Rebound game

The Miami Dolphins should be fired up and excited that they are playing this Thursday night. The last game was like a short but horrible relationship, and the best way to get over it is to get back on the field. This short week is probably a blessing in disguise because it forces the team to quickly forget about the last game and prepare for a prime time game.

This whole team including the coaches staff should be excited to get the chance to play in a night game and to be able fix the mistakes they made in the last game. As bad as last game was, I feel very confident that the coaches and players will be able to rebound nicely, and play like the team we saw beat up on the New York Jets. The two things that definitely need to be addressed is the porous secondary and the flat footed running game. I think both areas are not as badly as it appears on the surface, but still need improvement. The running game is non existent, however it appears that we are a pass first team, so it makes it a little more difficult to run when it is not the focal point of our offense.

In regards to our secondary, even though they are getting lit up like a christmas tree every game, this is a bit deceiving because our rush defense has been so stout during much of the season. If teams can’t run on you, then they often shelf the running attack, and just focus on passing the ball. Obviously we need to get better in both of these aspects of the game so we can be a more balanced team, because those are the teams that are successful. Thursday can not come soon enough for football gambling fans and I believe the Phins will be much more prepared in this game then the previous game.


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  • Lance

    Like you, I think we’ll rebound nicely. I agree that we need to establish our running game better, regardless of the type of offense we are–the running game just opens up so many doors and makes you that much more versatile.

    I believe the Titans game was sort of an aberation. Yes, our secondary is not strong, but the defense has played a bend-don’t-break season. Aside from the Titans game and the last couple minutes of the Texans game, no offense has scored more than 23 points in regulation against us.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      yeah Im hoping that the benching of Reggie Bush will be a much needed wake call for him and I expect him to respond with a big game against the Bills. Yeah I don’t think we are going to see too many games like the Titans this season. Its just it seems when we do make a turnover it snowballs into a dissaster and the wheels just fall off, like in the last two minutes of that Texans 1st half.

  • phinfreak

    Yo homers…this game is nothing like playing the Jets. Buffalo actually has a QB, no Sparano 1980’s styled offense, and theyre playing at home in their weather after playing the Pats tough and to the very end.

    “You are what youre record says you are…” quit making excuses. This roster is average compared to other teams. Other than Wake, who can be taken out, there isnt a single consistently dominant player on this roster, on O or D.

    Bills can just as easily pull this out at home in their element.

    Bills 23
    Fins 16

    I hope Im wrong.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah the Bills are better than the Jets but they are very beatable, You said it “You are what your record says you are” and the Bills are 3-6 so there is no reason why we cant win this game…. will we who knows depends which Dolphins team shows up.

    • Lance

      The dynamics of inter-division play is fascinating to me. It seems the Bills always play the Patriots tough one game a year, and it seems Miami usually splits with the Bills. I agree about the QB difference between Buffalo and NY, but I like what Shannon Sharpe said Sunday, something to the effect that Fitzpatrick plays stellar when there is no pressure but horrible when it counts; maybe that’s why they play competitive with New England–they’re not expected to win.

      For some reason, Buffalo just doesn’t scare me. I’m feeling like this will be another blowout game like we just had against the Jets.

      • Phinfreak

        Ya’ll shoulda listened to me. I told you Bills 23, Fins 16.
        Close enough. I also wrote in an earlier post about irrational exhuberance.

        From a pure football playo g talent perspective, focused on roster talent, and comparable opponents, the Fins have always been a sub .500 to .500 team.

        When will people realize Ireland’s complete failure in building a roster w talent?

        If you go position by position compare fins roster to opponents you would have known fins lose this game even if based solely on match ups. If you add intangibles it equates to a blowout. Which it was except for score.

        Take this to the bank. I’ve given it to you free.

        You homers!

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          Why do you constantly bash the Dolphins, do you even like the Phins? yeah they are not that good but they are young and lack experience. At least the teams appears to be on the right track.

          • phinfreak

            I like some of the fins. Philbin, Sherman, Coyle a bit less. I hate Ireland, and Rosshas no leadership capabilities.

            As for the roster, they are not all young and inexperienced.
            Burnett, Dansby, Wake, Solai, Starks have all played multiple years, you can add Sean Smith to that too.

            On offense? Long, Incognito, Bush, Fasano, and even Hartline anb Bess are all veterans.

            Young in the NFL is 1-2 years experience. Its not an excuse you want to make it.

            This roster is void of talent. See record over last 10 years for details

  • Andy

    I am very disappointed. This season is over.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes it is sad, but we can really only look forward to see improvement, because hopes of the playoffs have disappeared faster than a cloud of smoke

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    Jesus Christ what a disgrace. It is so obvious that we have zero playmakers at WR and in the secondary. I can’t believe I drank the Kool Aid a few weeks back and uttered “playoffs” in the same sentence as “Dolphins.” What happened to our OL? Jimmy Wilson sucks. Fasano sucks. Nolan Carroll swallows. I need vodka.

    Is it April yet? Can’t wait to see how Jeffy fucks that up again. I’m thinking OL with the first four picks…

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      haha, yeah it was bad, the playoff talk is now clearly a joke, now we have to look forward to just seeing if RT can improve, because I am more worried about if he will be the franchise QB that we all hope he can be. At the moment I am still on board, but needs to show me some improvement before the end of the season

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