Phins need to play better in crunch time

It has been evident that during this season phins news fans have been witness to a new era in this franchise’s illustrious history. It appears that this team is on the path to success, the problem is that it is a long winding, and bumpy road, until we can safely cruise on a nicely paved autobahn. Even though this team appears to be headed in the right direction, the immediate results have still been like past results; heart breaking defeats.

If the Dolphins want to make the leap back into the playoff hunt over the next few years, they will need to find a way to win close games. In over 2 plus seasons the Dolphins are 2-10 in games decided by 3 or fewer points. It also does not help that kicker Dan Carpenter is 10 for 25 on field goals of 46 yards or longer since 2010, with 9 of those 15 misses coming in the 10 narrow defeats. Obviously Carpenter has crumpled under the pressure, and this has become even more apparent after this season’s two OT losses. I love the Jabar Gaffney signing, however I think the immediate need is to find a kicker, because Carpenter has proved that he is more of a liability than an asset, and great teams tend to have clutch kickers.

This team has been playing great for 45-50 minutes, but they are still having mental lapses that are preventing them from playing a great game for 60 minutes. They need to find a way to close out games, and start winning the close games, because in the end those are the games which make all the difference in whether you are a basement dweller or a playoff team. The sports betting strategy is that when the Dolphins can finally win a close game, then this will hopefully be a snow ball effect that will grow into an avalanche of victories.


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