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Ajayi… Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

Ajayi… Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

The JayTrain: 4 short months after we gave him away for the last pick in the 4th round of the 2018 Draft

The JayTrain: 4 short months after we gave him away for the last pick in the 4th round of the 2018 Draft

He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

The Philadelphia Eagles beat Tom Brady and the Patriots… making the vast majority of NFL, not to mention Phins, fans happy. Then, post game, Jay Ajayi took a direct shot at Adam Gase and the Dolphins organization on social media:

“THEY may have tried to discredit you, discount you, throw dirt on your name…none of it matters now. LEGACIES LAST FOREVER. funny how they were GASsEd over journalistic…look at me now. ONLY GOD. YURP”

The reaction that ensued ranged the full spectrum of love and hate. And the diversity of opinion among Phinsnews.com writers was no different.

Jimmy Has a Word of Advice for HC Gase

JayTrain trophy

Jimmy: “I don’t blame Ajayi! If I were him, I’d probably have said something very similar. Way too many people beat around the bush about what they say. I actually applaud Ajayi for saying how he feels. He has always been an outspoken and emotional guy… and that’s how he plays as well.

Here’s a little word of advice for Coach Gase. If you want to make an example of a player… punish the guy… trade him out of your organization to a cesspit team like the Cleveland Browns. Why try to make an example out of him by trading him to a playoff contender? The Eagles were one of the best teams in football all year, and now they are Super Bowl Champions.

Ajayi could only think “Throw me in that briar patch, please!”

Not for nothing, but what type of example does that show the rest of the your players? If you don’t follow the rules set by Gase and the organization, you will get traded to a much better football team? You’ll actually have a chance to win the Super Bowl… instead of being stuck treading water in Miami.

M.J. Thinks First Impressions Are Usually Accurate

M.J. “I was shocked and pissed with Ajayi after he was benched in Week 1 of 2016 for pouting about Foster getting the starting nod (as my Youtube vid below and article here makes plain). But then he bounced back, and his elite rushing talent and will to punish defenders went on full display. I was like a kid who found two toys at the bottom of his cereal box and forgot all about his tantrum.

In the thrill of having a real RB in Miami again, I forgot a key to human nature: first impressions from people when things don’t go their way are usually accurate.


Will the real Ajayi please stand up!

Ajayi in the Super Bowl… just along for the ride!

In the Superbowl, Ajayi had a Top 5 Offensive Line and contributed just 57 yards on 9 carries with his long going for 26. Yeah, excellent YPC…but it would have been much more if he didn’t keep trying for the homerun. Ajayi must have his Outside Zone concepts. Child, please! You were the fuzzy dice on the rear-view mirror–along for the ride. Say thanks to the dozen or so others Eagles players who were the main factor in you wearing that ring. If you had taken a shared role in Miami, like you did with the Eagles, you’d still be in South Florida. But you whined and complained and ‘had to be THE man’. Eagles pulled you on passing downs during the Super Bowl for a the same reason Gase sent you packing: despite being an elite runner, you’re a liability in most settings… NOT a feature back.

YURP yourself, you sheila!

With trophy in hand, did you then show any class, maturity or humility? Could you even be just the least bit appreciative that Gase traded you to a good Franchise? Nah, you’re not a high road type of guy–unless it’s in your best interest. Instead you went full on petty, played the victim without a peep of taking responsibility for your part in the matter. Guess you thought this role was best for ‘YOUR brand’. My only regret is we didn’t get more for your one-dimensional arse. I’ll never begrudge you your success–congratz… love to see someone’s dream fulfilled. BUT I will gladly point out that at every point, you have proven why you needed to go. Ohhh and BTW… I’ll take Kenyan Drake over you 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. YURP, sheila.”

William: It’s NOT about Ajayi, It’s about T-Bum and GASeEd!

William: “Each in their own way, Jimmy and M.J. are both right… and both wrong.

Ajayi was a Phins savior in ’16, a goat for most of ’17… and then he won a SB trophy last week. Here’s the thing, no matter what the problems were between Ajayi and Gase, he was a Pro-Bowl caliber RB behind even a marginal OL. No ifs, ands or buts about it, the Phins rode J-Train’s back to the 2016 playoffs. He did it all on the ground, not through the air. Coupled with a barely decent OL, he repeatedly pounded the ball down opponent’s throats. With three 200 yard games and a Pro-Bowl bid, he was the man in Miami.

Ajayi’s production went down…the pouts and tantrums returned.

Lest we forget, 2016 wasn’t all roses for the rookie Ajayi and new HC Gase. Ajayi’s pouts and tantrums angered Gase enough that he left Ajayi off the plane for the first game. Alas, it was a harbinger of what was to come in 2017 when things didn’t go well for Ajayi or Gase. With the interior OL falling apart, Tannehill out, Ajayi’s knees limiting practice time, and Cutler’s aerial attack not working, opponents stacked the box to stop Ajayi… and succeeded all too well. As a result, Gase started using Drake and Williams more as receivers out of the backfield, something Ajayi is notably inept at. Ajayi did not take the change well. The pouts and tantrums reappeared… and Gase quickly tired of it. The question was, how could he fix it?

A desperate Gase and trade crazy T-bum are a bad combo!

Here is where things went awry. Gase decided that, in the offensive scheme he wanted to play, Ajayi was more of a liability than an asset. Ajayi, unhappy he wasn’t getting the ball as much, again turned the sideline and locker room upside down with pouts and tantrums. Gase went to Tannenbaum. On the last day of the season for trades, Tannenbaum found a “solution” by trading Ajayi to Philadelphia for a 4th round pick in 2018. That’s right, a 4th round pick for a Pro-Bowl RB! And not just any 4th round.

Oy Veh… Such a Solution We Have for Ajayi!

So Gase is pissed at Ajayi, Ajayi is pissed at Gase… and T-Bum loves to trade. What could go wrong? How about everything from a Phins fan’s perspective? It’s not just that they practically gave Ajayi away, it’s worse even than that. They gave Ajayi to the Eagles, a team hurting at RB. But one still a leading contender for the Super Bowl because of their QB, Wentz. Consequently that 4th we got for a Pro Bowl RB was almost certainly going to be bottom-of-the-barrel. So yeah, I don’t give a hoot what Ajayi says about Miami, much less what Miami says about Ajayi. The bottom line is that, once more, the Phins got fleeced. Can’t speak for the rest of you, but me, I was outraged at such an obviously one-sided trade… and still am. ”

There it is folks, three different views of the Ajayi disaster. Who you blame is, as you can see, not exactly clear. But whomever it falls on, at least it wasn’t PhinsNews fault!

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  • Steve

    The following is a partial chart! Used by NFL general managers and coaches when making trades on draft day.

    If a team wants to move up from No. 3 to No. 1, it’ll cost them 800 points. That means it’ll have to trade its second- and third-round picks (550 + 255 = 805) to make the move.

    Dolphins by round points value.
    Round 1–11–1,250
    Round 2–43–470
    Round 3–75–215
    Round 4–107–80
    Round 5–139–36.5
    Round 6–171–23
    Round 7–203–10.2

    Trading Team

    Round 1—Team with Picked#24th Points 740
    Round 2—56—340
    Round 3—88—150
    Round 4—120–54
    Round 5—152–30.6
    Round 6—184–17.8
    Round 7—216–5
    Scenario: Considering the Dolphins traded back to the 24th picked, this should land the Dolphins a number 2 picked, A number 3 picked and A number 6 picked with a few points left.
    Scenario: Considering the Dolphins trade out of the second spot should give us an extra second and sixth picked.

    The Dolphins need independent professional advisers who don’t have to answer to the Coach/Manager/Owner but paid to give them the unadulterated truth – prior to making these swaps because their (player Intel) really SUCKS!

  • Steve

    Currently our draft selection stands as follows:

    First round: No. 11 overall
    Second round: No. 42 overall
    Third round: No. 73 overall
    Fourth round: No. 107 overall, No. 121-128 (from Philadelphia, hinges on playoffs)
    Fifth round: No selection (traded to New Orleans for Stephone Anthony)
    Sixth round: No. 169 overall
    Seventh round: No. 199 overall (from Tampa Bay because of a 2017 draft trade), No. 203 overall

    The seventh-round pick from the Buccaneers came from a trade last year when the teams swapped spots in the seventh round, with the Dolphins moving down from No. 223 to No. 237.

    Miami sent their 5th round pick to the Saint for Stephens Anthony.
    The Saints used a first-round draft pick on Anthony in 2015 and he went on to lead the defense in tackles with 112 on 990 total defensive snaps during his rookie season.

    Anthony, however, took a big step back in 2016 after moving from the middle linebacker position to the strong side, where he struggled in the transition and couldn’t garner enough playing time.

    A year after leading the team in tackles, Anthony appeared in just 10 games with three starts and totaled 16 tackles on 133 defensive snaps.

    His 2016 season came to end with two games remaining in the regular season after the Saints placed him on injured reserve.

    There was hope the 6-foot-3, 245-pound Anthony would experience a rebound in 2017 with a new position coach in Mike Nolan.

    Anthony, 25, drew first-team repetitions early in training camp as part of the linebacker rotation, but then suffered an ankle injury that has caused him to miss both regular-season games.

    Now many in New Orleans would label Anthony A “BUST”. Maybe Anthony will play well for the Dolphins this Season? I Gase like him.

    Mean while will the Dolphins picked up a 5th round in this draft? Just another reason to trade back.

    • Lemmus

      …the problem is that we have three middle LBs and no outsides unless they keep Timmons …Anthony showed signs of being a very good MLB …but that would put McMillan outside and that’s like moving Alonzo outside last year …can McMillan cover? …we’re likely going to find out …which leaves Alonzo and Anthony at MLB, one backing up the others …I hope Anthony pans out, it would help solve a major need

  • Steve

    A Supper Bowl Ring Ajayi has!

    The Dolphins fine themselves in this 2018 draft able to select any top position of need or Best Value. Their are many RB’s to select from the 4th round to later rounds. The key is the heart of those players to succeed.

    5th rounder————–*****(Potential to be the Best value) Miami send their 5th round to the Saint!
    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State

    Josh Adams’ Heisman Highlights——****(May be the Best out of these listed)

    6th rounder—-****(Speed that can create problems)
    | Nyheim Hines || Fastest Player In College Football || 2017 Highlights ||

    7th Rounder—-****(Durable lunch box type)
    John Kelly 2016 Highlights || “Headlines”

  • Lemmus

    …the J-Train got switched to a side rail in’17 …the trade turned a bad season in Miami into a full-blown disaster in Philly, for him personally, despite the SB trophy. Ajayi, who demanded more carries in Miami, never got more than 16 per game in Philly …iirc he was the 3rd or 4th most productive RB in Philly’s SB stable …and he’s now locked in there for at least two more years …be interesting to watch how that plays out

    …that 4th round pick, considering likely compensatory picks, is going to be around the 134th pick overall …that simply sucks for a multiple 200 yd per game RB and ’16 Pro-Bowl player.

    • admin

      I agree, but he had 2 200 yard games against the same team. Is he that guy or the guy that always looks outside and doesn’t like inside? Is he the guy who only feels comfortable with outside Zones? Is he the guy who never gets looks in the passing game? Is he the guy who is very hit or miss in PB? If not then the Eagles got a steal if his knee is okay. If not, he is a stable back and you don’t pay 1-3rd round picks for a complimentary back… Eagles and Ajayi will write the final line on this… but is it far from written.

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