Some take aways from last night’s Hard Knocks

After watching last night’s episode of Hard Knocks, there were a couple of random things that stood out to me. I guess the biggest thing was the mini montage showcasing how Jeff Ireland has been around NFL players since he was 11 years old, when he was a ball boy for the Chicago Bears. Most sports gambling fans would think that if a person were involved, or doing something for such a long time, than the odds would be high that they would know what they are doing. For someone who has been around this league for 20+ years, it just seems like he doesn’t have a clue.

The two prime examples of him displaying his lack of logical thinking in making football decisions, was in the Vontae Davis and Les Brown situations. He states that first the Colts came to him, and offered a 5th and 6th rounder for Vontae, then they upped the ante to a 2nd round pick. He then goes and explains this to Coach Philbin, and says “they really need to blow me away with an offer if I am going to consider it.’ Are you kidding me, an additional conditional 6th round pick thrown in the offer, is blowing you away. I guess phins news fans should at least be thankful that he didn’t send Vontae to Indy for a 5th and 6th. Then to top it off he tells Vontae, that he thinks he is going to be great one day in this league. Again are kidding me. If you think someone is going to be great, than you don’t trade them away. Too bad we didn’t get to see the conversation when Ireland sat down with Brandon Marshall and told him that they traded him to Chicago. I bet he told Marshall that he felt he was going to be the best receiver in the league this season. Also I loved how he explained that Vontae’s waves of consistency are very up and down, and they need to be more consistent. Nice great analogy, and explanation buddy. And then to top it off, Ireland says to Davis, that the up and down waves are probably why he was traded. What does he mean by probably, come on man, your the one who traded him, you know exactly why you traded him, so be a man and tell him so Vontae can call and tell his Grandma.

Then Ireland explains how Les Brown is exactly what they are looking with his size and speed, however the problem is when he puts on the pads. That is typical Ireland thinking, as long as the guy is big and fast then lets sign him. Wait, how about if the guy can actually play football, maybe that would be the first thing he should look at when he decides to sign guys. I get that sometimes you have to take a shot on guys, but this is his MO, and it rarely works out. Here is a suggestion, start signing guys that have played football in the last few years and have been highly productive doing it.

One last thing I noticed was the talk that Philbin had with RB Daniel Thomas for being late. Phins news fans should not be surprised if Daniel Thomas gets put on the trading block in the next year or two. This is a guy, Ireland traded up to get, and now I feel like I am watching the beginning stages of what occurred with Vontae, before his eventual departure. At this rate Ryan Tannehill will be shipped off next season, because he questioned the coach’s choice of play call during a game.


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  • Justin

    You do realize he was just being nice to the players and trying to look like a good guy in front of the cameras. You obviously have never been in a position of authority. If he really believed those things then he would have kept them. Please Stop Writing!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I have been in a position of power, and have been in front of the cameras, which means you are put under the microscope and are opened to be judge. Comes with the territory Justin. So Justin, I am assuming you think Ireland is doing a terrific job in Miami. Also this is the NFL buddy, its a business, not a time for being nice to people. He would look a lot better in front of the camera being 100% honest, saying that Vontae is not living up to his expectations, and his work ethic and attitude are unacceptable. Oh, and Justin if you don’t like what I write, nobody is forcing you to read it.

    • Ireland is a country not a GM


      What Jimmy left out – because he was being nice – is that you are part of an ever decreasing portion of the fan base who are Ireland/Ross apologists…you know, morons. What Ireland really is demonstrating in front of those cameras is WHY Jeff Fisher, Jim Harbaugh, Bill Cowher and the rest of the coaches did not want to come to Miami. It’s clear that A) Ireland is running the show and B) he has no clue how to recognize talent. Just look at the roster. Then look at the Dolphins draft history since 2008. We have two studs – Jake Long and Cam Wake. From there we have varying levels of mediocrity. Two studs in five years? That sucks. Big time.

      So go ahead and give me the standard, cliché filled, moron reply of “Parcells made those picks. Ireland deserves a break. Reggie Bush is a stud. Karlos Dansby is a stud. We are only a player or two away…”. This teams stinks and we will continue to feel the effects of this A-hole GM for years to come.

  • Ryan

    Yeah it would have been nice and hell of a lot less awkward if Ireland would have just kept it short and sweet with Davis telling him they liked him but they were going in another direction not getting into how he will be a great in this league. One thing I learned from the episode was that Ireland is not the cold bastard he is generally thought to be.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      yes i agree that Ireland does not seem like a bad guy, I just have not been pleased with the job he has been doing

  • Big D

    Seriously the rhetoric of Ireland sucks is old and stale. He got great value for Davis. The reaction of Davis when he found out he was traded tells us everything we need to know. The man wanted to call his grandmother! I loved my grandmother too, but this is business and he seemed like a child! Too immature and Ireland made a great move! I find it hard to believe that your reply to Justin is true, or you likely suck as a supervisor! When you are getting rid of someone that is not the time to kick them while they are down! Business or not, you still treat people as people. Brown was a camp body, who likely will make the practice squad. It is clear from your writing that you have absolutely no clue on how an NFL organization works. You are going on personal opinion and fandom, which if you ever want to be taken seriously then lose the bias. I like this no nonsense approach of the organization and everyone needs to realize that it will get worse before it gets better. Philbin is bringing professionalism back to Miami!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      First of all the blog is based entirely on a phins fan perspective, hence my opinion. And it is perfectly fine that you do not agree with my opinion, everyone has a right to their opinion, and in this blog I am giving my opinion on how I view things. Yes they received a second round pick for Davis, but they also drafted him in the 1st round, and he has been the most productive player in a weak secondary unit over the last 3 years. Not sure how constantly getting ride of good players for decent draft picks is going to do to the future of the team, if the guy who makes the decisions on the draft picks is the same guy who is trading these players away years later. This is a business, I am not saying kick him when he is down, but at least tell him, you better adjust your attitude because all the potential you have in the world is not going to matter, just look and TO.

  • Bob Rees

    I agree with you regarding Ireland’s conversation with Vontae and how you would have handled it.

    I have to seriously disagree about Daniel Thomas and the rest of your mini tirade vs. Philbin and his ‘approach’

    Philbin hasn’t questioned anyone whose show a work ethic or dedication to that work ethic …He HAS show that if you don’t respect the team if you don’t respect his authority … and that includes being On Time and following the rules and keeping your nose clean … it will be accounted for, noticed and reacted to … NO MORE letting it slide or slap on the wrist …. these boys are BIG boys and earn BIG money so … GROW UP and take responsibility for what you do and PRIDE in doing it right

    GOOD ON Joe Philbin

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah the Daniel Thomas thing was a bit of a reach, I’m just getting frustrated with the organization constantly getting rid of talent just because they maybe be a little bit of a problem. There are going to be some bad eggs on the team here and there, its part of sports

      • Riverdog

        What talent Davis ? He was the 51st ranked CB in the league
        last year. Since he has been on the team, we have had losing
        seasons. Last year 6 and 10 and you are trying to convince
        us that he was a great player ? Please !!! He is a baby, he
        only came to play when he felt like it, and he wants his
        Grandma. Maybe Ireland should have sent him off with a

        I’m not trying to defend Ireland, because he hasn’t done much
        for the Dolphins, but please lets not defend the players that
        aren’t getting the job done either. IMO Davis was traded
        because Philbin didn’t want him here. Davis was a baby just
        like Marshall, Merling, and Johnson.

        They way I see things in Miami is Ireland brings the players
        in, and if they suit Philbin he keeps them. If those guys aren’t
        good enough, Philbin sends them packing one way or another.

        So if you come to play for the Dolphins. Bring your big boy
        pants and leave your attitude at home.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          The guy was still our leading defender in interceptions over the last three years. I understand that he is a baby, but you are not going to have every guy on the team as a model citizen. I am with the approach of acquiring guys that suit Philbin, but in the process lets go after some guys that have some talent.

  • Albert

    What I don’t understand, is the loyalty that ownership has shown this guy. It has been proven that he has NO VISION for the future. Meanwhile a PROVEN GM, Bill Polian is available. Until ownership gets rid of Ireland, the Phins are Ph-u-c-k-e-d

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I totally agree I don’t understand how he was able to keep his job after that last regime was fired, his results have not been successful

  • Al

    I agree that Ireland is best to be honest with his players. I think he has made his fair share of mistakes but he has also hit on people like Cameron Wake and Devone Bess while passing on Matt Flynn who isn’t even good enough to beat out a later round rookie. He needs to do a better job but he isn’t as bad as you are making him out to be in your article either. Al

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree those players you mentioned are good pick ups and I would even go a step further and give him credit for Reggie Bush, and Matt Moore did well for us last year. However does anyone honestly think the Dolphins are ever going to get back to the old days when they were consistently winning and participating in the playoffs with Ireland as our GM?

  • Big D

    I just think it is too easy to Target Ireland. At what point do we blame the players for putting shit on the field? Do I think Ireland is the greatest GM, not even close, but I think we could certainly have a worse one. We need to give the new coaches at minimum 3 years along with Ireland. A champion is not built overnight, and at least we got rid of field goal Soprano. The best part is that the Jets have him. The season will be rough, but I can actually cheer for Soprano’s field goal fist pump as the Jets fans suffer from our trash. It feels like we gave them a venereal disease!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes good point, Ireland is definitely not the only one to blame, the players have to take some pride and responsibility in playing better. Yes, we need to give the new coaching staff three years, however for me Ireland already had is 3 years, so I would prefer he were replaced at the end of the season. Yes I too enjoyed the Jets signing Sparano, and his Jersey shore styled fist pumps will fit in perfectly East Rutherford

      • Big D

        The thing that worries me is getting rid of Ireland opens up to completely starting over with a new coaching staff, as a new GM will want his guys. Also many people forget that Parcells was essentially the Czar of the team up until September 2010. That means in reality Ireland has only one year at the helm. Everyone wants to put the bad moves like drafting Pat White on Ireland. Parcells had final say in those situations. I am willing to give these guys three years, teams go to panic mode too quick these days. We need stability more than anything right now.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          I agree teams go into panic mode a lot faster these days. Even if you want to count Parcells involvement with the team not against Ireland, which I agree with, Ireland is still entering is 3rd year at the controls. Usually it is the opposite way, the coach wants his own GM, so I disagree that a new GM will result in a new coaching staff. Ireland came in with the old regime, and for some reason or other, he was one of the few survives of that purge, which does not make that much sense since he definitely was responsible for the product that was put on the field during Sparano’s tenure. I think the year will be is make or break year. If the Dolphins are respectable he will keep is job, if they are pitiful, which at the moment many fans believe they will be, (I don’t think they will be that bad) then I think Ireland will be the first to go, and Philbin will be given a second chance, because Rome was not built in a day, and he was not given the proper materials to help build it in the first place

  • daniel garza

    Trading Vontae for a second round pick and an additional conditional 6th round pick is not bad at all, even if he was a first round pick. How much we gave to get Reggie Bush? I mean that guy was the second overall pick in his draft year!

    Additionally, Vontae was not committed to the team (lazy and out of shape). I fully support Philbin’s philosphy, Brandon M, Chad Ochocinco and Vontae were not a good fit for this team, not good for Philbin’s system.

    Unfortunately, the most probable thing is that this season is going to be long for the fans, but I really think we will make it much better next season and probably by 2014 we will be the team to defeat.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I guess it comes down to the old philosophy of that none of those guys were Philbin’s guys, he didn’t draft them, and now he wants is own guys. I just don’t like the idea of constantly getting ride of talented players.

  • Cuchulainn

    Ireland is too easy a target and Sparano was too easy on players like BMarshall and VDavis. Ironically, Ireland gets treated like a kicker. He is expected to kick a game winner or score every opportunity and gets dogged for every miss.

    What I saw on HK was Ireland being very patient with a child-like Vontae as though actually talking to a child and using his hands to help demonstrate that Vontae was very inconsistent and up and down like “waves” and that Vontae needed to even those waves out and be more consistent in the future.

    Ireland also talked to him about being professional and calling grandma after they concluded their business.

    I have had to dismiss employees before. It is always difficult as you just never know how they are going to take the news. VD was obviously in shock. I thought Ireland handled it all appropriately enough. Obviously with camera crews being there filming, there are things that probably didn’t get said and added to what was already an awkward situation.

    What wasn’t clear was whether VD was asking what he was traded in exchange for, or for what reason. Ireland actually explained it to him both ways and wasn’t cold or callous in doing so. I think Ireland felt sorry for him to some extent and wanted to make sure he was ok emotionally in the event he broke down.

    It had to bother Ireland that he was trading away one of his 2 defensive first round picks of the past few years. At least Odrick isn’t a problem – even if he doesn’t shower for days at a time or wear deodorant… lol…

    As for Thomas, he is a 2nd year guy that needed some correction. He got it and appears to have handled it well. If not I don’t think we would have seen him starting in Dallas.

    I like Philbin and Sherman’s no nonsense approach and that they expect the players to be respectful of the organization and to be accountable to coaches, the fans, and each other.

    IMO, given the way things have played out, this year is going to be about developing Tannehill and the other rookies as we prepare for the future.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I like your analogy of Ireland to a kicker, I think you have a good point there, but unfortunately it is the nature of the business and sadly he is an easy scapegoat, because obviously he is not the only reason why this team is not where we all want it to be. Yeah I think Thomas will get it, hopefully it was a wake up call after seeing both Vontae and Chad jettisoned off. Yes it is definitely about developing Tannehill, and I think once the roster cuts have been made this team should seriously scour the waiver wire to upgrade to WR position for RT’s sake at least.

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