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What a difference a game makes. There was a lot of negativity about this team before this second game, and with an impressive performance on Sunday at home, this team appears to at least have the ability to give football gambling fans something to cheer about this season. Please, I am not saying that this means they are Super Bowl bound, but I think we have ourselves a decent team with a real coach and QB.

As predicted the no huddle offense was key to wearing down the Raiders defense, which was evident by the Dolphins taking over a close game in the middle of the third quarter. Reggie Bush was running like a man possessed and it was clearly evident that all his hard work is paying off, because he was on another gear in the second half, that the Raiders could not keep up with. Bush left the Raiders defense behind him like dust in the wind. He finished the day with 176 rushing yards, 25 receiving yards, and 2 TD’s. If he can be half this good, all season, then his goal of being the leagues leading rusher is not going to sound so far fetched.

RT had a solid game, and it appeared that he learned from his mistakes in his first game. He was 18 for 30 for 200 yards, 1 TD in the air and 1 TD on the ground, and most importantly he had no turnovers. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I have to admit that his demeanor and poise has truly impressed me, and I think phins news fans may have finally found a QB. It also appears that Brian Hartline is going to be RT’s go to guy, and it is a role that Hartline can definitely handle. It would be nice to have some more production from a TE or another receiver.

One other side note that was funny, was that the Dolphins gave Philbin a gatorade bath after the game. It was a great first victory, but it also shows what our once prestigious franchise has been decimated to over the last decade, that we are now stuck celebrating a first victory of a season with a gatorade bath. However, the positive thing is that it shows that our team definitely has a lot passion and wants to win for Philbin.


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  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    Nice win. Agreed on all your points. Tannehill has impressed me so far. He is accurate, poised and athletic. Let’s hope he continues to grow and that the fans are patient when the next meltdown or poor game happens…even the best QBs have those games.

    I also had the same thoughts as you when I saw the Gatorade bath. Happy for Philbin but definitely saw it as a symbol of far the franchise has fallen. I can only imagine what Shula’s response to that would’ve been.

  • phinfreak

    Yes, it was a nice win, but Raidaz were on short week w long cross country trip.

    So dont go crowning their ass…

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      No of course the win has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it definitely gives a reason to have hope, and something to build off. The Dolphins are not going to be as bad as everyone thinks this year

  • Cuchulainn

    I saw nothing wrong with gatorade shower for a rookie HC of one of the 2 youngest teams in the league getting his first win at home with a rookie QB, a rookie RT, a rookie HB, and a guy in BH82 that missed the entire preseason due to injury – especially after such a controversial pre-season.

    I understand the sentiments about what you were saying, and it is sad that we haven’t won a home opener since Saban was the HC, Mueller was the GM, and Ferrote or starting QB. But – I will take it and hope the deluge brings in a new era of consistent winning football… We will have a losing record this season no doubt, but as long as there is progression and improvement, I am cool with it this year.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      No I didn’t see anything wrong I just thought it is funny and a bit sad that, that is what this franchise has been belittled to. But I do like the passion and enthusiasm, I hope this is the beginning of our rise back to the top. Im not sold yet on a losing season, we have a weak schedule and may have a chance to be better then what most people predict.

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