Wild Deja Vu in the desert

This game was like deja vu, two weeks in a row. They played well, missed a field goal and lost in overtime. It was another heart breaking defeat, in which we definitely had our chances to win the game. The sad thing is, a play here or there in the last two games and this team would be sitting at 3-1, looking down on the rest of the AFC East.

Ryan Tannehill set the Dolphins franchise record for most passing yards by a rookie QB with 431 yards, Brian Hartline set the franchise record for most receiving yards in a game with 253, the defense set the franchise record with most sacks in a game with 8, and the craziest part is they lost the game. Its amazing that with three franchise records set in the game, they still ending up losing. Whats even more amazing is that I am honestly not upset, because once again they came out and showed me something, and most of all they are giving me hope for the future. Lets face it this team is not going anywhere this year, however, with a couple of lucky breaks and a decent draft this team could be vying for a playoff spot next year. Football gambling fans should be careful wagering on any team the Dolphins face this year, because regardless of their record, the Dolphins are going to be in every game right down to the wire.

The one thing the phins should be doing today is looking for a new kicker. Frankly, Dan Carpenter has been fading before this year’s debacle. Now with 3 missed kicks in two games, it is time to bring someone in to compete for the job. When kickers continue to miss field goals this messes with their heads, and sometimes they are not the same after. It is similar to when a thoroughbred horse brakes it’s hoof, and the trainers need to put it to sleep. It appears that Carpenter needs to be taken out back and but to sleep Old yeller style.


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  • Phinfreak

    Difference in last two games is the kicker.

    Carpenter should be cut this week. Too many FA kickers out there for find to continue OT losses by 3 points.

    These games are decided by 1 or 2 plays. What would a good kick vs a miss have done for fins?

    3-1 record.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Definitely, I he makes his kicks we are 3-1 and leading the division. I totally agree it is so ridiculous to have the whole team play well, and then get screwed on field goals two weeks in a row

  • Lance

    I’m in sort of the same boat. Yeah, I’m disappointed, but I’m watching this season more from a developmental perspective, and I like a lot of what I’m seeing. This game definitely showed Tannehill can be the QB we’ve been waiting for. The run defense is now #1 and we’re in the top 5 rushing offenses. Say what you want about Ireland, but he has put a team together that dominates the trenches.

    On Carpenter, I’d be fine with replacing him, but we’d need a kicker who can kick it out of the end zone like he does on kickoffs. That’s pretty valuable.

    Now, we just need to figure out how to win.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I will give the Tuna and Ireland credit for our boys in the trenches, because that is clearly where our strength is. Nobody is going to run on us this year, but problem is every year it is more and more of a passing league so teams abandon the run late in most games. I just want a kicker who makes his field goals, now every time he steps on the field i feel like I am cringing because we don’t know what we are going to get, and you have to believe that his psyche must shot, and he is thinking the same thing, the guy is only human. But the bottom line is he is paid to make field goals and he is not doing his job

    • phinfreak

      Taking a “developmental” perspective is irrelvant to all except a coach. Fans do not develop players or the team. Coaches do.

      Coaches and players are not paid to “develop” players per se, although coaching is very important on many levels.

      Coaches and players (read kickers) are paid to WIN THE GAME!

      Taking a “developmental” approach is coach speak in context of a rookie QB, and overall improvement in the teams performance – and it can be said this is also hedging. It is very telling when a coach says this to the public – in other words not to expect much now in way of Wins, but to seek improvement. This is purely for consumption of the inmates.

      The team and Tanny have DEVELOPED. Theyve been in winning posture 2 out of 3 losses.

      Except for the kicker. And that has nothing to do with “development”.

      Nuff said.

  • Pierce Carson

    Ive started following you this year and i have been agreeing with everything you have said so far. This point about the kicker is what really got my attention. I thought we should have started looking for someone to compete with Carpenter last week when he missed two game winning field goals. Now it has become a necessity. Football comes down to everyone playing perfect thats the only way you can win in the NFL today and Carpenter has shown he is not meant for this franchise. Everyone else has shown they are ready to compete and contend for playoffs but one or two plays can ruin it all. Especially when they are plays where you should be scoring. Look at the great teams. They play great in all the aspects of the game. Arguably some of the best teams to ever play was the early to mid 2000s New England Patriots teams and it started with opportunistic defense creating turnovers and making stops when it was important. An offense which protected the ball and could put up points when it mattered. And finally a very good specials team unit which included Adam Vinateri who was always clutch . I believe if we can get one more good tight end one more good wide reciever one more solid corner and just a consistent kicker then we are playoff bound and a serious competitor which no one considers a gimme game like we have been seen as for the last 10 years or so. Final note is that Ryan Tannehill looked like a top ten pick last week against a very good defense. Threw some incredible balls. A little more time in the league and maturation and we could have a Pro Bowl caliber qb at the helm. Makes me extremely excited as a Fins fan and have been for life!!!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      First I would like to thank you for your support. Yes we should at least give this guy some competition, to light a fire under his foot. This actually worked a few years ago during mini-camp when they brought in a kicker to compete with him. His name was B something, I can’t remember at the moment, do you remember. Anyway this was a close competition and in the end Carpenter received the message and was pretty much automatic that season. Trust me I remember those New England days extremely vividly, I was attending college in the Boston, I was stuck watching games in the back of bars, with the only one wearing a Dolphins Jersey. Yes I have been very impressed with RT’s demeanor this season, and this past game against a very good defense sealed the deal for me, he made lots great throws, in some very tight windows, and he handled the blitz very well. And not for nothing the last two games at the end of the game when we need a score he drives us down the field for TD’s. Yes I am excited and like that we are loaded with draft picks for next year

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