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A Bold Prediction To Get The juices Flowing

A Bold Prediction To Get The juices Flowing

What's a prediction, if it's not bold

What’s the sense in making a prediction, if it’s not bold

There was a time when Dolphins fans wouldn’t scoff at a bold prediction

The 2017 NFL season is knocking on the door with little over a month before the season opens.

Monday had the boys in full pads, and now that the weather and action in South Florida is heating up… it’s the time to get some .10 cent predictions rolling.

So, fresh off my nice long vacation–thanks M.J. for holding down the fort–I’m making a bold prediction: The Miami Dolphins will have two players with 10 or more sacks this season.

Why not right? It’s time for Fin Fans to start thinking big!!!

Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since Miami has performed that feat. The Dolphins have not had two players with 10 or more sacks in the same season since 2003, when Adewale Ogunleye (15 sacks) and Jason Taylor (13 sacks) teamed up.

Do you remember that year: ending up 10-6, but failing to make the Playoffs. I’ll have none of that this season.

Look, having two rushers with double digit sacks isn’t such an outlandish prediction. It’s not like I’m predicting Wake will break the sack record (BTW, just for a heads up, that will be next week’s article).

Remember when bold prediction actually came true in Miami?

Just last year, the Cardinals and Seahawks each had two players with 10 plus sacks: Markus Golden and Chandler Jones for the Cardinals, and Cliff Avril and Frank Clark for the Seahawks. That’s 1/16th of the league. So the chances of it happening isn’t like hitting the Powerball.

2016 showed everyone that this regime has surprises in store for the Finfaithful.  I’m expecting 2017 to keep that trend going… Can I get an Amen?

Also, it’s a win-win for me because 5 months from now no one will remember if I’m wrong, but if I’m right, I get to remind each and everyone of you.  I’m good like that.

So with the sound of a drum roll in the background: The two players that are going to make me look like a genius are Cameron Wake (big surprise, huh) and Rookie Charles Harris.

Yes, even though the Dolphins usually have one player cracking the 10 plus sack mark each season, the money boys at the price per head sites are betting against the Dolphins success, which makes this a bold prediction.

Wake is the obvious bankable choice for one of the two, considering he’s broken the 10 plus mark for sacks in 4 of his 8 NFL seasons. However, on the bummer end of the stats, he has never had back-to-back seasons of 10 or more sacks and last year he had 11.5.

But stats-shmats. The only facts that matter are the ones supporting a positive outlook on the season and that make me look smart. Right?!

A bold prediction might not pan out, but aren’t they fun to make?

This year though, Wake is completely healthy, and the coaches have already said he’s going to get more snaps compared to last season. More snaps equals more sacks. That’s a simple equation. Besides did you hear? In Wakeville, 35 is the new 25! And that’s not one of my lame jokes.

But seriously, Wake will be in a very, very good position to get double-digit sacks this season.

The bolder end of this prediction is Harris. For starters, Harris has a grand total of zero NFL experience, and his transition into a productive NFL DE will be a learning curve marked with several bumps along the way. On the other hand, Harris has been a consistent top performer during the Dolphins off season workouts and practices, which always equates, without fail, to a Pro Bowl Season, if not the Hall Of Fame.

Why do I hear crickets?

Anyway, while what we’re seeing in Harris’ run defense isn’t a best case scenario for the Dolphins, it’s great news for my prediction. Harris is likely going to start the season as a situational pass rusher, which will have him in positions to do what he’s comfortable with and that rely on his strength: getting pressure on the QB. This will help with his confidence and allow him to play instead of think.

See, I’m crazy like a fox!

At this time of the year, the “F” in Fan should stand for fun

And finally, just as a disclaimer, because I’m a thorough chap who likes to cover all the bases: if it’s Andre Branch who ends up with the double-digit sack total, along side Wake… I meant to say it would be Branch and Wake… not Harris and Wake. Sometimes the crystal ball gets a little cloudy–especially on Thursday’s.

I know we all are a bit tentative about the season. There’s a level of jaded in all but the best of us Fin Fans. But let’s try and loosen up and enjoy the ride for a chnge. Even though we might be afraid to commit after being left at the altar so many times, isn’t it great to have Dolphins football back! Let’s think big and get ready for our Fins to deliver. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Bwaah. Sacks come only if you can stop the run. Nuff said on this one.

    • admin

      True. But give the LB core is improved over last year, and your take is that LBs control the run game, shouldn’t we be able to stop the run and then get more sacks?!

      • phinfreak

        Who says the LB core is improved over last year? Based on what? We have a rookie that is a pass rusher but weak vs run now a starter, we signed a FA MLB that now is playing SAM. I don’t see it.

        Add to that Tanny is done, fini, nada, and will most probably be on the cutting table which puts him out at least 8 weeks if not season.

        Pass rush becomes the least concern.

        • admin

          First, the article was written and published before the injury. And second, this was light hearted article about pass rush, not winning the Superbowl. Third, they are obviously better at LB. Timmons on the outside is obviously better than the stiff Butler– you know it and I know… that alone is an upgrade from last season. The question now is how much better… slightly, moderately ect. Fourth, none of this has anything to do with Tanny… but yeah, Tanny is in trouble.