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2017 Down The Tubes And Fins Pulling Hard On The Flusher

2017 Down The Tubes And Fins Pulling Hard On The Flusher

There was so much hope going into the season... now there is only questions.

There was so much hope going into this Fins season… now there’s only questions.

The Fins organization is consistent in its disorganization on game day

2017 has been a rough Dolphins season to say the least. It’s been bad on nearly every level. The biggest gripe is that now the future looks grim as well. A fields of glory future doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon.

The latest ‘winning’ development was that Rey Maualuga was arrested. This let down was followed by a Fins let-down game against a struggling Tampa Buccaneers team without their starting QB.

Turnover after turnover, and penalty after penalty, Miami did it’s best to beat itself and fail its fans.

Thankfully Adam Gase says that ‘most’ of the penalties are easily correctable, and that if they can clean up their game they’ll be a tough offense to stop.

And don’t worry, Jay Cutler is a better fit for this offensive scheme than Matt Moore, and the Dolphins are ready to get on a roll… at some point.

It’s no big deal, a tweek here and a tweek there, and we’ll be good.

Nothing to see here, so move along… if you believe in a tweeker.

Outside of the fantasy getting spun by Gase, the reality is, we couldn’t get a victory at home against a sub .500 team with their backup QB playing. What faith can you have in anything going forward, unless it’s blind faith.

Fins are in a hole and the Pats have shovels

Barring a dream sequence in a Total Recall like fantasy, there’s no Playoffs, and even a winning record isn’t getting good odds by the pay per head sportsbook sites.

So the rest of this season is probably window dressing, because just the two games against the Super Bowl Champions is likely enough to sink the season with 2 losses.

Now, I’ll watch every snap in every game, for sure. I’ll root every step of the way. And I’m not saying there’s no hope. But there’s no way a team that works as hard, or maybe even harder, at beating themselves as they do beating their opponent can be counted on. And since it’s been 2 seasons of sloppy football, why should I expect next year to be any different?

It appeared we were on the right track. However, this season went off the rails as soon as Ryan Tannehill went down and has never was able to get back on track. There’s no guarantees that Tannehill is even going to be the long term answer because now his durability is in question, after two straight season ending knee injuries.

Who in this organization can you trust to even just be competent?

Gase is still completely confident in Tannehill, which means don’t expect Miami to use a premium chip drafting a QB in 2018. However, Gase has been confident of a lot… and been mostly wrong.

Clearly the Fins are going to have a solid 1st round pick with at least 3 starting quality QB’s in the upcoming draft. So why not a QB? Sure we have plenty of other needs to address, however it’s obvious that we STILL have not found the next replacement, or close approximation, for our beloved and talented Dan Marino.

Of course, there’s the reality of a weak Offensive Line, Linebackers, Tight Ends, over hyped Receiver group, and Defensive End issues and with little money in the kitty for Free Agency ta’ boot… so who knows what to do? Gase? Tannenbaum? Ross? Not so sure these days. Why not… Go Fins!!!


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  • Steve

    Quarterbacks the Dolphins cannot overlooked in 2018. We really don’t need to draft in the 1st round for a QB. The QB steal is Deondre Francois FSU QB who was injured this season in a game against Alabama. No 1st round QB in this 2018 draft hast moved his team like Francois has when healthy. Like the QB Guru’s again overlooking true talent.

    Francois with the proper NFL coaching will confidently get us pass the Patriot. Let him be a true back up for Tannehill and then let him truely compete for the QB job after a season.

    Currently a third rounder:
    Washington State QB Luke Falk 2015
    https://youtu.be/cS3KjNfcUFI (Game against Boise State)
    https://youtu.be/c8gD1BqwbT0 (Most accurate QB)

    Currently a 5th Rounder:
    Jarrett Stidham**, QB, Auburn
    https://youtu.be/DDiFap5i_bI (Vs Georgia)
    https://youtu.be/tGW8Em-wekI (Vs Old Mis)

    Josh Rosen*, QB, UCLA), ( Lamar Jackson*, QB, Louisville),( Sam Darnold**, QB, USC0),
    Are set to be in the 1st round. With the right coaching in the NFL Francois will take a team to the Super Bowl.

    Currently a 6th or 7th Rounder:
    Deondre Francois**, QB, Florida State
    https://youtu.be/CQkjSSuY9KM (Bowl Game against Michigan)
    https://youtu.be/SfOjtrbot_8 ( game against Bama)
    https://youtu.be/twN0_R3CHPA (game against Clemson)

    • admin

      I agree they need to add QB’s… I also liked Wilson and Cousins. Thought at least they’d offer quality depth. They turned out far better than I thought, of course.

      • Steve

        Sure they are pretty good QB’s but we can do better Admin. We can steal the Top QB in the 2018 Draft in the 6th round.

        Admin Seriously!

        Deondre Francois QB, FSU is the perfect QB for the Dolphins playing behind Tennill. Francosis has no problems performing during prime time.

        Although Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois has often been (fairly) criticized for his inconsistency with regard to passing accuracy, it turns out that, as a redshirt freshman in 2016, he threw the ball about as well as Louisville’s Lamar Jackson— who won the Heisman Trophy last season.

        At least he did when it really mattered. Check out these splits from those two QBs against teams from Power-Five conferences from last year— which do you think belong to the Heisman Trophy winner?

        QB A: In 10 games, 169 completions in 299 attempts (56.5%) for 2,629 yards (8.8 yards per attempt). 18 TDs, 8 INTs.
        QB B: In 11 games, 199 completions in 349 attempts (57%) for 2,919 yards (8.4 yards per attempt). 16 TDs, 6 INTs.
        So, which is which? Moreover, does it even matter? The point is that Francois (QB B, by the way) posted passing numbers remarkably similar to that of the guy who won the top individual award in the country.

        We must build for the future with The best Blue Chip players. He was injured in the game against BAMA this
        year early and FSU is suffering without him. But the Guru’s have him listed a 7th rounder.

  • Steve


    Tannehill is a decent QB. You recalled the season when the Dolphins lead by Tannehill could not muster up a win to beat the losong Jets and the bills to make the playoffs? And he did not win over New England when they were down to their third string QB?

    Does this mean healthy he can win the prime games now? Non of us no but I would draft a QB that has in college or pro that I believed could.

  • dolphinst

    Hey first just want to say thank you guys for the great website I appreciate the good analysis and the fandom. Yeah definitely a bad time to have a down season given how wide open the playoff race is! I feel like coach Gase is a good coach and with some seasoning could be a great coach but this season has been a disaster mainly because of the way he has brought in his guys and stuck to them stubbornly, which is in contrast all his statements about the best guy playing and so on and so forth. If that strikes us fans is hypocritical then imagine how the players feel especially when you throw in the BS way that the NFL officiates games and all the other Shenanigans…must be hard to play at your best with all that kind of crap going on. I would love to see what Moore could do the rest of the season. When Gase decided to bring in Cutler I thought it was a terrible decision but then he looked really good in the preseason however now that he’s facing pressure and is getting sloppy feet it’s clear that it was a mistake. In any case I feel like Gase has one more season to see if he can right this ship. But I have lost a lot of confidence the way he has handled the quarterback situation…

    • admin

      Really glad to hear you enjoy our stuff brother! I agree with just about all your take… but as for me, this level of sloppy play is very concerning and could hint that disaster is lurking. The next six weeks, for me, are about playing smart ball. If they play with much better discipline, then I’ll have hope going forward. Gase needs to prove he can at least run a tight ship. I liked Cutler coming, but I didn’t like that there wasn’t any competition. He was just handed the job. This sucked for a guy as beloved by the locker room as Moore, also it stuck it to him in his FA year, and didn’t stick to Gase’s message of everyone competes and best players play… now we see that that only stands for most guys and it really wounded his credibility, especially after Cutler played so uneven. As you said, I too hope he can right the ship, but next season is all I’d give him… I’m not saying Superbowl or bust, but if he has another season like this, then he has got to go. But hey, maybe a miracle can happen and we can see a big improvement with the 6 games left. and PS NFL refs are THE worst in the biz… I swear they are either blind or paid off sometimes.

      • dolphinst

        Yeah definitely the best website covering the Dolphins so keep up the good work! I’m big on chemistry and chemistry requires continuity. In my opinion one of the reasons why the Dolphins made the playoffs last year was the explosive plays on offense and the number one player for that was Kenny Stills. So my opinion it’s very important for whoever’s the quarterback to have chemistry with him which in my opinion that would be Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill but definitely not Jay Cutler. And while the o line has been a big problem I don’t think it’s as big as a problem as the QB just based on the difference in play between Moore and Cutler and specifically the ability to produce explosive offenses plays. That said I’m all for investing in the o line this offseason cuz it seems like it’s been an issue more often than not. I’m also excited to see Chase Allen more, I think the guy is legit and Neville Hewitt will bring some speed. I think Kiko playing out of position is one of the problems this year although he’s getting better as time goes and Matt Burke being a first-year coordinator isn’t the best either. But you’re right it isn’t just losing its the way they’re losing with sloppy play and also seemingly regressing as the season gets on. That’s the mark of a good team is if they get better as the year goes on and a mark of good coaching, just look at the Patriots that always happens with them and it happened with us last year, hopefully some this year now as well. Go dolphins!

        • admin

          You do this thing for very, very little monetary return, so hearing that we are doing well from fans is golden, sir. Thanks!”I’m big on chemistry and chemistry requires continuity.” Timeless and true. “I’m also excited to see Chase Allen more, I think the guy is legit and Neville Hewitt will bring some speed. I think Kiko playing out of position is one of the problems this year although he’s getting better as time goes and Matt Burke being a first-year coordinator isn’t the best either, ” also, add in Anthony. I studied Kiko’s coverage in last season and didn’t like it. He was always a step behind, especially in zone. He is a good react and attack MLB with clean lanes. He is a step too slow in he recognition dept. for WLB. We are #2 at drawing penalties… imagine if we were #2 at committing! Thanks again.

  • Steve

    Jimmy Johnson as a rookie coach for the Dallas Cowboys went into his 1991 NFL draft with a card in his pocket with 20 players and at the end of the draft he left the draft with 10 of those players on the card.

    He didn’t need to study the club massive 200 – name board in the Cowboys draft room. He knew exactly who he wanted and where he wanted to get them. Coming from the University of Miami he knew the Talent in the Country and new exactly where to get them. He also drafted them with the correct draft value. His 5 years in Dallas he had traded about 51 times draft picks NFL players.

    Jimmy knew that if he adopted the traditional NFL approach of keeping his 12 assigned picks and selecting players that fell to him each round, his NFL career would be short. So, he traded his best players for more picks and the rest is history.

    But you 1st have to know what the Hell you are doing?

    • admin

      That’s the key… do you think Tannenbaum and Grier can pull it off… I’ll give them that his draft they seemed to have done pretty well… last year’s is still a bit of a question. Maybe they can Steve, but I dread the thought of them screwing it up or even getting good players and Gase keeps running a loose ship… so many variable, but the key is Gase and how he runs things. Going from 12th or 11th worst in penalties committed to top 2 in committed penalties screams disaster. If they can put together 6 good, clean, smart games, then I’ll be hopeful. Would you let Tanny go in this situation of drafting a QB high?

      • Steve


        I would not let Tannehill go at all. But it is important to be prepared if he doesn’t get the fins to the promised land or just get injured again. Do you draft another quarterback with the intent to keep him on the bench?

        Or with the intent to continue the organizational mission to win a Super Bowl? I’m sorry to achieved this task there will be a lot of hurt feeling. Either the Dolphins want excellence or settle for the next year wagon? The Miami Hurricanes football program changed their losing culture by selecting Mark Richt as their Coach.

        • admin

          I agree, but the problem with taking a QB high is this team needs help and a miss or even hit will slow this team’s development. But I agree at the 3rd Round or so they start looking. It’s so hard to evaluate this team because so many are either under performing this season (or they are really not as talented as evaluated), injured, are suffering due to the talent around them, or are being put in bad situations due to moves from injury or poor coaching. However you slice it, we and likely even the Fins don’t know what they have. Superbowl? unless they get discipline all the talent in the world won’t matter. I don’t see this wide spread level of lack of discipline as not coaching related. But even if they set up the talent base for the next regime… you are correct.

          • Lemmus

            …bench Bushrod and there goes a third of the actual penalties …Suh is going to draw a couple false starts a game no matter who coaches him, its his game …but yeah, 17 penalties in one game has to be on the coaches

          • admin

            Honestly, I think Davis can be an pretty good RG or RT, so given the Pats D young and Davis should fare well.. expect them to flop given my luck 🙂

  • Steve

    We need a Quarterback and Running Back who can change the culture in Miami:

    The start of the Miami Dolphins New Franchise Don Shula focus was on drafting a QB to lead the Dolphins He drafted in the 1st round A Running Back J. Brabowski and A Quarterback R. NORTON 1966.

    All selected in the 1st round.

    1966. 1st Jim Grabowski Illinois RB
    1966 2nd Rick Norton QB Kentucky
    1967 4th Bob Griese QB Purdue
    1968 8th Larry Csonka Fullback not a QB but his value.
    1983 Dan Marino QB Pitt
    2012 Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M

    Shula, He was about winning the Super Bowl. The Dolphins Knew in January 2017 that Tannehill had encountered a serious injury. But Blindly they ignore that FACT. I don’t buy and will never buy don’t draft in the 1st for the Bluest of Blue-Chip Quarterback!

    Don’t tell us fans about a QB STATS and a Guru Coach system! we FANS want a Super Bowl!


    • Lemmus

      …TH was taken 8th in the 1st round, Luck went 1st, Griffen 2nd, Weeden 22nd …Wilson went in the 3rd

      …you “might” argue that Wilson turned out to be a blue chip but I’d argue that the team made him, ergo, not a blue chip

      …you might argue that Luck was a blue chip but he’s made 6 playoff games in 5 years and lost 3 of them, not there last year and won’t be this year …maybe, maybe not …for sure he’s not Brady or Manning

      …Griffin has been cum se, cum so …he’s a BU now, at best …and yet he was rated higher than Luck by a lot of gurus in the 2012 draft

      …TH has not made it to a playoff game as yet though he was headed there last year when he injured his knee …so not a blue chip …not yet …but I’d argue rather strongly that he’s played behind one of the worst OL and HC in football much of his time here and yet improved every year …he still has a lot of potential that Gase just started to develop …he could still credibly make it to blue chip status, assuming his knee heals …and you want to risk it all on drafting another Leaf or Griffen? …absolutely not! …period!

      …and don’t waste your breath, phreak 🙂

  • Steve

    Don Shula

    Had the formula right go after a Qb until he got to the Super. The Dolphins has taken the QB position as a joke the last twenty years.

    The QB and Running back must be the most talented players on team. A team will perform better when confident their QB and Running back are the bluest of blue-chip players.

    • admin

      Mu problem is I don’t know the college game… I watched Brees and loved him and wanted the Fins to draft him. If they take a QB they must hit! Give the precarious situation this team is in, a miss with a high 1st on a QB of less value than Tanny would be disaster. So I agree with Lemms… BUT if your were tell me we were getting an elite QB, then I’m with you. Jimmy sides with you totally… I’m just gun shy, it would seem.

      • Steve

        That’s just it! Evaluating talent is a serious issue that we have.

        Development of players is on the Coaches. Dion Jordan was a hand full for the Dolphins. To invest in him what the Dolphins did means someone did not do thier home work.Now He’s with Seattle We will see.

        • admin

          If you look at both drafts, 2016 looks like it’s losing value. Tunsil and Howard have underachieved… but there is plenty of time for growth. Carroo looks like a reach. Grant nothing to see. Drake though appears to be getting better. Wait and see on this one. 2017 Godchaux and Tank look like very good finds. Harris underachieving but plenty of time. Taylor is a nice little piece as well. Both 1sts have not been hits, so while these drafts have been better than many in the past, our concern is justified. what to do? Can’t Tannenbaum and Grier aren’t going anywhere… We could pick a lot worse than Tannehill. I do wish we had quality leadership.

          • Steve


            We aren’t Tannehill Bashing, we all hope he succeed Truly. We need hungry Blueish of the Blue-chips QB’s playing behind him with the intent to take the position if he cannot take us there.

            We are not looking for another teams Backups we need a QB who can carry the team when need to. I truly Believed Deondre Francois**, QB, Florida State can change the Dolphins losing culture. As a Freshman he lead Florida State to a Bowl Game against Michigan a team coach by JIM HARBAUGH and beat them.

            Without his injury he would be a definitely a 1st rounder: But he is listed as 6th or 7th rd.
            https://youtu.be/qCmHVe5r0Ic (speak of injury and rehab)

  • Steve

    Surely you kidding.

    Our NFL Opponents love this thinking. Bring the same game and players and coaches so we can embarrassed you more on prime time viewing.

  • Lemmus

    …sorry Jimmy, I was with you until you got to the QB drafting thing …that’s a NO …a BIG FAT NO!

    …sure, if we were the Jets, Browns, or even the Broncos, and didn’t have a QB worth playing BU, let alone starting …then yeah, you throw the rectal excretion against the wall and ignore the historical fail % for 1st round QB picks …that’s known in other circles as high stakes gambling …like with the team’s entire future on the line

    …but that is not us …we do have a QB on IR right now who was formerly know as “ironman” …aka Tannehill …and he has progressed every year he has played …solid progression …and last year he looked ready to actually lead …he may never be Danny Boy, but he is capable of taking a good team to the SB …and the naysayers can bite my posterior, eh …yes, he was injured, damn miracle he wasn’t a long time ago with the OL he’s been stuck behind …but it was once, and they tried to finesse the surgery and it didn’t work …so down he went again and our season went with him …and this time he’s went the hard road on getting it fixed right …but you’re ready to call it quits and take a wild ass gamble in the draft to maybe luck out and get someone who, odds say, won’t be as good? …that’s insane, period …imnsho

    …if we need another QB to bring along, go get Fales to replace Moore

    …but stop the draft a QB talk, it isn’t happening …Gase is here for another year even if we don’t win another game this year, phreak’s hot seat be damned …Gase is sold on TH …live with it

    …do talk about fixing the OL …the entire line is in play …if we get a top 5 pick, look at the bpa at either OL or TE …move Tunsil back to G if we get a top LT …then keep it up on every pick until we have at least 4 new OL and a new TE …let the current crop compete with them in camp, best man wins …lmao!

    …you want to gamble? …here’s the safest gamble to take …bet that five of the picks from the ’17 defense heavy draft start in ’18 …and that we somehow keep Hayes (and yes, Landry) from FA …and that McMillan and Lippet are fully recovered …no ’18 defense draft picks needed

    …better yet, gamble that Ross has fully recovered from 5 years of rectal-cranial inversion …and fires the entire FO, starting with T-bum …and better yet, admits his error and brings back Hickey and Aponte to end this T-bum induced cap nightmare

    …but whatever you do, don’t burn a 1st round pick on a QB …not in ’18

    • admin

      Yeah, I agree forget the QB. Stick with Tannehill. Let Gase ride him to success or failure. Gase has 1-2 seasons to get this thing rolling or he needs to go. A new QB will only slow the process.

      I do disagree with you on the OL. Tunsil sucks as a G because he can’t RB–he was rated like the worst or close too it by PFF. Either LT or RT. I think he is getting better at LT… but his mental side of the ball hasn’t been hot. Yeah, I think Davis is a fine enough RT and might end being pretty good. His strength makes him a good fit at RT. Everything inside needs changing. Gase says Pouney is fine, forget that. And the G’s unless you want to move Davis to RG and get an excellent LG, they both are a disaster. Thanks God Bushrod is gone. Larsen is a back up or RG. LG and C are the keys. James is too pricey for his inconsistency. So Tunsil, Smith, Davis at T (maybe find a talent in the 2-3 range). Larsen at RG for 1 season and Steen as a back up and brendel as a back up with good picks for LG and / or C. Maybe you could keep Pouncey for 1 more season and get the LG… maybe… of course maybe not. OL is key. But none of this matters if Gase can’t get his teams to play disciplined and he continues to make key poor calls and is slow as molasses at adjusting. If Gase would only let someone else call the plays and he’d focus on being an HC…

      • Lemmus

        …well we’ll agree to disagree …I think Tunsil is the only salvageable one on the OL …even as BU …and I don’t recollect any negatives on his play at LG once he got a few games under his belt …but yeah, they start with a new Center, move to the Gs, and then the OTs with LT being the last one up

        …the problem is that there are 2 Gs expected to go in the 1st round and not near the bottom …and 2-4 OTs …and I’ve not seen a C or TE rated as a 1st rounder in any of the mocks I’ve looked at as yet …we could draft as high as 5th and as low as 20th depending on how the remaining games turn out …if its higher than 10th I think we trade down for extra picks …we have two 4ths, no 5th, and two 7ths for 2018 as it stands right now …I don’t see any comp picks

        …besides a lower 1st, we need another 2nd and 3rd to have any hope of really addressing the OL/TE problems …a high 1st could well deliver much of that …no way in hell we blow it on a high risk QB pick …if we had a 1st or 2nd and were desperate at QB, maybe …but I remember Ryan Leaf all too well …he was the guaranteed sure thing QB and the Chargers were so sure they gave him what was then by far the highest rookie contract ever …the Colts essentially flipped a coin and took Manning first …ain’t hindsight wunnerful! 🙂

        • Lemmus

          …that Tunsil comment of yours was gnawing at me, eh


          “Snaps: 743

          PFF overall grade: 70.6

          Laremy Tunsil has started at left guard for Miami, but has moonlighted at left tackle when injuries called for changes. He has still allowed just one sack all season (and that came at left tackle), and has been the reason his quarterback hit the ground just five times (three of which came at left tackle). Has been solid, if unspectacular.”

          …I’ll say it again, if a 1st round LT is bpa at the position on our board, take him and move Tunsil to LG …I’ll take “solid but unspectacular” at LG any day of the week 🙂

          • admin

            Pass blocking was good couldn’t RB….pretty much Pouncey at LG. Pouncey rate #3 in PB and 24th overall with the worst RB of his career and you aren’t happy with his play…

          • Lemmus

            …Tunsil is just entering his prime and still on a rookie contract …learning a new position as rookie …his potential going forward remains very strong …his performance at LG got better as the season progressed and most of his mistakes came at LT, not LG

            …Pouncy is on last contract making, iirc, $9mil this year …declining sharply …little to no value/future here

            …two different tales, one with a lot of upside, one with nothing but downside

          • admin

            Stay on point Lemmus. I was talking about skillsets. C Pouncey = PB no RB. G Tunsil = PB no RB. Just as in 2016, you’d not be able to run consistently to his side and power would be his weakness. At T he doesn’t meet power players as much and his weakness is mitigated. But your story does make a fine Lifetime story though. 🙂

      • Steve


        L. Tunsil is best at pass blocking and was considered to be the top offensive linemen in his draft class. I’m just a fan but felt it was a mistake to let Albert go for the reasons that he was a mentor to Tunsil, a veteran when healthy could carry his own and set balanced to the offensive line until the fins could fixed the line. I call A bone head move by the Dolphins.

        Just like we all know some coaches improved players performances and some coaches ruin the best of players with their system or in experience. Because the bottom line they don’t know how to coach them.

    • admin

      He Lemmus: Dolphins aside, did you see this? It pertains to you. Although I hope not directly. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/11/21/parasite-killing-veterans/

      • Lemmus

        …never ever ate raw fish …don’t much like fish anyway and never ate any in SEA unless the wife did the cooking …the real problem though is that you may well not know you did …SEA is rife with roadside food stalls that mix lots of strange stuff into those woks …and store the leftovers un-refrigerated to serve again until some sucker takes the last bite …the favorite cooking oil is fish oil/sauce but no one knows what is in 95% of it …so yeah, you could wind up with a lot of strange things in your system and never know it …wife often cooks with fish oil but its US made …I won’t let her buy any that isn’t

        …bad as the raw fish thing is, its just skimming the top of the food problems …when I first came back from SEA and was still in the service, I took a part time job at a meat packing plant in a podunk town between Clovis, NM and Lubbock, TX …I was sweeping the kill floor, moving all the blood, guts, and miscellaneous into channels that ran into the room where they made hot-dogs …it was a good 20 years before I ever ate another hot-dog …and I only eat kosher ones even now

        …I just had my life insurance renewal labs and exams …at 71 they put you through the ringer …and I’m good to go for another 20 years at a rate 31% cheaper than the last go round …but thanks for thinking of me …I forwarded it to an old, old friend that I used to remonstrate with about his love of street food in SEA …he’s going to add it to his next set of labs …just in case

        • admin

          You’re a pain in the ass, but very likable 🙂 I hope you get the full 31! Happy Thanksgiving, sir. Living in Panama, I totally forgot it was today.

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