Wishful thinking

There is no question that this is a Phins news blog, and we are dedicated to writing solely about your beloved Miami Dolphins. But today I would like to look at next weeks match ups for our division foes, because if we want to have a chance at the division at the end of the season we need some help from other teams, and this might be a week in which we can gain some traction. The sports betting strategy is that we will not win the division this season, however since we are only trailing New England by 1 game, anything is possible. Note to reader, obviously this is a bit biased, and I am looking at this as the glass is half full scenario.

New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks 4:05pm – Regardless of the bad call in the Green Bay game, the fact is the Seahawks out played the Packers throughout that game. If the Seahawks can play a similar style defense against the Patriots, then don’t be surprised if Tom Brady finds himself frustrated and running for his life. We all know that when Brady gets frustrated, he tends to throw interceptions. In addition, the Seahawks are very good at home, so the sports betting strategy is to take the Hawks getting +3 points at home. Also I would not be surprised if the Patriots lost this game outright.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets 1pm – The Colts had a story book come from behind victory against the Packers last weekend, so anything is possible against the hated Jets. The sports betting strategy is that Andrew Luck, continues to look for Reggie Wayne against a banged up Jets secondary. The Jets showed some fight against the Texans, but they also showed desperation, by constantly going for it on 4th down, and using a lot of gimmick plays. Expect this to continue against the Colts, but also don’t be surprised if the Jets fall into the same trap as the Packers, and take this young Colts team for granted. A loss to the Colts would really cause panic in the big apple.

Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals 4:25pm – Before the season, the Bills appeared to be ready to finally be a solid team. Well after a few beat downs, they appear to be the same Bills team we have seen for the last decade, which is inconsistent. Heading to Arizona is not going to be any easy game, and since the Cardinals have had the extra few days to prepare for the game, the sports betting strategy should be that they will win this match up.

Obviously this is all wishful thinking, but hey you never know. And if we can perform up to our potential there is an outside chance that we can be heading into the bye week at 3-3 and tied with the Pats for the division lead.


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  • phinfreak

    Yes, its possible, and perhaps probable that all three AFC E opponents lose next week, but unfortunately its a 16 game schedule and anything can happen at anytime, so going in to the bye at 3-3 is meaningless in the big picture sense.
    Short term its nice, but we all know it means nothing in context.

    I think if the Fins ended up 8-8 the consensus would be it was a successful season for this regime, and I would agree.

    If the fins were to somehow back in to the playoffs via a wildcard birth, well then….

    ….one can only wish.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Well again, the beauty of this year is that the schedule is very soft, and regardless of what happens this year it is definitely going to be a lot tougher next year, so I just hope we do not regress as a result of a tougher schedule. Even though 3-3 early in the season has little meaning, the fact is that coupled with a Patriots loss and we are tied for first. Yes in the beginning of the season this has little meaning, however, now at least we are even with 10 games to go instead of in a 3 game hole, which I am sure many of us would have thought we would have been in at this point in the season

  • Lance

    I think New England will spoil everything. Teams just play dumb against them for some reason.

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