Typical Phins/Jets game

Turnovers, penalties, missed field goals, lots of punts, a regular Phins/Jets game. We had plenty of chances to win the game, but it was just not meant to be. Watching the game just seemed like watching a train crash in slow motion. It was not that the Dolphins played that bad, it was just that you could tell, eventually the Jets were going to take the lead at the end of the game. Then when RT admirably drove the team down the field, we had our chance to score a touchdown, but instead they settled for a game tying field goal. Then when we have a chance to win in overtime, Carpenter shanked it wide left Again. Then the rest is history.

It was a real shame that Reggie Bush got injured before the half, especially since the Dolphins should have just taken a knee. There was 34 seconds left, and they were already babying RT with the extremely conservative play calling, so it would have been logical to just take a knee and enter half with a 10-3 lead, but instead they call a useless run up the middle play, and Bush hurts his knee. He was able to walk off the field under his own power, so he should be able to play soon, but unfortunately this cost him the rest of a game in which he could have made a real difference in.

Football gambling fans around the country saw that pick 6 at the beginning of the second half coming a mile away. The real problem was that after the interception RT basically had the ball taken from his hands until the last drive of the game. I understand he is a rookie QB, but take the training wheels off the guy, and let him come back out there and throw it around a little. When his number was called to make plays on the last drive in the 4th quarter and in OT, he did well, and proved he could shake off the errant pass earlier in the game. Tannehill appears to have the “IT” factor, I feel like the coaching staff does not have to call their plays so conservatively, because RT has the ability to bounce back from mistakes and play well.

The biggest turning point in the game was of course a Tebow play; it makes me sick. As soon as he came out on the punt from the Jets own 25 yard line, I don’t know what the rest of the Phins news fans were thinking, but I knew they were going to fake it and he was getting the ball. I hate to admit it but, I have to give Rex credit for having the balls to fake it on his own 25, it was a huge momentum swinger.

Anyway it appears that we are what we are, which is a young team that is going to play their asses off, but at the same time, unfortunately this season is going to have its fair share of heart ache.


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  • Lance

    Seemed like we were always starting from inside our 15. Against the Jets’ D, that’s not good. The thing that bothered me most that game was that we settled for that FG try in OT. We had momentum and should have been trying to push downfield and play off that, especially in light of the earlier miss by Carpenter.

    I hate it when we give games away. There’s no good reason we shouldn’t be 2-1.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah the last half of the game we were stuck in our own 20, calling very conservative running plays, and never getting a first down. Then we were constantly giving the Jets great field position and our defense was forced to kill themselves out there. Not only that but the game was absurdly long going 4 hours and you could see by the end of the game that our D-line was gassed from being out on the field for so long. Yes I agree you should never settle for field goals to win games, look what happened to the Pats last week when they play the Cardinals. Yeah definitely a winnable game that we flushed down the toliet

  • phinfreak

    There was certainly questionable play calling by Fins when deep inside their own 10 yd line. One resulted in a pick 6. Thats why you dont call those plays. You run into the front, punt the ball, play good D, play the percentages.

    Second reason for loss, ….the kicker. If Ireland had any brains he’d bring in a FG kicker into camp this week…send Carpenter a glaring message. No excuse for missing those kicks.

    Last, its obvious to me Fins dont trust our running backs aside from Bush. One fumbles everytime he’s hit hard, the other (Miller) doesnt know who to block yet on pass protection. Both can be connected to Ireland picks.

    Fins should have run, both deep inside their own territory, and at the end of the game to help a struggling kicker on his last FG attempt.

    Lets not get into play man D late in the game, bad decision there, very bad.

    I chalk this one up to a coaches loss.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I didn’t think it was the play call on the int, i just think it was a ball he should have never thrown. After that the play calling was all running plays down deep in our own territory, and how did that work out for us, punt after punt after punt, with the Jets finally scoring a TD late in the game. The only thing that swung the field possession back to neutral was us finally giving up a TD.

      Definitely agree with the kicker comment, no excuses there.

      Besides the fumbles from Thomas the running backs have not really been that much of the problem for our offense, to me it has been just not enough viable WR options to open up the field. What happened to the TE seem route, or even some screens.

    • Lance

      Regarding bad coaching, if this game was last year under our previous coach we would’ve clearly lost instead of having the game in hand and missing the field goals. I don’t fault the coaching in this one so much–I believe they gave us the opportunity to win and the players blew it.

      • Jimmy Bourbon

        I agree last year would have been even worse, I am not even saying there was bad coaching, i think it was just a little bit conservative, because of the rookie QB, however, I think RT can handle the pressure and more responsibilities

  • Phinfreak

    Agree to disagree. Nothing wrong playing safe inside your own 10 and having to punt. Punting worked out fine. Find D played stout.

    You wanna throw it w rookie QB? Fine but you gave up a pick 6. How’d that work out vs punts?

    Facts are fins needed to run in OT at Jets 40 vs stubbornly calling same pass to Hartline ( especially matched against cromartie).

    The results bear my conclusion. Fins lost.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      It was just that we could not get out of our own end, eventually your going to have to make some throws and get some yardage to change the field position battle. And the problem was that our defense was on the field for so long, that by overtime you could tell they were gassed and there was not much left in the tank.

      Yeah RT threw a pick 6, but he still played better than Sanchez, who had countless erratic throws, but the Jets still let him keep dropping back and slinging it around, and look who won.

      • phinfreak

        Jets werent able to run of fins D, which is why the passed more than they wanted to. Sanchez didnt throw a pick 6 like RT did now did he?

        Fins on the other hand were playing good run D, and were running the ball very well on O.

        With a rookie QB, and these WR’s.,…throwing the ball deep in our own territory is a high risk low reward brand of football. Its not like Tom Brady is back there, its a rookie, and youre running the ball well.

        Fins lost because they relied on the pass when they cant, and should have relied on what they could…which was the running game.

        Take the pick 6 off the board…who wins?

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          Sanchez didnt throw a pick 6 but he throw two picks and the first pick lead to a Dolphins touchdown, so we can call it even with the RT pick 6. I think RT out played Sanchez and if we gave him the ball 40 times to throw it he would be fine. I think they lost because they missed two field goals and both of those they seemed to clamp down and settle for.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          Regardless we are arguing over nothing because the bottom line is they lost. And even though they lost I think we can agree that it was minor adjustments that could have swung the game to a different result. I don’t know about you but I feel pretty good with our coaching staff, and our ability to continue to improve. Unlike most years we don’t appear to be a lost cause each game. We seriously have a chance to win every game, if we do is a lot different. The best teams find a way to win the close games, that is our next goal, to be able to win the close games

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