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Why Ajayi Move Was Best For The Dolphins TEAM

Why Ajayi Move Was Best For The Dolphins TEAM

Madden Football is all about ratings, but flesh and blood needs chemistry

Madden Football is all about ratings, but flesh and blood needs chemistry and Ajayi didn’t fit

Ajayi has it all… but a healthy knee and a nature that puts team first

Jimmy Bourbon emailed me asking, ” Is it true Miami traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th round pick?”

Sometimes I get bizarre emails from him, especially when he’s had a few on Game Day. I’ve learned that a grain of salt goes a long way. When I checked the news, I swear I could hear the Twilight Zone music.

“HOLY $#^*,” was my reply.

After an extra-large coffee and a bit of contemplation and research, I began to weigh out the move.

Here’s some facts to set up the conversation:

  1. Ajayi is a fantastic physical runner with power, speed, and agility.
  2. He was had with only a 5th Round Pick and had a relatively low price tag going into next year.
  3. Gase has built the offense around him and added the Stretch Zone run scheme due to his preference over Inside Zone.
  4. This Offensive Line isn’t built for a power game that can smash its way through stacked boxes.
  5. Only one receiver of all the Wideouts and Tightends can block, so if Fasano went down, this scheme was dead in the water.
  6. Ajayi didn’t like to do homework, was only a decent receiver, and had meh pass-blocking skills.
  7. Ajayi was a selfish me oriented guy. Multiple reports are out how even in wins he’d storm out of the locker, if he didn’t get his. He was also having attitudes with other players, and complaining to his position coach… yet he never sat down and spoke to Gase about it.
  8. Ajayi possible has a degenerative knee issue, and for much of this season, he needed a day of the week off to rest it.
  9. Football isn’t Fantasy Football or Madden. You don’t plug in numbers into a sterile environment.  Anyone who has ever been on a team whether it’s a sport, military, or in a job or school knows first hand what it’s like to work with someone who is all about themselves.  Character and chemistry are real, and in the NFL it will help or hinder you for plays, downs, games, and a season.
  10. Teams must rally around each other when adversity hits, and the NFL is all about how you handle the tough times. You can’t have your most selfish player be THE player you have built your offense around.
  11. And let’s no forget how the 2016 began. I did the video below at the time… juvenile–a bit. But the word on the street when he came out of Boise was he was immature. In the end, this behavior wasn’t a phase, it was his character. And it was character that got Ajayi shipped.


Ajayi has talent, but talent isn’t the end-all-be-all

Alright, from a talent standpoint, Miami has been reduced. You can’t slice it any other way. But a team must have chemistry, cohesion, and unity to succeed… even at the cost of talent. And I have stated over and over this season, 2017’s offensive issues have been mostly about the mental side of the game.

You don’t need pay per head sites to know that Damien Williams, Kenyan Drake, and Senorise Perry aren’t even close to Ajayi in talent, but they are more rounded… and seemingly are willing to play a lesser role… because well, that’s what the coach says. Complex stuff, huh?

With Ajayi in the backfield as a feature back, backed by the rest of the players on Offense, was trying to stick a square peg in a round hole. Miami can now actually play 3 Wides, Inside Zone, feel confident (at least in Williams) to keep 1 back in on 3 downs, expand the playbook, and not feel obligated to feed one player, which will hinder defenses, who so far have seemed to know exactly what Miami is doing on Offense.

Will this translate to more or equal rushing yards? Hell no! Will it even make the offense better? We’ll find out in a few days. But it has certainly sent a message, will create less friction among players and coaches, and allows the implementation of a better scheme with which the rest of the Dolphins offensive players can be more correctly used. In Gase we trust or bust time… again. Say whatever you want about this season, but you can’t say it doesn’t have drama. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Gase has already proven he’s no personnel guru, and as the commander in chief of the offense, the NFLs worst offense this year…he seemingly is no offensive genius either.

    Fins locker room must be a morgue right now. This franchise remains in disarray still. If Ajayi was such a problem why was he the starter? Why didnt Gase address the RB position in the draft? Why didnt other players carry the rock more? If Ajayi was such a problem why did he play so much?

    This is a pure “Im the boss, do it my way or the highway” move by Gase, it wont work. Diluting talent never improves outcomes.

    Fins will tail spin and Gase’s ass gets hotter every game.

    • Dunner

      Yea, doesn’t work for Billacheat either, right?

      • phinfreak

        Nope it doesnt but that has never been his problem now has it? Patriots are deep, they reload, they’re a complete team, a well coached and run organization. They can afford to let a talented player go because…well…they reload.

        The fins on the other hand over pay for bums.

        Anything else I can enlighten you on?

        • Dunner

          Nope. Any other questions I have I’ll be sure to ask you first even though I already know your biased answer/remark. Valid or invalid. Did I say valid, my bad?

          Be sure to chime in Sunday night or Monday morning so I can again get a chuckle

  • Dunner

    -I believe (imo) that everyone is missing the opportunity that this offense now has.
    -Yea Ajayi is gone 🙁 and a forth did seem a little cheap, a third seemed more reasonable. With Ajayi in, this offense was the most predictable offense in the league, period, the stats (or lack thereof) reflect such.
    -Just think for a moment of the competitive advantage this gives Miami for this Sundays game vs the Raiders? Who are they preparing for, what do they prepare for? Will Miami still line up in a power run set with very very little threat of throwing the ball?
    -We may now see a more open offense, maybe some 5 wide, maybe even some no-huddle. Just those 2 sets alone can/will create miss matches because there doesn’t need to be substitutions (such as Williams/Drake in for Ajayi because Ajayi can not handle the passing portion of an offense-fact).
    -Now speaking of “no substitution”. Miami has now become considerably LESS PREDICTABLE offensively no matter the down and distance.
    -With less predictability, this will only HELP this offensive line. They have shown that they are not good enough to just line up and play power football. So some no-huddle, some 5 wide, the threat of the pass at any time w either Drake or Williams in the backfield may help limit run blitzes, freeze the LBers for just a moment, limit the defensive substitutions. These little wrinkles will only help this offensive line.
    -Before we start bashing Gase (Freak/Lemmus and company), give him an opportunity to prove his decision. This move wasn’t done without planning. I believe this move was coming all along. We seen very little of Drake (keeping him healthy), we weren’t concerned about Ajayi getting to many carries/game (because Gase knew he was going to be gone). The team said all preseason long that Ajayi improved his passing aspect of the game, obviously not the case because we seen very little passing with Ajayi in there.
    -For all you offensive line pundit’s, this should be a welcoming move. It is this move that this offensive line needed. The offensive lines has just been improved. Per sources, Ajayi was one of the most selfish players on the team, in the locker room. The locker room has just become improved. You can not be an “I” guy on this team.
    -I was a bit uneasy about Sunday nights game vs the Raiders. I now feel much better and believe that Miami has a much better chance at a victory. And a victory, will settle all (except Freak) and set us up for the second half of the season and a trip to a Carolina team that just lost their #1 WR.

    As in the words of Aaron Rodgers “everyone relax, we got this” 😉

    • admin

      HC Adam Gase said the Jay Ajayi trade was a move for the future, not just this year. More offensive changes coming in offseason. ESPN Walker.

    • admin

      Besides the Ajayi trade, Gase said changes would be made in other areas.

      “We’re just not going to stay the same,” Gase said. “We’re not going to keep doing the same thing and bang our head against the wall. We made some changes with how we’re meeting, how we’re going to walk through, how we’re going to schedule things, how we’re going to practice,… the way that we’re teaching, the way that we game plan. That’s what we should be doing.

      “If we sit here and do the same thing over and over again and just keep saying it’s execution or I’ve got to call different plays and things like that, then we’re really kidding ourselves. We’ve got to find the right way to teach, we’ve got to find the right way to learn and then we have to find what allows us to execute best on Sunday.”

  • Lemmus

    …amen Steve

    …and its not JUST any 4th round pick, its one they know is almost certainly going to be at or near the bottom of that round

    …we started this season KNOWING we had one of the best RBs in the NFL, a potential franchise QB, a strong set of WRs, and a very good DL

    …we also KNEW we had serious problems at G and LB, and needs at CB, DE, S, and Center …not to mention solid backups

    …the FO got us one decent but flaky LB in FA, signed another LB who was so out of shape he couldn’t play for the first three games, resigned (guaranteed contract) a repeatedly injured LB who could not pass a physical, resigned the worst G in the NFL for $3 mil (guaranteed), signed a G that neither the Cardinals or the Bears thought worth keeping, signed a S who we knew was suspended for 8 games, and used our first 3 draft picks on players none of which could win starting positions in camp on their own merits, and a 5th on a G who has yet to show he can even play in the NFL …despite our starting 3rd string guards over him …and we didn’t even hint at looking for a future Center despite knowing Pouncey was high risk

    …and the rah-rahs keep saying its the HC who has suddenly gone from god hood to scum bag with an evident early on-set dementia …or the Moore-ons who loudly booed our starting QB in our home opener but somehow went silent after the Ravens blowout …or hurricane IRMA …or the injuries …or this …or that

    …my take is that our season was set by the FO in FA and the draft and Gase had a major hand in that failure …its not his play calling, its his …and the FO’s …personnel decisions

    …that my preseason bet on a 7-9 season remains more likely than not

    …that trading Ajayi for a 4th round pick to a team that will be picking at or near the bottom of the draft will haunt the phins for years to come …its akin to Philbust cutting one of the best Guards in the NFL because he made “insensitive” remarks to another guard who proved a total bust for the phins and every other team who tried him …who among us wouldn’t give their first born (metaphorically) to have Incognito starting at LG for the phins next Sunday?

    …c’mon, mj, give me a break …trying to put a positive spin on this trade is like putting a clothespin on your nose to cure bad breath

    • Dunner

      “used our first 3 draft picks on players none of which could win starting positions in camp”

      Lemmus the first 3 picks not starting on their own????????????

      Harris = DE needed that DIDN’T NEED TO START RIGHT AWAY and come grow into his position. Perfect pick in the perfect situation. They drafted him knowing he most likely wouldn’t start.

      McMillan = WAS A STARTER prior to injury. You nor I nor anyone else can predict injuries.

      Tankersley = steal of the third round, and now all the sudden this team has one of the best young CB duos in the league. Again, HE WAS DRAFTED WITHOUT STARTING EXPECTATIONS because of Howard and Lippett (not Maxwell).

      Give this FO a little credit, they absolutely nailed it with the first 3 picks. Not to mention Godchaux and Taylor in the 5th/6th.

      • Lemmus

        …sorry Dun but the rah-rah stuff isn’t cutting it

        #1 Harris hasn’t started a single game on his own merits …and the one he did start as an injury backup, the defense sucked and we were creamed …and please, please, please don’t try to sell me that Harris wasn’t drafted to start, that’s pr, not reality …he may turn into the next Wake one day, but not this one

        #2 McMillan inherited the starting slot when Misi couldn’t play, he didn’t earn it on his own merits …period …maybe he would have proved to be worth the pick in the end but so far, nada

        #3 Tankersly did not earn a start on his own merits …again, injury to Lippett and piss poor play by Maxwell moved him up the chain …so far, he’s proved better than Maxwell for whatever that’s worth, but he is not and never will be a shut down CB …and it was never Tankersly per se that pissed me off about that pick …we didn’t have a 4th round pick and there were only 2-3 OL left on the board that were possible starters when T-Bum took Tankersly …which meant we were not going to pick a G until deep into the 5th …the rest is history …so is this season unless Gase uncorks another miracle

        …whatever you do Dun, don’t try to sell me on the ’17 draft class this year …tah rah rah boom de ay! comes up more than a bit short in any current review …maybe next year …but if you don’t get a starter out of a single one of your draft picks in the first year, most rational fans call it what it is, a fail

        …have some more kool-ade …and whatever it is you’re spiking it with 🙂

        • Dunner

          #1 Harris was not drafted to start in year 1. If so, great, not expected. Yea I get it, he started the last game because Branch was out. Exactly what he was drafted for in year 1.

          #2 Sorry, but wrong Lemmus. If you recall they were tooling with playing either or both Timmons and/or Kiko at “Mike” depending on “D” call. 2 weeks into training camp they realized they had something special with McMillan and all the sudden this LBer unit was formed. Read this article if you do not recall:

          #3 Lippett was injured moving Tankers up to #2 on depth chart, thus forcing Miami to go out and sign Verner to COMPETE w Maxwell/McMillan/McCain. So again Lemmus you are wrong with your assessment, you said it yourself “he’s proved better than Maxwell for whatever that’s worth”. Well that is worth a starting spot, that he earned, thus allowing Miami to bench and eventually release Maxwell. For you to say he is not and never will be a shut down CB is again a missed assessment. Tank has the size, 6’1, the tools 4.4/40 to be a shut down CB. If that happens or not remains to be seen, but all indications thus far is positive.

          I’m not trying to sell you on the ’17 draft class. But you are totally wrong when you say NONE of the top 3 picks EARNED a starting spot. WRONG!!! 2 out of the 3 EARNED those starting rolls on their own and not by default as you claim.

          When a team lands 2 starters out of the first 3 picks, while the one pick starting due to an injury, most rational fans would embrace that as successful picks, while most irrational fans would see what they want to see and ignore the facts!

          I will drink the Kool-Ade Sunday night, no spike needed. The answer is at the bottom, rather it be misery or jubilation. Sunday night Freak, I mean Lemmus, you may come to your sense, or not.

          • Lemmus

            …sigh …wrong, wrong, wrong

            …a 1st round pick who doesn’t earn a slot out of camp, and only plays in limited situations …or as the backup for the guy who beat him in camp …has not “earned” a starting slot by any definition but yours Dun …and 1st round picks other than possibly QB rarely go to players “expected” not to earn a start …no matter what fiction flacks, pundits, and die-hard fans try to foist off when they fail

            “McMillan’s experience playing on the inside at Ohio State, his status as an early draft pick, and his upside are the reasons it appears this is his job to lose now that Koa Misi has been placed on injured reserve.” …from your own cite, Dun …and it says exactly what I said …he got the start because Misi couldn’t pass a physical …until that point, Misi was the starter despite his manifest deficiencies, not McMillan …try comparing apples to apples, eh

            …Tank wasn’t expected to earn a start out of camp …Lippet was the 3rd CB and they brought in Verner when he got injured …Tankersley was inactive for the first two regular-season games, Dun …so try not to tell me he earned a start …now if you want to say that, in hindsight, he’s been a decent upgrade over Maxwell, that’s true …but shut-down? …c’mon

            …and last but not least, in the not so humble words of the great Omar himself: “The Dolphins were forced to play Tankersley against Brees because Byron Maxwell, the regular starter, suffered a hamstring injury during Saturday’s walk-through and was inactive for the game, and veteran Alterraun Verner, who allowed a 69-yard touchdown in last week’s 20-6 loss to the Jets, is also nursing a hamstring injury.”

            …its ok, Dun …I know you’re a die-hard and “factus interruptus” isn’t a pleasant thing, but it is what it is, eh

        • admin

          I was with you early about Harris, but if you go look at every DE drafted you’ll see he is neck and neck in grading with everyone but Lawson, but Lawson has been on the feild for all pass rush but for two snaps… so he sets the edge far worse than Harris. Here is the article: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2017-nfl-rookie-rankings-through-week-8

          Harris receives honorable mention. You need to be fair. Wake and Branch were put there to start, and Harris before the injuries was getting lots of snaps. Not saying this or that about the pick at this point, I’m still on the fence, but he isn’t the bum most of us were worrying about early on… and it actually looks like he is coming on strong. Argue with PFF because they like him.

        • Dunner

          RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. What was I thinking all these players are garbage, they absolutely suck and no one in the right mind would have taken these players. Our future is doomed, this FO doesn’t have a clue what their doing. Harris is going to another D.Jordan, McMillan was a 20 year old that was given the job because he came from Ohio U. Tanks is just a body because Maxwell got hurt and Tank had nothing to do with the release of Maxwell.

          It must suck living in your and Freaks world. Do either of you have a positive spin on anything. Obviously not! Miami sucks, Gase is clueless, the FO couldn’t put a high school team together. Everyone in the orginization ignored the O-Line because they couldn’t evaluate a damn thing.

          Have a terrible rotten day, thats what keeps your fellas world turning!!!!

          Again, when I have any questions, I’ll run them by you and Freak first so I can get the usual biased negative response regardless of success or not. Tank, McMillan, Harris should all be cut in the off-season.

          Blind, and you can’t see. Then again, that must be how you like it.

          • Dunner

            Ted Larsen comes back in a game or two. McDonald comes back next week. They should be good additions for both sides. Then again, Larsen sucks and is a cast-off from every team, McDonald sucks as well, why else would the Rams ride of him? I don’t know what this team is going to do and neither does the FO because they are clueless. That is not my true assessment, but I’m just trying to fit in with the rest of these Negative Nelly’s…………

          • admin

            For me, I don’t discount either Freak or Lemmus’ points. With Freak he talks to people like dogs, which given it’s done behind a computer screen makes it craven, and has some desperate need to validate himself, which is weird. That’s the only reason I eventually have comments for him. But Lemmus is an old curmudgeon and pissed… and I think more pissed as a vet who has to watch disrespect week in and week out. Given he is a Vietnam Vet, this disrespect has a special sting, if you understand how they were treated early on after the war. I just think as a community, the personal nature it start to devolve into is wrong. Jimmy and I must have points, or there won’t be a blog. I’m far more hard headed than Jimmy… I change his stuff a lot cause I have to defend it now that he is a bit removed. I get that my off-the-beaten-road stance drive some nuts. But I can’t change my mind till I see it on tape. Jimmy is more of a ‘feel it’ guy. Maybe I need to let him do feel it more and just say I disagree. I don’t mind doom and gloom or the hard core’s points. They are all valid till the proven otherwise.

            On a side not, for second though, think about how much friction comes about in these dialogues when it turn south. Now imagine it in the NFL locker room, and how it can affect the on the field performance. Sorry had to put that in there 🙂

            Anyway, we are all fans and want the team to win (at least I think most do). None are right all the time, as none are wrong all the time. And time proves each of our points true or not.

    • admin

      Lemmus this story is very personal to me. After HS I quit football for several reasons, then I walked onto a pretty prominent east coast program and rose from the heap of walk ons… if you have been a walk on you know what I mean. I was being groomed for to be in the in the rotation, at least. Unfortunately, I had a RB coach who hated me (I won’t go into the reasons as that’s a story within a story). As for the rest of the O staff, I was very well liked. I was an excellent runner who had a great short area burst and agility and a fair amount of power. But my weakness was pass blocking as my HS (as with most HS) never taught pass protection. So long story short, my position coach in college “mistakenly” never taught / tweaked my the pass protect skills and when the HC came to see how I was doing prior to the second season, the position coach told me it was a RB drill, when it was really PP. Obviously it didn’t look go to the HC. ONE missed / incorrect block had me released in my second spring ball: ONE. That’s how crucial PB was (it didn’t help that more prominent players were competing with me either). But my strong asset was nullified by a deficit in a crucial skillset. After years of coaching and studying the game I realized how little I understood about the game back then, and how key PB is for a RB on the higher levels–it makes or breaks super talented players careers from college up.

      In the last article, there was one play by Ajayi that could have ended Moore’s career. You can’t risk that in the NFL. And that type of play has happened before. When he nails PB, he does good. But Gase said he isn’t studying. That alone is insane and selfish as you put not only the team but players careers on the line.

      Now you add in a knee that was already needing maintenance care. We have zero idea of where his knee is at, but needing rest already is a major clue. Does he only have 1-3 left in his game?

      No way is losing a runner like Ajayi, who is cheap, is in anyway good. But if the guy is fuming after WINS because he didn’t get the ball, complaining about his HC behind his back, and isn’t man enough to talk to him, not studying and risking the team’s QB, and looking to hit the homerun in vainglory, then if all this is true, it is certainly addition by subtraction. I have roasted Gase for his play calls, but if guys can’t handle the PB, then what can he do? I still think Gase is developing, but that is massive context. This week will determine alot.

      As for the 4th: Pats got a 2nd for a “franchise QB”, a 4th (really a low 5th) sucks for a stud RB, unless that stud is like Icarus because of his knees. Time will tell. But are we now saying Gase is a schmuck? Maybe, but that is a big leap that I’m not ready to make yet. Maybe in two weeks, Lemmus. But just not yet.

      • Lemmus

        …the Pats got a 2nd for a backup QB, mj …the last time Bellicheat traded a “franchise” QB, that had looked really good standing in for Brady, he was named Matt Cassel …do you see his name in lights today? …SF is desperate and Bellicheat held on to Garrapolo until somebody took his bait …but I don’t believe for a second that Bellicheat thinks he traded away a ‘franchise’ QB when his starter is 40 and one bad hit away from permanent retirement …but I think you already had that figured out and were just looking for anything to make the trade look better

        …Ajayi wasn’t “rested” because of bad knees, but because he was being given the ball too many times and damn little blocking, so his whole body took a beating …certainly far more than anyone else on the offense …the “bad” knees bit is just another excuse that doesn’t pass the smell test …do you really think the Eagles traded a 4th for a RB with bad knees?

        …I know you have to spin it but c’mon …a 4th? a bottom of the 4th pick? …for the #2 YAC RB in the NFL …a RB who posted three 200 yard games behind a mediocre (at best) OL last year?

        …Mark Twain used to tell what I consider a pertinent story:
        ‘I once sent a dozen of my friends a telegram saying ‘flee at once – all is discovered.’ They all left town immediately.’

        • admin

          “Ajayi wasn’t “rested” because of bad knees, but because he was being given the ball too many times and damn little blocking, so his whole body took a beating.”
          As the great Omar himself: “Ajayi’s knee is bone on bone, no cartilage there. And practiced only one day a week” This has been going on since two weeks prior to the start of theseason. That’s a fact. Nothing to do with getting beat up… its ok, Lemmus …I know the jaded aqua and their “factus interruptus” 😉

          I’m not spinning it. Given how many hate the move, actually I’d get more love to say it sucked. But how do you keep a RB on a bad knee, who is causing division, demands a certain amount of carries per game, storms out after losses, is out and out battling the HC, won’t study and makes loads of mistakes on PB? At best, a 3rd rounder might be fair. But if you focus on his one strength and dismiss all, and there are a lot of his issues, I can see why you are upset. Again, would I rather him here? Of course, but not at the price he was demanding for an incomplete back who is on a bad knee and puts himself first. The great RB of history made more with less a line. Ajayi can be great in the right system and with the right line, but he isn’t great in character, completeness, or ability to fight adversity. When it’s going good… he is awesome. When it’s not he tears the house down. So, if that is spin, I really don’t know what to tell you.

          Garrapolo was a 2nd round pick and Cassel a 7th. Much different pedigree and part of the reason he didn’t get moved was that the Pats have to let him go this season or pay him 20 + mill. They had to move him or lose him for nothing. The great Belli over played his hand in the off season and missed. He was trying to salvage what he could. A second tier QB is of higher value than even an elite back in this day and age. Is he worth a second? Doubt it. He wasn’t wroth the second in the draft, but the great all knowing Oz paid a second for him.

  • steve


    The Dolphins “DID NOT ADDRESS ANY THING” to turned this season around.

    31 other NFL Teams and the management cannot locate two offensive linemen nor bring aboard a strong power/blocking running back. This management dealt Ajayi for a 4th round picked!

    I would have expected a 4th round pick for Damien Williams, Kenyan Drake, and Senorise Perry nothing against them?????

    We cannot go threw the rest of this season thinking 80% passes and no running game threat at all. 40- 0 zero against the Raven with a back up QB. Not being negative “But” Sorry I only see us winning two games the rest of the season.

    5 NOV
    RAIDERS Home Game Loss

    13 Nov AT PANTHERS Loss

    19 NOV 191:00
    BUCCANEERS Home Game Win

    26 NOV 261:00 Loss

    3 DEC
    BRONCOS Home Game Win

    11 DEC
    PATRIOTS Home Game Loss

    17 DEC
    AT BILLS Loss

    24 DEC
    AT CHIEFS Loss

    31 DEC
    Bills Home Game Loss

    If i’m right with the rest of the season predictions. “MIAMI REALLY NEED TO GO HARD IN THE 2018 DRAFT AT QB Lamar Jackson Dual Threat and or Josh Rosen UCLA Best Mechanic in this draft. To Play behind Tanny and for the future. Go after a QB who will be the best player on the team! I would have thought that the Miami Dolphins would have figured that out after their so/so 30th QB’s.

    • Dunner

      Not sure about the rest of the season win/lose. This team is not a power running team, no need for a power RB. RB’s are in place for this season.

      Next season/draft, Miami MUST draft the top guard in the first which should be available. They should then look to draft the top rated center in the second round which should also be available. Then the third could be RB/LBer/WR/DT, many different option at that point.

      Then again, the release of Pouncey creates $, not to mention if they move on from Suh = BIG $ which only half would be available in ’18 and half in “19, but half of 28 million is a good chunk that could be used to sign a guard and/or a tackle.

      For me the season is not over, after all, we do have a winning record and chasing 2 teams by one game, 2 teams that we and they all still play each other twice. Anything is possible, and the path this team was heading prior to trade was not successful, so this move may provide a reprieve. Or not.

      Not for nothing, the Pats have a horrible pass “D”, and the mighty Bills have given up the most passing yards the last 3 games in the league. A power running game plays right into their hands. Wow, there may have been a plan after all. Just saying 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Lemmus

        …Pouncey is on the burner, Suh is not going anywhere

        …depending on who is there and where we draft I’d go for the Center first and Guard second if the picks fall that way …we certainly need both desperately, but the C is more valuable than the Gs …and, no surprise, I want TWO Gs AND a C …unless Larsen proves to be a Wake like late bloomer …which I’ll believe when I see it

        …still think we need another LB next year …and another DL if Hayes doesn’t return …which I hope he does …and another DE to replace Branch …Godchaux (sic) is a possible DL but he has had way too many penalties so far …if he can fix that, he replaces Hayes

        …Bills traded for the Panther’s best WR, addressing their weak point on offense …Bills had two picks in each of the first three rounds in ’18, gave up one 3rd on Monday to get a top WR this year …they want to win now …and they are loaded with top picks in both 18/19 …their new FO is playing Bellicheat’s game

        …needless to say, we’re not

    • admin

      I think the one point we can add into the equation Steve as we don;t really know is, how much left does he have in his knees? See my above statement to Lemmus for an expansion of why Ajayi being moved might be addition by subtraction. I loved Ajayi as a runner, but early on I begged him as a girl and washed it away after his “change” and production. Given what we know now about what was going on behind the scenes, no way a good organization would build around a player that selfish. time will tell if Miami was stupid or not, but getting angry after a win because you didn’t get yours, is completely unexceptionable… Think of it this way, would Belichick keep a back who risked his QB after a year and a half in the system, complained after wins and didn’t study hard? If not then why would we keep him? Maybe Gase is an idiot? We will see brother. I hope not. I can’t predict anything till I study the game this week… then I’ll have a clearer picture.

    • admin

      The Dolphins did not inquire about adding a RB yesterday, Adam Gase says. As per Salguero. Gase is putting the bullseye right on him.

  • Fritz

    Excellent points you make, MJ. Gase is known for his “shake up, get your attention” moves. As much as I trust Gase, I’m not sure about the timing of this jettison. In the long run, moving Ajayi may be the right thing to do, however, I think this offense just got weaker with less threat of a running game. We shall see if Senorice Perry’s potential is real and if Kenyan Drake can stay healthy. We already know what we have with Damien Williams.
    Before the season started I predicted a 9-7 record. Not so sure now.
    Go Phins!

    • admin

      Right now a lot is he said she said, so it’s hard to make a certain statement, Fritz. I said this to Steve above “Think of it this way, would Belichick keep a back who risked his QB after a year and a half in the system, complained after wins and didn’t study hard? If not then why would we keep him? ” We are building a team… you will always have some “I” players, but no way a good team is built around one… not to mention the knee issue and lack of effort in study. Time will tell if Gase sucks or is brilliant. This week is massive… not necessarily for the W, but for the identity and response from this past week and Ajayi being shipped. This is an exciting year one way or the other.

  • Lemmus

    …for a 4th round pick?

    …for the 2nd ranked RB in YAC in the entire NFL?

    …that’s the single most telling stat separating an individual RB’s performance separate from that of his team …and he is #2!

    …and Philly got him for a 4th round pick? …on their way to the SB? …because that’s where he is now headed, imnsho

    …something is rotten in phinland …besides the OL