How to Become a Bookie Agent?

How to Become a Bookie Agent?

Are you thinking to set up you own Sportsbook?

Ready to EXPAND your Bookmaking Business?
Price Per Head Solution

AcePerHead.com is the gold standard in the per-head industry. With packages from $10/head. They provide superior and the most reliable service.

One the pioneers in the pay per head business, www.AcePerHead.com has been offering quality services to their agents since 1998, centering their core business on, sharp lines, avant-garde technologies and customer care. They have invested heavily in the latter, and their efforts have paid off, as they have been ranked #1 two years in a row.

Turnkey Bookie Solutions

With 19 years of experience they have become the go to establishment for agents of all sizes, who are looking for security, great customer service, excellent line management and additional products like horse racing and casino including a state of the art live casino.

Their suite of services is fully scalable to accommodate a wide range of agent requirements. Whether you are a seasoned independent bookie who has hundreds or even thousands of players and sub-agents in your package or a start up with just a few clients they will accommodate your needs.

One of the most frequent complaints I get regarding pay per head services is the lack of security. It is no secret that in recent times some of the biggest names in pay per head have succumbed to DDOS attacks, data base hacks and more. The staff at ACE PER HEAD foresaw these threats a long time ago, and have been ahead of their competition in matters of security.

Their visionary management, understands that at the very core they are a technology company, as all their services revolve around the latest technological advances, including a fully mobile betting interface. Therefore, they have taken extreme precautions to ensure that you as a valued client never have to worry about down time, slow processing and grading times, compromised data or even something as simple as a power outage.

With a custom private cloud built by them that distributes their systems over multiple servers, they can guarantee that they will never have down time due to hardware failure. In fact, their hardware can handle up 5x more load than their current peak, and all of their systems are redundant and in some cases multiply redundant.

In addition, all their networks are protected by an advanced 7-layer DDOS Attack protection, which means that even if they were to suffer an attack their security systems will be able to differentiate the good traffic from the bad, so the players will never be shutout from their accounts.

Another great feature they offer are their amazing line managers, there are no apprentices here only seasoned professionals that put up the best and sharpest lines in the industry. Because you are dealing with professionals you don’t have to worry about the annoying miss-grades that can cause confusion with incorrect balances not to mention customer dissatisfaction which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

What to Best Have to Offer

Their pricing starts at just $10 per head, for larger player sheets this can be negotiated, and unlike other places, set up is done in one day and you get a dedicated account manager. Other perks are the ability to manage your own lines remotely, and access to reports 24/7, all their clerks are fluent in American English so you don’t have to worry about language barriers or heavy accents. And to top it all off, they offer a 6-week free trial, you can’t beat that!

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