What went Long?

phins newsIn 2008 Jake Long was selected as the number one overall pick in the draft. Now in his 5th season Long has made three pro bowls, and is considered one of the best left tackles in the game. He was even voted has the 59th best player in 2012. However after a plethora of injuries, which included a torn bicep, bad knee and back, Long appears to have regressed in his 5th season.

He has already let up multiple sacks, QB hurries, and committed unnecessary penalties at very inopportune moments. At the moment he is not playing like a pro bowler or a franchise player. All this leads to a very crucial decision that will need to be made over the offseason. His contract will be up at the end of the year, and Long and his agent will be clearly looking to make sure that he is paid similar to what Cleveland’s Joe Thomas re-signed for. Thomas signed an 8 year contract worth $92 million, with $44 million guaranteed, and an average of annual salary of $11.5 per year. Personally I would say that Long has not been playing at a level to deserve such a lucrative contract. In addition, Long has a long list of injuries, so health is obviously a concern in the future, and probably has something to do with his decline in production. The catch 22 is that a banged up Long is still better than most left tackles in the game, and if he his not re-signed than this will just add one more position to the list that needs to be addressed this off season. Also with a developing young QB, the quality of his left tackle goes a long way in regards to having amble protection while he stands in the pocket.

The sports betting strategy is that this will not be an over night decision, and will take Ireland many sleepless nights to finally come up with a solution for. The one thing that will ease everyone’s minds is if Long can actually start to play and perform like a franchise left tackle.

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  • Lance

    I’ve been dissappointed in Long for a while now (thank you, Bill Parcels). He started his career solid and even played through some tough injuries, but his career doesn’t mirror his #1 pick status nor the hype that surrounded him coming into the draft.

    According to David Hyde, Pro Football Weekly ranks Long as the 46th best tackle in the league. I believe given the dearth of quality tackles in football that he is worth keeping, but he should not be overpaid. I wouldn’t necessarily pay him at a salary equivalent with #46 (I’d take into consideration injuries, potential, talent availability, etc.), but there is no way I’d give him a killer contract at his playing level.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      How is that possible he is only ranked as the 46th best tackle. I mean there are two starting tackles on each team so that means there are 64 starting tackles and he is only better than 18 of them? I mean i know he hasn’t been playing that well, but he is still better than more than half the tackles in the league. Yeah definitely can’t pay him a killer contract .

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