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While Beating A Bad Team, Some Young Fins Blossomed

While Beating A Bad Team, Some Young Fins Blossomed

Drake went a long way to proving he can be a legitimate starter

Drake’s play went a long way in proving to Fins that he can be a legitimate starter

Drake was hard to take down with game breaking speed

First, let’s not get too crazy about this win of the Miami Dolphins, they beat a Denver Broncos team that’s nearly as bad as NFL Refs–and that’s as piss poor as it gets. But…

…When you look at the play of several Dolphins players on display today, you see a flicker of light in the darkness for 2018.

Kenyan Drake, Jesse Davis, Jordan Phillips, Xavien Howard, Kenny Stills, and Bobby McCain are young players gaining steam in their production and ‘appear’ to be guys that the Fins can count on going forward.

Like most, I was especially impressed with Drake.

Now I’m not sure if he can stay healthy over the long term, or if his fumbling issue won’t rear its head again, BUT this kid won’t go down easy, catches the ball, and is a bullet. And did you see that brutal chip block he delivered? It almost made up for his missed block. Drake could breathe serious life back into the 2016 Draft, if he keeps it up.

And speaking of the 2016 Draft, Laremy Tunsil had another solid, although not spectacular, game. Combine a rising Tunsil with Drake, and you could have something very nice on the horizon.

Fins having young talent bloom would help 2018 chances a whole lot

But let’s hold our horses just a bit. This was another sloppy game with 3 turnover and 7 penalties. The good part of this shoddy play is Jay Cutler and Mike Pouncey were major culprits, and one, if not both, will be gone next season.

Add to this, Stills seems to be the best of the extensions, Davis had a strong spotlight from Mark Schlereth, and Phillips had one hell of game, so a thin roster will be a lot less thin… if these guys can continue to this upward trend.

With the Pats coming to Miami this Monday, the Dolphins will get a real chance to show they’re actually getting it right, rather than just a teasing.

But more importantly, can we just get a 4 penalty or less, no turn-over game, please?!!

And last, because I can’t help myself: Just how bad are NFL Refs? Everyone, including the best pay per head services, knows NBA Refs are biased in favor of certain players, but these NFL Zebras appear biased in favor of  whole teams–no doubt. I am rarely one to complain about calls, and the Patriots are one hell of a team, but did you see the dirty play by Gronk? And the guy didn’t even get ejected. This was one week after McCain was sent packing over a drop in the bucket by comparison. I guess when you are a Patriot you can forearm shiver a guy in the back of the neck after the whistle and get only a slap on the wrist. But if you’re a Dolphin and brush a face mask, well game time is over, baby!

Fins need to figure out how to play cleaner ball

Here is a prime example of a player’s safety being the NFL’ #1 concern.


Funny, this wasn’t and ejection either.


Lesson learned folks: Ross needs to pay the refs a bit more dough to get the good calls. It’s part of the Patriot way…

…Just kidding.

Well, back to a serious note: While Miami was able to balance out its sloppy play with defensive turnovers and big plays, just imagine if, week in and week out, they played Top 10 clean? Seeing a bunch of young talent grow felt good, but Miami needs far more of this kind of play in the coming weeks to offer hope to fans after such a dismal start. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Geez people, it was one single game…against a piss poor team that is spiraling down the drain. All of a sudden we equate a ‘flicker of light’ to ‘blossoming’? This should be featured on C’mon maan!

    The fins are who we (mainly I ) thought they were, the Broncos let them off the hook…that is until Monday nite when everyone comes back to reality.

    Im here to keep it real folks. Dats wad-I-do

  • dolphinst

    Nice to see them provement I have a feeling it’s genuine although too little too late for the playoffs. Feeling a little more optimistic about coach gase and the talent, nice to see some big plays again. And yeah Drake’s got the dog!!!

    • admin

      I like a lot of what I saw, but Miami’s sloppy play wouldn’t won’t haves so many bailouts because other teams won’t be as sloppy as the Broncos. Broncs offered a ton of negative plays to balance Miami’s screw ups. Still Drake looked excellent.

  • dolphinst

    Well they suspended Gronk for one game, couldn’t look that bad. But yeah the refs are out of control and it’s not by accident…message me if you want to know more I don’t want to spoil it for other people. I still love the Dolphins though!

    • admin

      They are biased from game to game or inept. Their consistency is off the charts… glad he was suspended. Although, it won’t fix the issue of the NFL Zebras sucking.

  • Lemmus

    …hadn’t seen the gronk hit …absolutely deliberate …unbelievable he wasn’t ejected …watch the NFL impose a heavy fine on gronk now that the video has gone viral in order to save face

    …oops, too late

    • admin

      I made a mistake on this. Tunsil had his worst grade of the season. One I need to watch his play this game…guess I got caught up in the shock of good play… This isn’t good though. Tunsil seems like he isn’t fully vested this season. I still wonder what this personal matter was that kept him out in the preseason. Well Gronk is suspended. I liked Belichick’s response… he said it was bull$%#t and deserved to be suspended.

      • Lemmus

        …I think he got off easy …that was as deliberate a late hit as I’ve seen and also one of the most dangerous …he could have easily snapped the neck or spine. pure luck he didn’t, and the victim is still on concussion protocol …they suspend a guy 4 games for slapping his wife, that should have been the minimum for that hit …and they need to hit him with a major fine as well …but Gronk is a star …agree on Belicheat response, wish more HCs would speak out

        …yeah, not happy with Tunsil’s play at LT …he was ok at LG late last year …if this continues and a top LT is on the phins board with the #1 pick, I’d say take him and move Tunsil …personal issues need to be resolved off the field, not brought to the game …and dare I say it, that is one of Gase’s jobs as HC

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