Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The goal of this site is to provide a place for phin fans to view articles, stats, schedules, and football gambling picks on the Miami Dolphins.  I Jimmy Bourbon am a die hard Dolphins fan for the past 25 years, and aim to provide Dolphins news from a phins fan perspective.  I will admit that I do not have the luxury of having inside access to the team, like other well known sports beat writers that cover our beloved Dolphins.  But I will do my best to provide interesting articles, that generate discussions, and comments, so other fans and myself can interact with each other.  In addition, before each game Jimmy Bourbon will be serving sports gambling fans an analysis of the up coming game, and deducing the most profitable way to play the spread, moneyline, totals, or player props for the ensuing game.  Please enjoy the site, and all comments and suggestions are welcomed. I hope you enjoy Phins news and that this site gives you better insight into the Dolphins and Dolphins news!



  • Chris

    Hi there,

    I am interested in advertising on your website (http://phinsnews.com) in the form of a text link in a blog post. Kindly let me know if you accept such ads, and your price?

    Thank you,

    Chris Hendersen

    • admin

      Sure I am interested in your offer, but I must first consult with my partners before moving forward. Should I respond to the email you left with us?

  • Bill

    Hi Jimmy!

    Thanks for sharing your news on our facebook page! I’m organizing a Dolphins Bloggers Fantasy Football league this year. Would you be interested in joining? So far we have PhinNation.com, DolphinShout.com, ThePhinsider.com, PhinPhanatic.com, Finsnation.com, Finfever.com, and PhinsPhocus.com.

    If you’re interested, I’ll send you the info. It’ll be $10 to join and the money will be used to buy phins tix for the winner to either use, or give away on their site. Just drop me an email if you want in.


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