nobody but their own fans even care about the game. The action is pretty much split on both sides, and it will probably be one of those games that are decided in the fourth quarter… maybe even the last drive of the game.

Sad isn’t it. Go Fins!!!


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  • Phinfreak

    Like I said, fins lucky to win 1 or 2 more games but odds are they rank.

    Gase would be on hot seat by mid season and now nobody believes last year was real but more a fluke. This group is not playing for him.

    The DC is nothing note than a position coach. Look at teams w former HC’s and former NFL players in that role.

    This entire franchise is an embarrassment and was at the beginning of the season which is why anyone with a keen eye predicted a losing season this year …again.

    • phinfreak

      “”Perhaps the most important upgrade that has to come for the offense this year, and next year, is to the coaching staff. Head coach Adam Gase was hired based on his ability as an offensive coordinator. The Dolphins’ struggles on offense are not inspiring confidence. Losing your starting quarterback in training camp is never a good thing for an offense, but Gase has to start calling plays better and he has to make adjustments. In 2016, one of Gase’s strengths was his ability to adjust the gameplan in the second half of games. In 2017, that has not been happening. The offense is struggling, and Gase has to find an answer. It may end up being in 2018 when that answer is found – after an offseason of adding talent and getting back Ryan Tannehill – but if Gase cannot start to make improvements this year, he will not see much in terms of confidence from the fans and media to start the season.””

      Uhhh…the hot seat. If this team tanks there is no reason for Gase to be the HC next year. Why? For what? He did nothing this year to improve the teams performance. His own performance was awful at best.

  • Lemmus

    …on any given Sunday, eh …but you’re right on this, if the phins are to have any playoff hopes at all, today is a must win …if we lose, we lose …and start thinking about what we need to do with the inevitable high draft pick …beside keeping this FO as far away from it as possible

    …but then we were all here last year when Gase came out of nowhere and went on a six game tear …the fat lady hasn’t quite sang just yet …lets all hope her tune changes a few hours from now, eh

    • admin

      HAahaha…If the Dolphins only played as hard against other teams as they played against themselves, they’d of had a decent season…

      • Lemmus

        …hhhmmm …bitter laugh that, methinks

        • admin

          Very bitter. Two games would have been won if not for a ridiculous amount of penalties. This season was about growth. Cleaning up their game was the biggest key. They are worse. Say what you want about talent or whatever. 6-4 given all their issues with say 10-15 rank in penalties, and things would be fine. What is is it top 1-2 in presnap penalties and total penalties. They are 1-2 in penalties committed, so clean football would have netted them at least 2 wins…maybe 3. I don’t care how much talent you have: this level of discipline will make you a loser. The foundation is Gase and clean, mart play is the foundation of winning football. Gase’s decision to had the key to Cutler and not have a real QB battle with Moore broke his mantra of best players win and competition is king. Not saying Moore would have won, but that was the start of a broken message and that broken message has grown. Gase is fully responsible for having or not having a disciplined team… but he has now decided to own up. Now he is in defense mode laying blame everywhere but on his doorstep. This didn’t have to be. He has enough qualities to be a quality HC. But he refuses to be objective with his playcaller and the fact that the buck stops with him. Too much adversity broke him at some point. It was a lot and better men than him would have succumbed. But the reality is he is crumbling because his message has crumbled and no longer applies to everyone… the me culture has been injected into the Fins and it stems from Gase. Not sure it can be undone.

    • Lemmus

      …I broke down and watched the game

      …the fat lady has sung her song, loud and clear
      …despite the last minute comeback, this was TB and we sucked …again
      …do they win another game this year? …can they even beat Denver?
      …I said 7-9 after the draft …it could be 5-11 …or worse

      …we need an almost complete overhaul on the OL …minimum of C/RG/RT …we have no one on the shelf …and no cap to compete in FA, probably not even enough to keep our own, including Landry and Hayes …both will command high offers from other teams …and we simply can’t afford to franchise anyone

      …time to play Scott at WR, Asiata at RG, and maybe even Doughty at QB …see if they can play better than Parker, Bushrod, and Cutler/Moore …now, when it no longer matters for THIS year

      …then there is the draft …we could go as high as 5th
      …besides 4 OL, we need a TE, LB, CB, and DE as well
      …and this year, much as I hate to say it, we have to think about trading down …too many holes and no FA cap space

      …but that comes after cleaning out the cesspool in the FO …can we please get Hickey back as GM …replace T-bum with Aponte …at least with her in charge of the cap, we never wound up in T-bum cap hell

      …Gase, I just don’t know …he ok’d signing Bushrod to a GUARANTEED contract …how many times today was his man penalized or responsible for the OL breakdown? …and that was with almost constant help …not enough help, eh …not that it was just Bushrod …the whole OL thing, two years in a row …and the retreat on the kneeling bit more than rankles, it’s a crack in his tough guy personna …like I said, I just don’t know …he’s a good OC but his personnel decisions, including staff, have not been

      …otoh, Ajayi has proved not to be missed …we have RBs who can get it done if the OL can open a lane …I give Gase credit where due although the 4th still bites …Stills and Landry are solid WRs, Parker’s jury is out …that 3rd interception was his fault, not Cutler’s …with TH, a TE, and a solid OL, this offense could be ok …even with Gase calling the plays

      • phinfreak

        Nothing will change until this team is built to RUN the ball consistently. Secondly, this team still needs a franchise QB. Tannehill may not be reliable with a bad knee, and its debatable if he was ever the solution. Next the D has to be addressed ideally with a competent DC first, then they can implement a D strategy and identity which this team has none.

        Like Ive said, this organization struggles from the very top on down. All you’re seeing is the symptoms of dysfunction, not the dysfunction itself. Consistent under performance is a reflection of the coaching staff. Consistently hiring inexperienced coaches is a reflection of ownership. Consistently whiffing on talent is a reflection of GM.

        Its all baaaad.

      • admin

        You know I’m a card carrying Gase fan, but the penalties, his stubborn refusal to admit his player choices are wrong, and occasional jackass call leaves me thinking he might need a dose of humility in order to become a good coach. And if he has success next season, he won’t need to fix his flaw and it will come back to bite us when it matters. Gase has the ability to be a good coach, but I think he will get lost in his own sauce… humility is key in every endeavor… you can’t grow without it. Matt Moore exemplifies his irrationality. The big concern was Moore’s turnovers… Cutler has the same, but not the big plays. Gase is blind when he has a man crush–which means he is’t a sober thinker… where else will this pop up? Stills is a win, Thomas, Bushrod, Cutler are not. Fasano should start over Thomas, Moore should have been given the reigns and the 10 mill given to other spots. He should have known who Ajayi was earlier, Thomas should never have been picked up. All of this is fine, if he made adjustments, but Gase seems to be the guy to keep pressing even when he is wrong. It has served him early, but it is coming back to haunt him. Doubling down when you are wrong never works. At this point, some of the things he saws is total BS or delusional. He was honest and forthright, up until early in the season. At this point he is blaming everyone but himself. His new thing is he is sticking with Cutler that he is a better fit for the system. This is a joke. The Ravens game Moore was behind due to poor playcalls and a ton of penalties… imagine if he has the same leash as Cutler? Nah, Gase is throwing away his opportunity. Hi good qualities are being consumed by his failings and he doesn’t seem sober enough to realize it.