That was ugly

The Miami Dolphins second preseason game against the Carolina Panthers was just downright breaking mirrors, gag reflex ugly. What is even sicker is the fact that the Dolphins were one play away from winning the game. Either way, sports gambling fans would admit that the score did not truly reflect how far apart these two teams are.

Cam Newton is coming off a record breaking rookie year, and it was evident that sports gambling fans do not need to be afraid of a sophomore jinx. He was surgical in his limited appearance going 8 for 11 for 119 yards and a touchdown. The Panthers appear to be a team on the rise, and a dangerous team that no one should take lightly. On the other hand the Miami Dolphins look like a team headed in the opposite direction. Ryan Tannehill was awarded his first start, and his inexperience was very apparent. Seeing him play opposite of Cam Newton, phins news fans have to admit that RT is a long way off from being in Newton’s league. Not that it is impossible, but it is clear that these two QB’s are definitely on two entirely different levels. Too be fair to RT, he did not receive that much help from his teammates in his first ever NFL start. He played the entire first half and spent most of the time running for his life. He was sacked 3 times, had at least 3 passes tipped at the line, and had multiple passes dropped by his receivers. The rest of the team needs to help RT, instead of adding to the continuous amount of miscues.

The one shinning moment of the evening for RT was when he led the team on its first touchdown drive of the game. On the drive he went 7 of 11, connecting with 6 different receivers for 67 yards, and showing command of the Dolphins hurry up offense. When Matt Moore had his chance against Carolina’s backups he did not do much to prove that he should be the Dolphins starter. He went 5 for 15 for 57 yards and did not separate himself in the QB competition

The Dolphins defense was once again a revolving door, allowing 295 yards just in the first half alone. I will give them a pass, since so many starters were injured, but it does not matter who the quarterback is going to be, if the defense can’t prevent their opponents from from running up and down the field like a track meet.


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  • oavery

    This game was ugly, for certain. But your context is wrong. Miami is a rebuilding team. We signaled that by trading Brandon Marshall, our best offensive player with >100 catches and >1400 yards – you don’t trade your best player if you expect to be in Superbowl contention. The benchmark here is on how the rebuilding is going.

    First, Tannehill. Tannehill got no OL support, had receivers dropping ball and generally never had a chance. He looked good on the run where the team woke up. Basically he does not yet have the strength to carry a team that is asleep on the job. Marino could but he is not Marino. No other QB we have had since Marino did – except maybe Pennington – could. Tannehill needs experience. It will probably take being a starter for this whole year for him to move up to being a mid-range QB and probably take a few years to become a first-rate QB. But you can see in his throws and his awareness that the player we need is there – just not up to full-speed yet.

    The OL, given three first rounders and a lot of work and experience together was completely disappointing. The OL coach should be on the hot seat. No QB could shine with 3 sacks, 3 tips and no time to make plays. Bush is fine. Thomas continues as last year – always being stopped by the first guy who touches him. He talked about learning to be a more patient runner from Bush, but Bush is a nifty speedy guy who uses the set-up to make people miss. Thomas should be pounding through guys not trying to hand out and make them miss – all the while failing to get momentum.

    These WR definitely are making me hope that Hartline heals up quickly. Looking like Bess as a good player and all journeymen all the time behind him and Hartline. Hopefully they get coached up and someone rises to the occasion.

    Man, losing Nolan was a bigger mistake than trading Brandon Marshall. Coyle with the same guys that Nolan had playing first-rate defense is producing a parade of turnstiles. Injuries hurt but there are always injuries. Coyle should be on the hot seat as much as the OL coach.

    Big picture though – this is a rebuilding year – maybe we win 6 games while all the players learn the new offense and defense and while we figure out who the keepers are. Play all the young players unless the older players are head and shoulders above them. At the end of the year, know who the gaps are and replace them with draft and FA. It would be nice if we had a playoff team this year but we don’t.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah some of the miscues should get cleaned up, but I am more worried about the defense then RT. Obviously if the O-line get keep his jersey clean then this will had to his learning curve. Bush looks very quick and making some nice cuts. And I think Clay is going to see a lot of action this season. As for the defense, I would say Nolan was a bigger loss then Marshall. I was not that upset of losing Marshall, he dropped a ton of passes, I was more upset that they only got two 3rd rounders for him. However the loss of Nolan is already glaringly evident regardless of injuries. I was never excited about Coyle, I guess we will have to wait and see.

  • phinfreak

    yeah, well wait till season starts and Tanny is sitting in the pocket getting killed waiting for a WR to get open. I saw BMarshall last night catch everything thrown to him by Cutler. Philbin made a huge mistake cutting Chad Johnson for his first off field incident.
    This team cant run, cant stop the run. Cant play man coverage. This is going to be ugly all year long.

    I just dont know what the hell Ireland is doing in terms of talent acquisition. Where is it? Can someone point to it? And dont be a homer and say Tanny, cause he aint done nothing.

    Odrick is soft – period, there is no case for him being anything on this team.
    Oliver is invinsible, not pressures, hasnt even touched the QB in 2 preseason games. DB’s still cant tackle. We still have no S on the D.

    LB’s? Misi is a Bust! period. He’s got nada. Solai is the only guy doing his job, Starks on again off again. Thats it.

    There is no excuse for another year of failure, none. Ross is gonna suffer at the ticket counter – and deservingly so!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      With each preseason game that goes by, this team seems to be getting worse and worse. If the o-line can’t find a way to protect RT, it does not matter how good he can be, because he is going to be eating dirt all day. Worst move of the off season by Ireland, was letting Mike Nolan go. The only time way this franchise is going to get better is when Ross sells the team, guy doesn’t have a clue

    • sitz

      It starts at the top & I think Ross has no clue how to run this team…. Putting in a new Wifi system will not bring fans to the stadium, putting an exciting team on the field will bring fans…. How Ross has allowed Ireland to keep his job is mind boggling,….. Ireland keeps trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat,…. The QB situation was a joke until he drafted Tannehill, Moore was a 3rd string QB before Ireland came calling and Garrard was out of football last year…. The WR’s are a bunch of no names, & the TE’s are about the same…. Reggie Bush was a bright spot last year and again Ireland thinks he’s smarter than everyone else by trading up to get Daniel Thomas (so far a bust), and he doesn’t even address the deficiencies on the other side of the line……

      • Jimmy Bourbon

        I agree with you, the Dolphins are not going to be realistically relevant until Ross sells the team and Ireland is put out on the street. I hated that Daniel Thomas trade up move, we wasted a pick to trade up and we could have stayed where we were and drafted DeMarco Murray, I watched this guy in college and he was a beast for a top team, I would have much rather of had him. Ireland always seems to be cute with his moves, picking up other teams rejects, (Chad Johnson comes to mind, among others.) You cant always assume to find diamond’s in the rough all the time, you have to pay for good talented players

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    I grew up in Detroit, lived in SoFla the last 20+ years. After flipping back and forth between the Phins game and Lions game, I felt like I was in bizarro world. The Lions were exciting on both sides of the ball. The Phins were not. The Lions had talent running around the field that was drafted and attained through FA. The Phins did not.

    Point is this. I KNOW crappy professional football. And I really know crappy professional football culture. The Phins have both. I’m not a fan of Steve Ross. If we had a good GM, I could tolerate Ross as long as he kept writing the checks. When you have a clueless owner and a bad GM, it’s a recipe for failure…for years to come.

    Like the Lions of years past, the Phins entered this past draft with glaring needs. Unfortunately, Ireland did not call Matt Millen for draft advice. Instead we took a bunch of value picks or “safe” picks, took another TE in the 3rd round, drafted practice squad WRs in the 7th and whiffed on Chad Johnson as a FA. How is that NOT inept?

    Throw on top the reputation that the Phins have amongst the fans, but more importantly the players, and the crappy football culture is clear as well. If you were a free agent right now, would you want to sign with the Phins, if it wasn’t your only option? I’m with you on Ireland and Ross. As long as these two are running the show, there won’t be much winning.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah I was surprised that Ireland kept his job after Tony Sparano was fired, he must have some compromising photos of Ross, because their was no viable reason for Ireland to have kept his job. The Lions were a laughing stock for a while, but they turned it around the last few years with excellent decisions during the draft. I totally agree, Ireland consistently goes for the safe pick and he even admitted in hard knocks that he has a bunch of 4,5,6 receivers, and no 1’s or 2’s. This is hilarious because, whose fault is it that they don’t have talented receivers? Obviously it his his fault, trading away a pro bowl receiver for two useless 3rd picks. Then waiting until the 6th and 7th round to draft a receiver. What does he expect his receiving core to look like?? It’s just ridiculous to hear him even make a comment like this, since he was the one responsible for the Dolphins current inept receiving unit.

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