Some take aways from the last preseason game

The Dallas Cowboys had backups in for the entire game last night, and the Miami Dolphins still could not gain their first win of the preseason. The Dolphins dropped to 0-4 in the preseason, after their 30-14 beat down by their big brother, the Dallas Cowboys. (The reason I say big brother, is because since Bill Parcells and his crone Jeff Ireland came to Miami, the Dolphins have signed so many cast aways from the Cowboys organization, that the team was jokingly called the Miami Cowboys by its fans.)

It was a painful preseason to watch for phins news fans, however the one good thing that can be taken from losing, is that there are many reasons why they lost, either loose coverage in the secondary, unable to score in the red-zone, no pressure on the QB, poor run defense, or receivers dropping a lot of catchable balls. Yes, none of these things are encouraging, but at least if the coaches can decipher what the problems are, then there is good chance that they can address these issues in practice, and eventually fix the problems. This team resembles a child who is getting it’s first taste of the outside world, it is going to make mistakes and cause it’s parents to scold them, but the key is can it learn from it’s mistakes and grow into a self independent and successful entity?

Clearly, the Dolphins are very far from being a successful team, but at times they show flashes. Now the Dolphins brass needs to make some important decisions because the deadline for the 53 man roster is 9pm on friday evening. Two players who I felt helped their chances of making the team in this last preseason game were QB Pat Devlin, and WR Rishard Matthews. Pat Devlin has looked decent in each of his appearances, and with the injury to David Garrard, I believe the correct sports betting strategy is to go with the cheaper and younger player, over the more expensive, older, and injured player. Rishard Matthews had a very good last game catching all 3 of the passes that were targeted to him, for 47 yards. He also has shown his ability in the kick return game, and the sports betting strategy is that the Dolphins will decide to keep him on the roster instead of the disappointing Clyde Gates, who has shown absolutely nothing since he has put on the aqua and orange jersey.

It will be interesting to see who gets cut on friday, and even more interesting to see who other teams cut. The sports betting strategy is that Ireland will surely be acting like a chipmunk in the woods scouring for available acorns, once the clock strikes 9pm on Friday.


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  • Ryan

    Devlin has been a lot better than decent. I think he has discernibly outplayed Matt Moore, regardless of which string defense they are going up against. If the Dolphins were to cut Devlin it would be very disappointing. At this point in time, I do not see the value in retaining Garrard other than for the purposes of a locker room presence. As for Matthews, I could not agree more he played well last night and last week as well. Another WR that continues to improve that has not received much attention is B.J. Cunningham. He had 2 good catches last night and he was receiving reps in kick coverage as well.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I agree Devlin has out shined Moore, and I would much rather have Devlin take up a roster spot then Garrard. I was going to mention B.J. Cunningham, who I actually thought was going to be better then Matthews when we drafted, since a record setting receiver at his days with Michigan State. I think these two have played better then the other 2 receivers that we have all been waiting for, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore.

  • phinfreak

    These two comments are just mind blowing to me.

    First, “…however the one good thing that can be taken from losing, is that there are many reasons why they lost…”

    Secondly, “…none of these things are encouraging, but at least if the coaches can decipher what the problems are, then there is good chance that they can address these issues in practice, and eventually fix the problems.”

    I mean…read these…dude, you cant fix bad talent, period, end of story.

    There are no gems, no diamonds in the rough, no silver bullets…apply any cliche you want…they plain suck! They’ve been getting coached since they were all 10 years old for gods sake!

    Fins coaches aint getting any improvement either.

    I guarantee Philbin is in friggin shock at how bad these players are….right now he’s wondering how the hell he’s gonna dodge the bullets that are gonna come his way when this team goes 3-13, and Ross losses millions again.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      haha, it is a stretch but more lessons can be learnt from losing then winning. I agree then talent is lacking but there are a bunch of very young players, that if coached properly and if they can learn from their mistakes can become contributors to the Dolphins. They have looked terrible during preseason, however preseason stats do not dictate what will happen during the season. Sparano had a few good preseasons and look at how meaningless it was to the regular season. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, maybe if the are 1-7, but there is still time to improve with what we have, and maybe we can have a few decent pick ups on the waiver wire

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    That game was hard to watch, mostly because the starters hardly played for the Phins and did not play for the Cowgirls…so it was tough to really take anything from watching other than a few one on one matchups and individual performances. Rather than my typical “Ireland sucks” rant, here are a few thoughts…

    Agreed on Devlin, Cunningham, and Matthews – who made a slick catch while falling down. I also like the way Jorvorskie Lane has played. He is tough to tackle and brings the wood in the blocking game. I also like the way Tannehill has played. He’s looking better than I anticipated he would and given the “talent” he has to work with, I am even more impressed.

    O line was unimpressive. What’s up with Lamar Miller? He has not looked good the entire preseason and I’m a UM grad. Considering he’s 4 or 5 on the depth chart, is he even going to make the squad? Our secondary has zero depth. Koa MISSi had a nice whiff on a rush. Wondering if he will ever make an impact play. Legedrop Naanee…good lord.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Haha, I think you are spot on with all your comments. I definitely like what I see out of Jorvorskie, and RT has already looked a lot better than I thought he would be, especially at this early point in the process. Yes Lamar Miller, looks to be a head scratcher, and we actually traded up to get this guy, just like we traded up to get RB Daniel Thomas. I feel like running back is one of those dime a dozen positions, and you should never really have to trade up for one because there are so many hidden gems available in that position. Don’t even get me started about Naanee, guy must lube up his hands with KY before every game

  • Cuchulainn

    We had 7 or 8 starters held out of that game to start ourselves apart from some of the already injured projected starters who haven’t played all pre-season.

    We also got Tannehill, Jerry, and Martin some work and allowed the WR corps (corpse??) to get another game evaluation.

    MMoore is obviously not a WCO QB, but the WRs have killed him like they have Tannehill to some extent. Devlin has been playing against guys who will be working as bouncers and moving furniture next week, although he has made the most of his opportunities and has looked better than MMoore.

    Oddly enough, the Dolphins are a lot like Texas A&M was with Tannehill. Poor WRs and TEs and a defense that folds after losing a lead.

    We will probably lose the opener to Houston, but the schedule weakens significantly after that. We could be 3-3 or even 4-2 after 6 games.

    • Ireland is a country not a GM

      Cuchulainn….This team reminds you of Texas A&M because many players on the roster came with Sherman….much like the way Ireland likes to look for squirrel food with Cowboy ex-players.

      And if you really think this shithole team will be 4-2 after week 6, you need to stop smoking crack and seek help immediately. Why not just say you think they’re gonna be 16-0 and go on to win the Super Bowl? I mean, if they catch a break here and a bounce there, anything can happen right?

      • Jimmy Bourbon

        haha typical, once again the upper management only wants to look at players they had a relationship with. Its like a single bachelor wanting to settle down but deciding to only look back at his past relationships and hoping to rekindle the fire with an old flame, that for some reason or other failed. Instead of looking out to the open sea for the other countless possible fishes out there that they are not acquainted with and finding someone even better than they had before

      • Cuchulainn

        Country, Tannehill and Fuller were the only two who came from Texas A&M. That is a far cry from “many players on the roster” and Ireland hasn’t brought over a player from the Cowboys since Sparano insisted on having Columbo. And the only reason they were brought over in the past was because Saban and Cameron left us with next to nothing in talent.

        And if you think the Fins are a “shithole” team, go find another to root for. No one needs “fans” like you.

        We will most likely lose to the Houston. The schedule gets significantly easier after that. 3-3 or even 4-2 *could* be done. I don’t need your BS ridicule because your opinion is different and somehow you’re arrogant enough to think you know more.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          I think Lane Jorvorskie may be from Texas A&M as well. (love his name)

          • Cuchulainn

            Lane did, but he is not a rookie. He is also the brother of Jermichael Finley, the TE in GB… He was a great find based on what we have seen so far.

          • Jimmy Bourbon

            Nice I didn’t know he was the brother of Finely, do they have different fathers? Yeah i def like what i see so far, says he scored 49 TDS for the Aggies when he played there. Looks like a perfect guy to replace our old short distant automatic guy of Polite

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I totally agree with giving some of these younger guys extra work in the last game, and that we will hopefully look better once the season starts, but the problem is, so will every other team in the league. I initially thought it was possible for us to go 4-2 in our first 6 games, but that is beginning to look like a wet dream right now. I hope they show us something once the season officially begins.

      • Cuchulainn

        We haven’t seen anything beyond the vanilla offense and defense, and that played mostly with the starters only in for a quarter at most.

        Some, like Hartline, haven’t played at all, but should thrive in the WCO.

        The defense looked much better the last two games and should get a boost once Dansby and Burnett return, along with McD to the DLine rotation.

        The Dallas game was played with 7 to 9 starters out and mostly for evaluation.

        Still cuts, trades, and upcoming additions occuring. I am hoping we will look much different by Oct once the team has a chance to gel.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          I agree, what we have seen during preseason, is not going to be the same team that we see during the regular season. This year we could do surprisingly well because our schedule is weak. Its a hope and a dream but I will take it

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