That was just ugly

Honestly that was one of the worst performances I have seen by the Miami Dolphins in years. It was just plain bad all around, the offense kept turning the ball over, the defense couldn’t stop the run or the pass, and there were countless bonehead penalties. There really is not much to say, they basically were not prepared for the Titans, and they will have to get back to fundamentals this week. I guess having a short week and playing the Bills on Thursday is a good thing, so they can put this game behind them immediately. The game tape needs to be burnt, and I guess it was a good thing that there were a lot of empty seats at the stadium.

This is basically one of those bumps in the road that you get when you have a rookie QB. It was obviously Ryan Tannehill’s worst game as a pro, and it will be very telling to see how he responds on Thursday. Personally the sports betting strategy is that RT will work extra hard this week, and will rebound nicely against the Bills.

This game was basically like a wake up call, because I know I was starting to get big eyes and think that we had a shot at the playoffs, but this was definitely a wake up call, and we are still a year away from seriously being apart of the playoff conversation.


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  • Andy

    You know it’s bad when you cannot keep watching until the very end. Thursday should indeed be an interesting test for RT (and the rest of the team).

  • phinfreak

    …and ya’ll were crowning their ass…

    This is still Ireland’s roster, and he should STILL be fired, lest Fins go way of the Jets with continous diminishing talent.

    Current bums on the roster, Odrick, Misi, SSmith, Clemons, RJones, Fasano.
    Players breaking down and diminished the most, Jake Long.
    Pressing needs, pass rusher, DB’s, LT, RB, TE, WR, OLB, ILB,

    Yes, Ireland is still dumb.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes i will admit I thought they were turning the corner, it appears they turned the wrong way… Jake Long has probably been the biggest disaapointment for me this year…. and Smith is constantly getting beat…

      Yeah those are all positions we need, would love to at least get a shutdown corner and the WR Marquis Lee from USC, guy is a beast

    • Lance

      Dude, seriously? Just like you can’t crown them SB champions after a big win, you can’t bury them after a big loss. All signs legitimately pointed to them being in the top eight teams (i.e. a playoff team). It’s a long season, and yes their playoff aspirations may have taken a big hit, but that’s no reason to give up on this group.

      Your list of needs is pretty much 3/4 of a team. We are not that bereft of talent. I’m confident the coaches can address some of the issues and we can still turn in an 8-8 season with an eye toward improvement next year.

      The sad part is that Dolphin “fans” are always posting comments like yours–that’s called being fair-weathered and wishy-washy, not objective. So much negativity has surrounded this franchise since Shula and Marino retired, and I’m sick of it. We’ll never be an NFL powerhouse again without a fanbase, and Miami fans are too fickle.

      • Jimmy Bourbon

        I am not bashing them, I am saying that it was a very bad performance, but I am still pleased by this team, and expect them to rebound and that this was a bump in the road, and should be expected from such a young team and rookie QB. I like that we are loaded with draft picks, it reminds me of what the Patriots do, and if we can have as good a draft as we did last year, next year we should be a playoff team

        • Lance

          My comment was aimed at Phinfreak.

          • Jimmy Bourbon

            Sorry I kind of realized that after I wrote it, but I agree with you, that game as not effect my feelings about what this team and coaching staff as done. I still think they are clearly on the right track…. 4 turnovers and tons of penalties will kill any team

          • phinfreak

            Lance, uh…its been 10-15 years since this franchise has accomplished anything.

            Its fans that get used to losing and settle for mediocity (8-8) that ails this city.

            Hardin’ The Fuck Up! Winning is everything.

          • Lance


            I understand the importance of winning in the NFL, but just as important is having perspective in wins and losses. Almost every Super Bowl champion experiences several losses in a season, and some of those embarrassing (i.e. the Baltimore Ravens in 2001).

            This team is clearly not positioned for a Super Bowl run–we all knew this going into this season. This is a year of change and remolding (yes, yet again), but with much more promise. You can’t condemn the team after a poor showing. It’s a reciprocal relationship–the fans need the team to play well to cheer them on, and the team needs the fans to cheer them on to help them play well. Othewise, why cheer at all.

            I’ve been a fan since the Bob Griese days. And if you want to say we haven’t done anything in the last 10-15 years based on your standard of winning, I’d say we haven’t done anything in the past 38 years.

            By the way, only one team will win their final game this year, that doesn’t make the other 31 teams worthless. Perspective.

          • Jimmy Bourbon

            I agree, we cant look at this team as a disappointment, because in reality even at 4-6 they are still playing above expectations.

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