Ryan Tannehill already breaking Miami records

phins newsYesterday Coach Philbin announced to the football world that Ryan Tannehill will be the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins this season. Before the preseason started, I stated that he was a distant third in the Dolphins QB competition. However, after an injury to expected starter David Garrard and two solid performances in each of the Dolphins preseason games, it has become evident that the future is now. Philbin explained that his decision to go with RT as his opening day starter was because he felt that Ryan Tannehill gives the team the best chance to win, and he is right.

Unlike most rookie QB’s in this league who have to learn a new highly complex offense, RT has been blessed with the rare opportunity to step into an offense that is exactly the same as he ran at his alma mater of Texas A&M. For a franchise that has two hall of fame QB’s in Dan Marino and Bob Griese, it is unbelievable that RT will be the first rookie QB to open the season as the starter in the team’s 46 year history. (He is already poised to break a Miami Dolphin QB record in his first appearance of his career, hopefully this is a good omen.) However, the sports betting strategy is that RT and the Miami Dolphins are going to be in for a very long year, because the odds of immediate success are not favorable for a rookie QB. The combined record of starting rookie QB’s drafted in the past 2 years is a dismal 37-65.

Either way I like the move, because the only way for a young QB to truly learn and get accustomed to the speed of the NFL is to play. Phins news fans must remember to remain patient with RT this season, because he is going to make mistakes, however the key is, can he learn and become better from them? No matter how bad he may play during this season, the coaching staff and fan base has to remain committed to him. The positive thing is that RT seems to be a very confident young man, I just hope that when times are tough, that he can still maintain his confidence. That is the major downfall of Mark Sanchez, whenever he makes a bad play, his demeanor is so terrible that you can see the agony of it in his body language. As a result, Sanchez’s one bad play snowballs into an entire bad game. This will be the number one thing I will be looking at this season from RT; how he handles himself during adversity, because those are the initial signs of a champion. The sports betting strategy is that if he can maintain his confidence during the entire season, then there is a good chance that Miami may have finally found their first franchise QB since number 13.

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  • phinfreak

    I think this is more a political and PR move than pure football decision. Yes, there is some football influencers here but this is a far more risky approach.

    What if Tanny falters? We all know the crowd at home games and fans in general can turn into inmates in an instant.

    Why not take a more prudent initial approach by starting Moore for 2-3 games and if he cant move the offense bring Tanny in?

    If Tanny falters what is Philbin going to do? insert Garrard (if healthy) or Moore?
    What does that signal to the fans and the league? How will that impact Tanny’s psyche?

    I think this is motivated primarily by things other than field play, and it is potentially as stupid as letting both BMarshal and Chad Johnson go.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I understand your caution, but I have always been in the camp that believes rookie QB’s who are drafted to be the team’s franchise QB, should be thrown to the wolves and play day one. Yes I know especially the fans including myself are going to be quick to want to yank if he is playing terrible. But making mistakes is the only way he is going to learn. This decision by Philbin must be followed up by, the commitment to RT that no matter how bad he may play, he will remain the starter for the entire season. If they start playing musical QB’s in the middle of the season then that will ruin RT’s psyche.


    I think a rookies should sit at least 1 yr. Especially if its a rebuilding situation like we have

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I just think the best way for him to learn is by playing, so even though it is going to be ugly at times, they key is to see how he handles the adversity. If he is the real deal, we will see glimpses of it this year regardless of how the team plays

  • Cuchulainn

    Tannehill will falter at some point. It is what rookie QBs do. And don’t forget that he was passed over as the starting QB at TA&M and played WR a season, then went back out and worked to become the starting QB. He has faced adversity and also been on bad teams who lacked a strong OLine, WRs, or defense. The Fins are a lot like TA&M…

    I think he is mentally tough enough and mature enough to handle the situation if he were to get pulled for Moore or Garrard, which I don’t see happening as long as he doesn’t get the crap beat out of him the first 3 games.

    I would just as soon cut Garrard as he at the stage where he is injury prone. With Tannehill now starting due to Garrard being out, Garrard brings nothing to the table that Moore or Devlin couldn’t provide in the way of a backup.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I agree i think he is going to have some bad games, but the key is how he responds to the adversity, is he going to sulk and stew over it, or have amnesia and come back and make some plays. That is what the best QB’s in the league do, and we will either see glimpses of it this season or we wont, and thus we will know what we have. Yeah i think Garrard is, going to be cut, I just wrote an article today about why it doesn’t make snse to have both Moore and Garrard. Check it out at http://phinsnews.com/what-about-garrard-and-moore/. If you like our articles you can subscribe so you can receive alerts, when there are new posts

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