The game I have been looking for

I have been saying it all year, that I was waiting for a game that would come up where the Dolphins would be trailing and battling in the 4th quarter, and where Ryan Tannehill needed to take control and show that he has the moxie to handle the pressure and lead his team to victory. Today was that game. There was no smooth sailing in this game, and frankly there were points in the game where I was thinking, “man I would have rather had Russell Wilson as my QB.” Regardless of the victory Wilson looked pretty damn good in this game, and in the beginning RT was just making some bone head plays. However, RT displayed a tremendous amount of poise by helping the Phins score 17 points in the final 8:08 of the game.

RT led 3 touchdown drives in this game of 80+ yards. (94,82, and 80.) This says a lot considering this was the number 3 defense in the NFL. Not only that but the running game finally came alive gouging the Seahawks defense for a total of 189 yards. Bush had a few spectacular runs, and ended the day with 87 yards and touchdown, while Daniel Thomas was running like a wild man running for 60 yards and a touchdown. The other big contributor on the ground was RT, who ran 4 times for 33 yards. I don’t know if he was taking a page out of Wilson’s book, but it was good to finally see him use his legs to make plays. Also Charles Clay finally found a place in the offense catching 6 balls for 84 yards and a touchdown. We also can not forget one of the hardest workers on the offense, Davone Bess who caught 7 passes for 129 yards. When you have multiple players on offense stepping up and making big plays during the game, then good things happen, and the result tends to be positive. Also the defense played very well, especially the D-line which limited the second best running back in the league, Marshawn Lynch to only 46 yards.

Obviously this is not a reason to get back on the playoff bandwagon, because honestly the chances are slim to none, but it does feel good to see RT step it up in a big way and for the train to at least look like it is heading in the right direction. Football gambling fans would be wise to stay away from picking against the Phins when they are an underdog at home.


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  • Ireland is a country not a GM


  • Lance

    Great win against a quality defense. A win against the Patriots would be even sweeter. If only we would’ve beat Tennessee and Buffalo like we were supposed to; next week’s game would be even more meaningful.

  • phinfreak

    Fins play this year shows the inconsistency of youth blended with moderate talent all in a new system.

    Fins have a good core of players to build on, but need to add at several spots.
    Now, for the X’s and O’s that youve been waiting for.

    Bess benefited from lots of single man coverage, as did Clay. Hawks dbl’d hartline, and stacked the box forcing Fins to pass and pass to second option. Tanny was fantastic, especially for a rook.

    RG JJerry had a very good game and both T held up vs pass rush, which made all the difference for Tanny to find second option, he looked long and hard for Hartline. OL had a good day with good push on a lighter Hawk DL that can be run straight at. Fins are stout at C and G, the rook is coming along very nicely, but Long is on the decline obviously.

    Credit Philbin/Sherman for adjusting to dbl coverage on Hartline and featuring Bess and Clay w single coverage, and Tanny for finding them and being accurate.

    The DL dominated especially Solai and Starks. Got pentetration at POA to stuff the run. Marshawn Lynch faced a bad matchup for his style of running vs fins strength. Personally I think Leon Washington would have faired better.

    Russell Wilson was the most productive player for hawks. I was surprised at the conservative plan by hawks. Patriots will not make that mistake.

    In the end, it was a bad matchup for hawks due to travel distance, game time, and an unnecessarily conservative offensive and defensive plan vs fins.

    Patriots will pose lethal problems for this D however. Dont crown their asses again.

  • phinfreak

    Pats 31
    Fins 17

    competitive game till halftime.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Im gonna be a homer and say the Phins shock the nation…. If they have any chance to beat the Pats this season it will be this Sunday. Plus the Pats have been rolling so much, that it just seems to weird that the line is only -7. It is a trap for bettors, everyone picking the Pats only laying -7

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