To play or not to play

phins newsIt is only Tuesday, but the Phins have a very important decision looming over the course of this week; will Ryan Tannehill play against the Indianapolis Colts or not? As all Phins news fans know, RT left the Jets game in the first quarter after sustaining a bone bruise in his left knee, and bruised left quadricep. When an MRI was taken on Wednesday, it was revealed that there wasn’t any structural damage done. However, this is a delicate situation, and the Phins will want to proceed with caution in dealing with their franchise quarterback.

RT said he could have returned in the Jet game if needed, but Philbin said the thought never crossed his mind. RT has already expressed optimism twice that he would be able to play against the Colts, once in a post game chat with reporters, and once in a private conversation with Philbin on the flight back to Miami. This is a big game coming up, considering both teams have a 4-3 record, and the winner will have a clear advantage in the playoff race. However, with a solid back up in Matt Moore the Phins do have the luxury to err on the side of caution. I would love to see RT play, but I feel there is no reason to have him play if he is not fit enough. If I were a sports gambling man, I would say that RT is going to play. He seems like a tough kid, and it seems his limp has already gotten better. Regardless of what happens, Philbin has earned my confidence that he will make the right decision. If the Dolphins play like they did against the Jets, then it will not matter who we has as the starting QB on Sunday, because these guys are starting to really play like a quality team together.

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  • Lance

    I’m good with either RT or Moore. Like you, I trust our coaches.

    Part of me wants to see RT go against Luck and get the better of him. The other part says it’s a team game and that stuff doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t matter who we play at QB if our team is better than theirs, which I believe is the case.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah I would like to see RT go head to head against Luck, but like you said the better team is going to win the game, not the better QB

  • phinfreak

    my money is on he plays, and that both rooks play pretty well. fins vying for a WC spot already now that Yets are tanking, and Bills are inconsistent.

    key for this game is to establish the run, early and often.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree, it would be nice to see our running game get back on track. What happened to Miller? I haven’t heard his name called in 2 to 3 games.

      • Lance

        I’ve been wondering the same thing about Miller. My guess is they’re bringing him along slowly due to rough edges.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          yeah really slowly, its just weird because we he played he was productive, and its not like Daniel Thomas has been lighting it up. Also I know it has been mentioned that he is not that great in pass protection, so just put him to run the ball, or some screen passes

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