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The Miami Dolphins have started the season off 1-2 this year, but something feels different about this team, compared to the product we have seen put on the field over the last decade. Even though the Phins still have a losing record, and this season appears to be on course for a rough ride, there is something oddly comforting about this team.

First off all this team has a lot of heart and a no quit attitude. They just seem more willing and capable to play the entire 60 minutes. Effort has not been the problem for this team so far this year. To be honest this team imploded for the last two minutes of the 1st half against the Texans, and the first two minutes of the second half against the Jets. Unfortunately, imploded is an understatement because in those 4 minutes, they have turned the ball over 5 times and yielded 28 points. If you remove this brief but colossal mental breakdown, then there is a good chance their record would be better than 1-2.

Also, besides a couple of coaching decisions here and there, I believe that the coaching staff has done an admirable job with what we have, and have installed a sense of confidence in the players and fan base. Over the last few years when the Dolphins were actually ahead in the ball game, Sparano used to go into lock down mode and ultimately allow the other teams to climb back into the game and eventually win the game. With Joe Philbin, this has not been an issue as of yet.

This might be a bold statement, but at the moment I think the Phins have one of the best rushing attacks in the league. Between the trio of Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller, we have enough capable running backs to pound the ball all game every game. Then throw in a a bruising FB in Jorvorskie Lanephins news, and there is no reason why this team can’t lead the league in rushing. With such a stout rushing attack, I would like to see Mike Sherman use more play action later in the game to take advantage of when teams are crowding the box. Also a flea flicker here and there would be a welcomed addition to the conservative play calling.

The sports betting strategy is that this team is going to have a lot of ups and downs this year, concluding with a subpar record. At the moment the over/under for the Phins win total is a measly 6 1/2 games. If this team continues to play with the confidence and pride we have seen thus far, then the wise sports betting strategy is to not count the Dolphins out yet. The bottom line is, after a decade of aggravation, I feel like the tides are turning and my level of frustration while watching the Dolphins play, has greatly decreased since Philbin has taken over. Does the rest of the Phins news fans feel the same way about the direction of this team?

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  • Dennis

    I agree there is a different feel this year. I feel hope and not fear. Stats don’t show it but I would rather have Tannehill as our QB than Sanchez. With Tanne there is hope and I don’t mean that maybe our back-up QB will step in and save us. If we can keep our D playing at this high a level for the next couple of years I believe our offense may be able to catch up in their ability to compete as well. @ more off seasons and we will be a feared stop on the way to the Play offs.

  • phinfreak

    ya see….this is the type of thinking that happens when a team suffers a decade or more of losing seasons. And it infects fans and writers alike.

    That is, any notion or sign of marginal improvement instills the element of irrational exhuberance. And thats a shame. It doesnt matter what is in the air, what it feels like, the hair on the back of your neck, or whatever mumbo jumbo you wish to use to describe a fleeting emotion.

    The only thing that matters, is winning. And this, inspite of what may be, perhaps, and too early to speculate, of a more competent coaching staff, remains elusive to this franchise.

    Yes, there were fewer questionable coaching decisions than years past, but it still cost this team the game.

    Calling a rollout pass w a rookie that resulted in a pick 6 was a bad decision – period. If you have any doubts, see the result.

    Not running the ball in OT when youve been running successfully all game long and having the Jets D on their heals and fatigued, was a stubborn mistake. Passing to Hartline vs Cromartie, twice in a row, was just bad play calling. See results.

    And lastly, playing man to man D vs Holmes in OT, when all he did was torch our DB’s, again was a bad call by Coyle. Jets werent running the ball, so base football dictates you protect against the big play, call a cover 2 doubling Holmes and tempting Jets to keep in on the ground playing into our strength, and us playing the odds in our favor. See result.

    Those 3 coaching decisions cost the game, it wasnt the kick.

    Rant over.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree this is what happens when the franchise is stuck in a 10+ year rut. But you can say those plays were what cost the game or I could say there were 6 points not put on the board, due to missed field goals. If Carpenter makes that last field goal in OT you can say all you want about the other plays or coaching decisions, but the game would have been a victory, it was not like we were asking him to make a 60 yarder. Regardless, of the play calling we need players on our team to step and make plays when it counts, and right now we don’t have enough talent to do it

  • Lance

    Can’t quite agree with Phinfreak. I understand what you’re saying; it seams we’ve been riding the waves of hope for so long. But a reasonable assessment of this team offers more legitimate hope than teams of the past three years.

    We all realize we’re not going to the playoffs this year, but Tannehill will improve and will be the QB we’ve been needing. Again, he won’t get there this year, and maybe not the next, but he’ll get there.

    I agree with Jimmy about our running game, but I’ll take it a step further: we don’t just have one of the best rushing attacks, I’d say it’s in the top two. We’re statistically fourth, but if you take away yards by the QB, were #2 behind Kansas City, and that’s after Jamaal Charles had a freakish day. But here’s the kicker: we have one of the lowest rated QBs (a rookie), so teams can stack the box, yet we are still having great success.

    Also, despite our poor statistical pass defense, we are legitimately #3 against the run, and we would be #2 were it not for playing that extra quarter against NY.

    It’s absolutely a different feel. From the way the coaches handle things to the mentality of the players. I think the biggest difference with this team is that I want to watch them play–they are developing a new identity.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I totally agree, I don’t feel the usual aggravation watching this team than watching the teams of the past decade. There is a sense of hope. Great point about teams stacking the box and us still being effective in the running game. This is why I would love to see some more play action calls to take advantage of teams over committing to the run. Our run defense has been a strength of our team for probably the last 3-4 years. I would accredit much of this to the emergence of Paul Soliai.

  • Andy

    I really have no idea how many games we will win this season. Overall, I like the coaching decisions and RT’s potential. Why not be optimistic about this team’s direction?

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I agree, the win total will be a mystery until the end of the season, but I am definitely please about the direction of this team

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