Pivotal game against the hated Jets

Even though it is only the third game of the year, it can be argued that this game could be a pivotal turning point in the season. Any time that the New York Jets come into town there is an extra little bit of energy in the air. Both teams are sitting at 1-1, and the winner of this game would have a claim on first place in the division.

Obviously this is not a do or die game, but this can definitely be seen as a game that could prove to be a turning point in the season. If the Dolphins lose, then expectations will be lowered and float back down to reality. But if the Miami Dolphins can find a way to win against the rival Jets, then phins news fans can begin to have something to cheer about. A win would put them at 2-1, 1-0 in the division, and at worst tied for the division lead. There is no team I would rather face in a pivotal game than the New York Jets.

All sports gambling fans around the country know that beating the Jets is like an early Christmas present for phins fans. Sometimes when the Dolphins are having a poor season, the only way to get some satisfaction is by having a victory against the Jets. It should be the usual closely contested game, with lots of heated excitement in the air. In addition with the return of fist pumping Tony Sparano to Miami, there should be an extra buzz in the air. Sports gambling fans can bet their ass that Sparano is going to put an extra emphasize on his wildcat preparation this week, whereas the Dolphins defense is going to be a little bit more jazzed up to declaw the infamous wildcat.

If the Dolphins lose, then it will clearly be disappointing, however if we can find a way to beat the Jets, then phins news fans have to admit that there will be a new sense of hope in town. I predict that if we win this game, it could push the rebuilding talk of this season, to the back burner, and make phins fans believe the future is now.


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  • phinfreak

    Its gonna be a brawl…lots of run game, sacks.

    This one comes down to turnovers and special teams.

    If fins can stuff the run and force sancheezy to throw….fins could be in business.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah a typical Phins/Jets game, and you are right it will come down to turnovers and special teams. Hopefully we can pick Sanchez off early and get in his head, because 1 int for Sanchez usually snowballs into 3 by the time the game is over

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      The best part is that, it is a very winnable game

  • Joe Vizi

    I really think we can beat the Jets. We need to have some tricks of our own up our sleeves for these guys. Sparano will have his guys ready to play the combination wildcat and our db’s will be interesting, the Tebow card scares me. I think they will try to confuse young Tannehill but he will again be the calm quick learner that we have seen this season. Nice things are that; 1) our QB will be good enough to have the Jets rethink their own direction, 2) we know that we need to add more pieces to be an elite team (the Jets think thay already are elite) 3) We’re at home!


    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I like your comment about the Jets thinking they are an elite team. Yeah I definitely think we can beat them we just need to play solid mistake free football, and not give them any gift turnovers. Id like to see Reggie Bush tear up the Jets Defense, might I know it is going to be a much tougher task than against oakland

  • Daddio

    Miami *must* protect the ball. A single turnover can spell doom for our beloved Dolphins. If Miami can play ball control and wear ‘em down, it will be a happy South Florida come late Sunday afternoon.

  • Cuchulainn

    They aren’t going to run on us. If we shut down the Texassans and the Raiduhs, then the stej doesn’t have a chance. Our Achilles heel is our zone defense behind the DL. SSmith still doesn’t dominant and Clemmons is a liability. Jones is starting to come into his own. RMarshall was injured, Carroll, while improved, is still not what you want. Wilson made a fantastic play against the raiduhs to break up a TD, but isn’t going to be able to do that everytime. Dansby and Burnett are slow and have always been victimized by TEs. The stej will try to throw on us early and often and try to score like they did against the jills.

    Good news is that our DL rocks. Starks and Wake are back in beast mode and we should be able to pressure Sanchez all day into mistakes. Also, Revis is coming off a concussion and Keller a hamstring injury. If we cant neutralize Holmes and keep Sanchez pressured, we will win as long as we don’t turn the ball over.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes I agree I not worried about the Jets running on us or the wildcat for that matter, we were the team that started the trend so I would like to think we would be the best at stopping it. Yes it will come down to the to our second level defenders as usual, so really its a crap shoot with those guys, because we never know what type of performance they will deliver.

  • Lance

    You’re absolutely spot-on that this is a pivotal game. Like you said, this game will set expectations for both teams.


    Tannehill has to prove himself an effectual game manager like he has for all but 2 1/2 minutes of the season.

    Control the lines like we did in the Raiders game. If we render their running attack impotent, I like our chances with Sanchez having to beat us.

    Will Revis play? It looks like he won’t, which bodes well for Miami.

    Fill the stadium with fans and act like you’re the fans of old. Sorry, but I don’t see this happening.

    Sparano will put more preparation into this game than any other in his life. Say what you want about him, he knows our team and he is a smart coach. Too many times Miami has allowed the begrudged to have a satisfying return–can’t let that happen. I do believe that enough has changed about this team since Sparano that his internal knowledge can be neutralized.

    Get at least one key turnover. That interception against the Raiders was pivotal. Seems like those types of plays have been few and far between in recent seasons.

    I like what Philbin told his team about creating their own legacy. They have the opportunity to do that, and it all starts with this Jets game.

    Final prediction: Dolphins win 20-13.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      You pretty much said it all, if the Dolphins can basically play like they did last week in all areas of the game then we have a good chance of winning this game. I have no problem with Sanchez trying to beat us, bring it on. I would like to see us pound the Jets on the ground like we did with the Raiders, that will really but a bug up Rex’s ass, because there is nothing worse for a defensive minded coach then to get annihilated on the ground attack, that will really hurt is ego.

      Dolphins win 27-24

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