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2018 Rebound: Cap Space Won’t Be An Issue, Trimming It Wisely Will Be

2018 Rebound: Cap Space Won’t Be An Issue, Trimming It Wisely Will Be

On the surface, the Cap looks bad, but there is plenty of money to be had

On the surface, the Cap looks bad, but there’s plenty of money to be had

Fins scored in 2017 with low-key buys… not so much with big purchases 

Yes, the 2017 Season ended on a gutter-low note of undisciplined play with 14 penalties for 145 yards and both Kenyan Drake and Jarvis Landry getting ejected. But this debacle has no direct effect on the 2018 Season

…If the leadership of the Miami Dolphins takes the right steps.

While Miami’s future is uncertain, it isn’t certain that it will end up a bleak one as most of the fixes needed isn’t rocket science. But given this regime’s history, even basic things can get can complicated.

We fans with zero control over the course of events, we only have blurry sign posts along the way to help us guess which way each season is heading.

The first sign post will be ‘what does the Dolphins brass do with several players on the books’.

It doesn’t take pay per head bookie software to know that NFL team building is as much about talent as it is about money. 

Miami is currently set to have around $17 million in available cap space–and that’s without cutting loose some dead weight. 

The Dolphins can easily get to around $40 million in available cap space without much maneuvering or by sacrificing their future financial health. Although they could get to as much as $60 million if they want to kick the financial can down the road. 

Cap responsibility means you can resign your good players

A good sign to the future are three obvious casualties:

Julius Thomas and Lawrence Timmons were veteran free agent signings that were supposed to really make the Tight End and Linebacker group much more productive this season. Neither met expectations as both under performed. Thomas has zero guaranteed money and his cut will save them $6.6 Million; and thanks to Timmons disappearing act, Miami is only on the hook for $2.75 Million and will save $5.5 million with his release.

Combined, Miami can save over $12 Million by cutting them both… and they’d better cut them.

Add in the rescinding of Ja’Wuan James 5th Year Option with a savings of $9.3 Million and you are over $39 million in cap space. Forget about restructuring his contract. Miami needs consistency and James ain’t it.

Now, Ted Larsen has just under $2 million dollar figure with a saving of $1.1 million, but he shouldn’t be cut till after the draft. Maybe Jesse Davis will play Right Guard, or maybe he’ll play Right Tackle. Larsen’s fate will be based heavily on this decision. At least he could be depth at RG (hell no at LG) or start in a pinch, depending on how the draft pans out, Isaac Asiata develops, and where Davis plays. It’s not a make or break move, so the Fins should be patient.

Time for the Dolphins to put some serious competition in this roster

The other ways Miami can save money is by restructuring or cutting the contracts of Ndamukong Suh, Ryan Tannehill, Mike Pouncey, and Cameron Wake

First, leave Wake’s contract alone. He’s a leader who produces, is disciplined, and is everything you want the rest of your players to be. Even if he’s just a situational pass rusher, he’s well worth it. You need one guy to be the example… and Cameron Wake is it. Period.

Second, Pouncey could be cut out-right for a savings of $7 million or restructured. Pouncey is a curious issue and not really cut and dry as to what to do with him.

Can he make it another season playing a full 16 games? Can you find an equal replacement? Can you fill the talent and leadership at three spots on the OL in one Offseason? Can you get him to restructure?

To me, Left Guard is the most crucial spot that needs to be filled on the OL, because Miami has neither a quality starter or reserve on the current roster. And please forget about Asiata at the spot. His feet are his weakness and LG needs great feet. Asiata is a RG or bust.

So if they move on from both Pouncey and James, then they need to fill Left Guard, Center, and Right Tackle. You could move Davis to RT and fill the easiest spot of RG with Larsen or Asiata (hopefully), then use another pick for Center. But with Brendel and Steen Free Agents, you’d have to resign one of them, or an other cheap FA who’s an unknown quantity, as the reserve and as competition for the rookie. Neither brings any certainty if the rookie gets injured or fails to perform.

Gase needs everyone to know they aren’t guaranteed a spot in 2018

Pouncey is another guy where patience is in order. I’d go through Free Agency and the draft to see what you can find and make the decision in May. Again, Miami shouldn’t be big spenders in Free Agency. They have a far better track record for hidden gems compared to their high priced aquisition from other squads.

When players get paid many lose the fear of job security. Miami needs to instill a large heap of  fear for getting canned or replaced in this 2018 team… And a bunch of hungry guys fighting to make the roster and reach their payday is just what the doctor ordered.

Then there’s Suh, who currently is going to count as $26.1 million against the 2018 cap.

Miami can save $12 million just by converting that amount into a signing bonus instead, which will come with a higher cap number in the future. But this type of maneuvering needs to stop. Let it ride for 2018 and when Suh can get cut in 2019 and save the Fins $15 million, then there’s leverage to lower his annual price. Right now Miami can cut him and save a messily $4 million, while he’ll count $22 million against the cap. So there is zero incentive for him to help the Fins. Just leave it alone and be fiscally sound.

When you have money to burn you can cut anyone

Tannehill is the last meaningful cut Miami could make to save $15 million. But then Miami would have to fill a gaping hole in the most crucial spot on the roster. Even if they pick up a high-end rookie QB, they need to win in 2018 and riding it all on a rookie wouldn’t be wise.

In 2019, Tannehill’s release would only cost under $3 million against the cap and save them $18 million. Since rookies are cheap, and you can never have too many good QB’s, Miami should keep Tannehill and see what becomes of him in competition with a good rook. Matt Moore is a FA and likely won’t be back given due to price, Gase’s lack of trust in him, and the fact he played Fales in last week’s game.

Fales, Doughty, and Tannehill isn’t what this doctor orders. 

Now Tannehill, Doughty, Fales, and a rookie is more like it. Tannehill will need reps as he is rusty, but Fales and Doughty should fall quickly behind a quality rookie. Then it will be Tannehill v.s. the rookie, with the Dolphins having 3 QB’s on the season roster.

A strong cap means a coach can cut anyone and hire anyone. And when players fear having to move and go to a new situation, they play with an edge. Miami needs to instill the ‘job security edge’ to this team. They were far too comfortable in 2017… and that includes the coaching staff.  But it takes a wise and strong regime to run a tight ship… and that type of program begins and ends with discipline. Will Miami be disciplined in their finances? Who they cut will be a good indication. Go Fins!!!


 *All figures are from Over The Cap

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  • Steve

    Grades after week 16th Honorable Mentioned Rookies drafted in April 2017

    Honorable Mentions:

    Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers
    Carl Lawson, Edge, Cincinnati Bengals
    Dalvin Tomlinson, DI, New York Giants
    Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals
    Marlon Humphrey, CB, Baltimore Ravens
    Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Marcus Williams, S, New Orleans Saints
    Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams
    Adoree’ Jackson, CB, Tennessee Titans
    Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, San Francisco 49ers
    Keelan Cole, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Zach Cunningham, LB, Houston Texans

    Sad the Dolphins did not make either list. There are 32 NFL teams and the Dolphins Coaching Staff has failed a again to established superior coaching with their “Tunnel Vision Mentality” which each season self destructs prior to every post season.

    The Blame is Stephen Ross with the Greatest Tunnel Vision, Each season Stephen Ross asked the Fans to sit in the Stadium and be satisfied watching the Dolphins jumble, mess bustle, chaos, clutter, commotion, disarrangement, disarray, disorder, disorganization.

    Tunnel Vision:

    1. Tannehill was injured in 2016 and not drafting a competitive/competent Rookie QB for insurance Which that Rooky would have had a season under his belt by now. Also Matt Moore was the back up for 5 years or more should have just stayed with him Vs paying Jay Cutler 10 million to make bone head plays. Why have players on the books if you do not believed in their abilities. We are falling behind by not drafting Quarterbacks every other year.

    The key to erasing the Miami Dolphins Tunnel Vision syndrome is hire
    some of these fired or retired head coaches with Super Bowl experience to help Gase achieved Supper Bowl status. Pride can work for us and Stupid pride works against us. All we are asking is an end to the Mediocrity. Do you see Nick Saban worrying himself with calling plays No he has to manage the team. Its Stephen Ross team he can do what he wants or pass the buck.

    • admin

      Steve.. honestly looking at Nelson’s film he isn’t what Miami needs… at this stage he seems more a RG. I really like Billy price so far. He could play LG and move to C next year… but he isn’t a 1st rder and might be gone by rd 2 at 11… like Price alot so far.

  • Steve

    Just to reiterate the fins can fine talent in every round. Below is our weekly NFL rookie rankings after the Week 16 games 2017.

    Tre’Davious White, CB, Buffalo Bills
    Round 1 (Selection 27)
    PFF Elite Stat: White has allowed a catch just once per every 16.3 snaps he’s spent in coverage this season, the 11th-best rate among 123 qualified cornerbacks.

    Marshon Lattimore, CB, New Orleans Saints
    PFF Elite Stat: Lattimore has allowed just a 43.2 passer rating into his coverage this season, the third-lowest allowed by any qualified CB.
    Drafted 1st round picked 11th

    Alvin Kamara
    Team New Orleans Saints
    College Tennessee
    Round 3 (Selection 67)
    Kamara leads all RBs with a 110.4 elusive rating this season.

    Kansas City Chiefs
    Jersey #27 Kareem Hunt
    College Toledo
    Round 3 (Selection 86)
    Hunt has had 18 rushes this season of at least 15 yards, the most among running backs.

    Reuben Foster
    College Alabama
    (S Foster ranks fourth among all linebackers with a 11.4 run stop percentage. Drafted Round 1 Election 31)

    John Johnson III
    College Boston College
    Round 3 (Selection 91)
    By Los Angeles Rams
    PFF Elite Stat: Johnson ranks seventh among safeties with a 6.5 run stop percentage.
    While much attention has been given to the offensive renaissance happening in Los Angeles, the star-level play of their rookie safety has somewhat flown under the radar.

    Desmond King CB
    Round 5 (Selection 151)
    By College Iowa
    Los Angeles Chargers
    PFF Elite Stat: King is one of two cornerbacks this season to have spent at least 300 snaps covering the slot who have yet to allow a touchdown from the slot.
    King currently sits at 12th among 121 qualified cornerbacks in terms of overall grade and he’s posted a game grade of at least 70.0 in nine of 14 games as a pro.

    Myles Garrett, Edge, Cleveland Browns
    PFF Elite Stat: Garrett ranks eighth among all edge defenders with 16 hits and sacks since making his NFL debut in Week 5.
    Selected in 1st round picked 1st

    Ryan Ramczyk, OT, New Orleans Saints
    PFF Grade: 82.7
    PFF Elite Stat: Ramczyk ranks 10th among tackles with a 96.7 pass blocking efficiency.
    1st round picked 32

    Budda Baker, S, Arizona Cardinals
    Drafted second round picked 36th
    PFF Elite Stat: Baker leads all safeties with a 10.5 run stop percentage on plays where he’s lined up within eight yards of the line of scrimmage.

    • Lemmus

      Just a note to point out that over the last 5 games that Drake has started, he out performed both Hunt and Kamara.🐬

      • admin

        Drake stays healthy and he is legit… total surprise till his first start, then it was obvious… Gase pushed for him, so give credit where it’s due.

    • admin

      No doubt… actually Miami does far better after round 1… except with their OL picks. What’s your take on the Billy PRice.. damn so much film to watch and too many children buzzing around me 🙂 Wish I had a clone sometimes.

  • Dunner

    Season over. Ended as many predicted (myself not included), I guess! There were some finds such as Davis, Tankersly, Allen, Godchaux, Taylor, Malveaux, Young, oh lets not forget Little Big man Grant, came on when used. There will be some welcoming IR players back such as McMillan, Tannehill, Lippett. We may have found our RB in Drake (did you know Drake led the league in rushing the final 5 games, 444 yds, finishing 4 yards ahead of the Rams’ Gurley, true story), ironically after J.James and Bushrod were replaced and Larsen settled in (onto something???).

    Miami was last in the AFC in Rushing Attempts, a WHOPPING 160 attempts behind J-Ville, Miami was second to last in the AFC in rushing yards, ironically the top 4 teams (J-Ville, Bills, Pats, Cheifs) all are in playoffs. Miami was last in AFC in rushing TDs (zero during Ajayi time).

    Miami will hope for bounce back years from guys like Kiko Alonso and Andre Branch, especially Kiko (I have my doubts) in addition to continued growth from the secondary and DT position to help improve a defense that ultimately I think were mentally worn out by watching an anemic offense early on in the season. Excited to see this athletic LB group in’18 (minus Kiko).

    On offense it is all about the return of Ryan Tannehill. He will have what should be (with a draftee: Quenton Nelson) his best offensive line by far during his tenure, seasoned skilled play makers all over the field and another year in the offense despite not playing in 2017. I’m on the fence with Parker, if it were me-I’m taking a second round pick for him and move on. Grant offers some more explosiveness and seemed to find a role towards the end. Drake will be the wild card if he can stay healthy, he makes this offense much much more explosive than anything we’ve had in several years. Drake reeled off at least one 30+ yd run in each of his 5 starts to finish the season. Speaking of Tanny, do we take Baker Mayfield if he is there at 11 or any other first round worthy QB (supposedly 5 of them)??? I originally thought no way, but, I now am thinking YES on Mayfield, take him and go from there.
    My biggest offensive needs: OG, TE, and if available at 11=QB.

    On defense, I’m one that thinks it was more about coaching and a abysmal offense than it was personal. Don’t get me wrong, I was sickened watching Kiko on defense. Imo, he was horrible all the way around. Lord knows he was unable to cover ANY TE. There were pleasant surprises; Godchaux, Phillips (really came on the second half of the year), Taylor, X-Man, Tankersly, C.Allen, S.Anthony, McCain really played solid the second half of the season as well. Harris was average, but average for a rookie is not to bad, ’18 should be a telling year for Harris. I like our safety combo, though I would like to see a good FS to cover the TEs while moving McDonald into the box as a fox (real good tackler and blitzer) while taking Kiko off the field. Imo, if it is a true open competition, Kiko doesn’t earn a starting position (expensive back-up). Suh is Suh, expensive but effective. As much as I love Wake, he needs to have his snaps limited to preserve him, and he could still get 10+ sacks.
    My biggest defensive needs: Sam LBer, DE, FS

    Big year for Adam Gase obviously . . . it’s his time. That penalty BS we saw this year needs to stop. Burke needs to correct the opposing TE running free, unless that is just replacing Kiko, or both! The run defense did go from 30th to 16th from last season. Hoping the league will do Miami a favor with scheduling and bye week, etc., considering they did Miami a huge disservice this season, not to mention Irma, over seas game, no bye (thanks again), Awol player, coke head ass. coach, oh yea the lost of your starting QB in pre-season. I know those are excuses, excuses or not, valid. An awful lot for any team to over come.

    • Lemmus

      …welcome back Dunner 🙂

      • Dunner

        Glad to be back brother. Disappointing season to say the least. You called it with the O-Line, however they did seem to play better when James and Bushrod were replaced. At this point, all I can hope for in “18 is a “Rams” like turn around in one season?

        I know your thought with the first pick would be O-Lineman and I am right there with you. For me, outside of a “Sam” LBer, my pick would be a guard (hopefully Quenton Nelson). What are your thoughts about QB at 11, especially if Mayfield is there?

        The more I have been thinking about it the more I am starting to think take him. Tanny is going to be 30 next season, and what if his tore up knee never is right again? At the same time, I would hate to miss out on a guard such as Quenton Nelson or a “Sam” LBer like Roquan Smith and take the chance with Tanny.

        I am seriously leaning towards Mayfield if he’s available, then #2 should be a guard followed by TE. I really like Tannys desire, how he has been with the team throughout his entire rehab. I’m thinking guys like Mayfield are not available very often. Love his energy and athleticism. At least I would hope not in our case, which would mean we would be drafting near the bottom.

        • Lemmus

          I don’t like Mayfield at 11. He’s another, shorter TH but with happy feet, no experience under center, and diva issues …but he is a leader. 2nd round imnsho if he’s there. I would take Josh Allen at 11 but only if Nelson is gone. He’s a younger, better TH type prospect who would benefit from a year or more as bu. I don’t expect Allen to be there because Denver will jump on him. Lamar Jackson might be there but I’m not sold on him because he has accuracy issues, something that is not easy to teach.

          I’d rather take a QB in the 3/4 range. The fail rate on 1st round QBs is too high when we have a viable starter already and other, much more pressing issues …but if Nelson was gone, Allen would definitely tempt me.

          • admin

            I been doing little study on Mayfield and so far I agree. I believe Allen is noted for lack of accuracy and vision but prototype size… that bothers me. I like Nelson, but he’ll be gone… likely… or (at this point) Smith… still early… need to watch him more. I’m not hip on the picks, but I’m trying to learn them. QB, cover LB, and LG are the most important spots in my eyes with TE following.

        • admin

          See my comment below. But to me QB play, LG play and inability to cover the TE was the biggest issue beyond coaching and discipline. Tanny will mitigate the QB play issue (although they need another)… but they have zero player who can play LG. I liked Larsen in my review, but stated he wasn’t a LG. Larsen has come out after the season and said the same thing. Only the coke head thought differently… LG of a high caliber would be massive for this OL. There are several pieces that can help this OL in 2018 to make it to 2019 for more pieces… BUT LG is devoid of talent…nada. Then the absolute lack of a high quality coverer for the TE is the other. I like Anthony at SLB in this scheme. I like Kiko and McMillian at MLB…only Hewitt is barely passable at WLB. I like Chase Allen too… but one are excellent covers. Anthony has excellent burst and is okay, but he isn’t tight coverer. Smith could fit that bill.. need to look into it more. But those two holes of LG and cover defender (whether it is a S or LB) followed by QB, RT and TE… with DE following and C. That’s my take currently. One good FA or a couple of stop gaps in FA is key. For all the hate Miami has done exceedingly well in finding cheap talent that exceeds their contracts… they flop on big spends though.

    • admin

      DUNNER!!! Glad to hear from you. New Years brought my mother in law for a week… so sorry for being slow to reply–but now with two people telling me what to do, I’m tuckered out.

      Really glad to you’re back to start another season… maybe this one will be a good–who knows.

      Yeah, we had some surprises in that developed, but Kiko is a big miss… guy isn’t a WLB. Don’t know why they are forcing the issue. I assume he’ll go MLB, and maybe McMillian or Anthony will go SLB– maybe Anthony goes WLB? They should find another LB… Chase was a nice find, though. They just need someone to cover a TE. I don;t think Hull will be back.

      Drake looks to be legit. If so what a find. Guy really is showing something… but with several games of tape it will be interesting to see if he can still perform as he will be a key for defenses in 2018.

      I don’t think Burke is the main issue on D. I think he just doesn’t have a cover guy and some of the players are airheads and just dont have a good feel for zone. Neither S can cover it seems. McDonald looks like a clone of Jones… nice at times, a weakness at others.
      Harris pulled up nicely, would rather have had Watt, but next season will be a better determiner.

      “My biggest offensive needs: OG, TE, and if available at 11=QB”

      Gase is the key. Maybe a better OL will get him to rush more?Maybe. He made some big mistakes in evaluation, decisions off and on the field and calls. Okay, his one mulligan, now he needs to prove he is more like the guy from 2016 and not like the guy from 2017. Honestly, Landry is a big one and I just am not sure after his jackass season with leadership. He can play no doubt, but his low self control is a weakness and good and great teams will expose it.

      I have had my faith in Gase knocked hard… he is in a prove it year for me, and I was one of his biggest supporters. Still think he an do it, but his decision to hire Loggains and still call plays isn’t making me anymore of a believer.

      Well, good to hear from you and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, brother.

  • Lemmus

    …good points all …Tunsil is dead on, this will be his 3rd year and he’s been no better than average at either LG or LT so far …disappointing for a 1st round pick to say the least

    …Pouncey needs to take a substantial cut, his play has deteriorated substantially due to repeated hip surgery …but I’m not yet sold on just cutting him IF the coaches are convinced his injuries will fade and his play will return to the dominant style he once exhibited …finding another pro-bowl caliber C is not easy, probably take at least a 2nd to have a good shot at finding such …it all depends on what his future holds of course …if they’re not convinced he will improve, then cut him and find his replacement early …but if he can play another couple years, then wait until the later rounds and find a backup to develop behind him …I do agree that getting younger and developing together is important …but it would also move the window back for when we once again have a viable OL …Pouncey remains an asset in pass blocking and that is no small thing this coming year when protecting a suddenly vulnerable TH is critical

    …Landry is a lot more than just a slot receiver so I can’t buy that argument …no one, not even NE finds talent like Landry “all day long” …but his lack of discipline has become a real problem for this staff and team …imnsho we lost two winnable games because of his temper tantrums at critical moments …insiders say Gase is looking for a new coach to help him get that type of discipline problem under control, he obviously hasn’t found a way to do so …either way, if we resign Landry, his contract must have clauses that severely punish such incidents …and reward excellence

    …yes they need to develop a QB behind TH and if one of the top 4 somehow fell to us at 11, I’d certainly look at how he might fit into Gase’s QB playbook …but that is unlikely at best and if Nelson was still there, I’d have to go with Nelson …last thing we need is another rookie QB behind a weak OL …else I’d look at the 4/5 range to find a development QB to compete vs TH/Fales/Doughty in camp …they’ve kept Doughty on the practice squad for 2 years now so someone thinks there is potential in him that needs work

    …I’ve not had a RB high on my draft list assuming that we will bring Williams back and bring in a few UDFAs to compete in camp …Drake has proven to be a viable RB in both run and pass who can handle 25 snaps a game …Williams is more than a decent 2nd with good hands and blocking …thus I just don’t see the value in using a pick on what will likely be a first year bench warmer

    …I’d not seen any mention before of converting McDonald to LB …its an interesting idea but throws our former S issues back into play …my first preference would be to try Harris at OLB and find another DE …Harris has flashed but not impressed enough as an edge to justify his 1st round pick …his pass rushing skills can certainly be used at LB but its his speed in coverage that I like there …Alonzo will not be cut because his cap hit would actually increase, but he needs to move to MLB and compete with McMillan …Anthony looks like an answer at the other LB slot

    • admin

      Date day with the wife so I will be brief till later… I heard this most is fact, but some is hearsay, until I find a solid report, but interesting. “Jay Ajayi has carried the ball just 70 times in 7 games and didn’t play Sunday and still may be rested this week because of knee soreness. Not a real good sign for a team that needs to crank up its run game in postseason.”

  • Steve


    Many of the Cuts will be necessary But Reading your post above is becoming reductant every January and we are not addressing the real problems with this organization.

    My last questioned! how many games have these QB’s mentioned in your posting won against the Bills or Jets? These are just the basic teams. Admin do you really believed that these QB’s will take the Dolphins up to New England, Ravens, or Steelers in the Winter months and beat them out of a playoff game? I’m sorry the Dolphins are in trouble with this thinking and Gase will be out of a job after the middle of the season.

    • admin

      I think a healthy Tannehill is a QB you can win with… a ring with, not sure. Doughty, no. Fales, likely not. That why fresh blood at QB is needed. Although, I still say don’t over reach as Gase’s future is unsure and a new HC might want to go a different direction. HC’s can be very finicky with that spot. If a good one falls to 11… take him. After that find one that has an above grade in a later round… but getting one every year or every other year is a good philosophy.

    • admin

      Looking over the QB’s and there will be a feeding frenzy in the top 6 picks and I don’t see any that Miami would want that will fall to 11… it’s going to have to be a later pick or selling the farm to get one. I don’t advocate selling the farm… who do you see late as a good pick for Miami? I’ll do some film study on him…

  • Steve


    Here we go sitting on the fence letting opportunities fly by. Its clear we need coaches, Here’s the perfect opportunity to bring aboard the right coaches to assist Coach Gase. I’m sure the three below would welcome the opportunity.
    2018 Dolphins put your Pride a side. We can’t get passed the Jet’s or Bill’s in regular season. Some Fans will fine a good excuse why we should buy season tickets to watch excuses and I told you so season of Mediocrity coaching and players. If the Fins can bring Jay Cutler in for one year for 10 millions dollars. Then what gives with this organization?

    Bruce Arians retires as head coach of Cardinals
    2× AP NFL Coach of the Year (2012, 2014)
    As assistant coach
    2× Super Bowl champion (XL, XLIII)
    3× AFC champion (2005, 2008, 2010)

    Coach Jim Cardwell
    Career highlights and awards
    2x Super Bowl champion (XLI, XLVII)
    Thirteen days after his dismissal from the Indianapolis Colts, Caldwell was named quarterbacks coach by the Baltimore Ravens on January 30, 2012.[5] On December 10, 2012, the Ravens dismissed Cam Cameron and named Caldwell the offensive coordinator.[6] On the day following the defeat of the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game, head coach John Harbaugh announced on January 22, 2013 that Caldwell would be the team’s permanent offensive coordinator going into the 2013 season.[7] On February 3, 2013, Jim Caldwell helped lead the Baltimore offense to a 34–31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome.[8][9]


    Jack Louis Del Rio Jr.
    Awards as Coach
    Super Bowl champion (XXXV)
    Earle “Greasy” Neale A
    Specialty Defense

    • admin

      Dowell Loggains doesn’t excite me much as the OC to help Gase, Steve… Gase seems to still want to call… not feeling it. Might be wrong, but not feeling it.

      • Steve

        That’s just it Admin!

        I’m thinking that Gase has Tunnel vision when calling his own plays. In order for Gase to Win he must managed his team, he must surround himself with the best Coaches. There are Head coaches who were just released with Super Bowl winning Experience and would welcome the opportunity to work for Coach Gase to achieved this Goal as D/F or O/F coordinators. Secondly we don’t have a QB to carry this team.

        ** There are QB’s outside the third round who can start for the Dolphins. Since 2012 each year we are talking about Tannehill next season will be the turned around season that never come.

        • admin

          Can we hire you to pick them!! I’ll start a Go Fund m… because Miami hasn’t had the greatest luck with OL or QB.

          “I’m thinking that Gase has Tunnel vision when calling his own plays.”

          I think he does too… and the new hire of Dowell Loggains isn’t very inspiring. Maybe it’s what the doctor ordered… but nothing screams it. He seems like a guy with very limited success who Gase feels comfortable with… but is that what Miami and Gase needs? I don’t know, Gase is going to keep calling the plays and Clyde seems to be Gase’s fall guy. Don’t like this development in the least.

          • Steve


            I’m only an arm chair Fan. Admin do you remember the Rocky IV movie when Mr.”T” was knocking Rocky him Silly, Rocky said I see three of them. The Trainer told him to hit the one in the middle.

            That being said this is the State of the Dolphins but they aren’t aware of it which the Owner/Managers/Coach are in a constant state of illusions and restlessness to defeat each season.

            Two former Pro NFL Supper Bowl experience Head coaches is the only way to get us to the promised land. Stephen Ross cannot keep his head in the sand on this problem.

  • Lemmus

    …one other thing re Landry that may factor into the final call on him …remember he had the domestic violence charges dropped and the NFL took a long time deciding whether to suspend him for it …its not just the on-field issues that will be in play

    …all in all, I much prefer keeping him but with some stiff contract clauses that might just make him pause a tic or so before he takes that next swing …I do think he will go in the 14~15 mil range though, just look at the WRs that have got paid so far this year and that’s actually a bit under what his market value would likely be …if they want to keep him, they’d be smart to not let him test the water …I can see Belicheat and Brady just drooling at the prospect of Landry in a NE uniform 🙁

    …this time next year I’m thinking we’ll all be begging for playoff tickets …and hoping to see a MIA-SF SB!

    • admin

      Agree on just about everything. IF Pats weren’t a possibility, I’d feel much better about letting him go. This has a feeling of no matter what that there will be a ugly sticker with a point in the Dolphins back on this one.

  • Rich

    Great read and totally agree on the cuts. This team needs more discipline and accountability! They need an OL coach who will kick some butt when these guys don’t perform. Sorry but Tunsil needs to step up and these pre snap penalties should not be accepted. They need either a LG or LT and Tunsil plays the other. Sorry but i do not see a sure fire thing at LT like they sold us with this guy. Pouncey should be shown the door. This team needs to get younger and develop together on the OL and this guy had a miracle to play all 16 games but if you watched his play closely he was just okay. And 9M is ALOT of money for a center. I’d let Landry go too and i know people will say that is crazy but so is paying 13 to 15M a year for a slot receiver. NE finds those guys all day long. This guy cannot control his temper and costs them repeatedly.

    Draft wise – please get a QB at some point before the 5th rd! They should draft a RB mid round unless a complete stud falls to them. Drake needs help – you have to have 2 top backs in this league now. Lastly, please get a LB and FS that can cover!! Alonso has to go – he was painful to watch! Getting a FS with speed and ball skills and move McDonald to LB like Burke said. This D needs to get faster!! LB’s were just way too slow! McMillan, Anthony, and McDonald (or draft pick) would be nice. I really like the idea of moving McDonald to LB since Jones and him cause zero turnovers in the passing game!

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed the read, despite my miss edits… I’ll hear it from Jimmy at some point. I agree on Tunsil not being a sure fire, but I’m not sold on him inside as he is not built for the inside… and struggled in RB in 2016. Maybe right side as worst case and get a LT this draft. But it is his kick step and the depth that has been his issue. A lot of times young guys have a trouble gauging that kick. Six inches too deep, too wide can be the difference between a sack of good protection.

      I’m not a big fan of Pouncey’s play these days, but I do love the way he handled Landry’s outburst, and if he had two good run blocking G’s flanking him, his weakness in RB would be greatly alleviated. So, his real price is 7 mill this year because we need to pay 2 mill that’s guaranteed, so 1 more year isn’t terrible. He does bring good leadership and exp. But they must get his replacement in there this year 100%.

      I’m with you on Landry… really on the fence with him. His behavior has been totally unacceptable…what if he has a load of guaranteed money? would it get worse or better? I love Landry. He is excellent and I think even though he plays a lot in the slot he’s worth 12-14 a year… but not when he is leading players stray and screaming at coaches and hurting the team. If uncontrolled, it will crop up t the worst possible time, it always does. And now other players knows his weakness and they will push his buttons.

      As for RB…I’m a fan of Williams. I think he will be pretty cheap and is a good compliment to Drake and needs to be brought back. I like Smith and Perry as well, so a RB steal maybe, but not unless he’s a total gem for the round picked.

      A LB or S who can cover is key. They have been talking bout a hybrid player to fill the void as yoou said–McDonald could fill that void, although he looks a little stiff at times. But a true FS would be very nice as Jones has big lapse on occasion. Kiko sucks in coverage… and he won’t get better… he has poor instincts as a coverman.

      I think a TE is big too. One will be too expensive in FA and no one on the roster cuts it. They will def. get one in the draft.

      Just my take on it.

  • Lemmus

    …I hate to pick on you but EDIT! …”can get can” “We fans with zero control over the course of events.” “Combined, Miami save over” “won’t be back given due to price” etc …I know you’re short timing this and really appreciate it …but if you want Phins.com to pick you up, it needs just a bit more love, eh …and then edit this paragraph out 🙂

    …restructuring Wake to improve cap doesn’t necessarily mean cutting his take home …give him a signing bonus in lieu of, for instance …etc …its all about cap this year vs cap next year when we will have a lot more space …or not depending on whether the extra cap can be put to productive use …a LOT of cap was wasted last year …admittedly, in hindsight, its easy to say that …couldn’t agree more with the sentiment though

    …I’m cum se, cum sa re Pouncey …before the hip injuries he was a dominant center in both run and pass blocking …and his ability to get to the 2nd level on runs was huge …but the injuries did happen and he has struggled the past 2 years, especially in run blocking …but IF the coaches believe he can recover fully this off season and get his strength back, they’d be fools to cut him …else, they’d be fools to keep him at that money …it all boils down to something we just don’t have the insight on …its wait and see for me

    …and finally re TH …its an excellent point that I’ve not seen elsewhere …we usually go with 2 QBs and use the extra roster spot elsewhere …but with TH’s knee being such a threat, carrying three makes a lot of sense

    …good, pertinent, timely article 🙂

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