Phins may not win, but can cover

D-day is just about upon us, with all the doubts, speculations, hopes and dreams, set to be determined once the Miami Dolphins step onto the field tomorrow at 1pm to take on the Houston Texans. The media, the oddsmakers, and even phins news fans are not giving the Dolphins much of a chance against a team that many people believe could make it to the Super Bowl this year. The Texans are the only franchise that the Dolphins have never beaten, and sports gambling fans are not giving them much of a chance to snap the winless streak tomorrow.

Obviously I would love to see the Miami Dolphins go out tomorrow and shock the football world, with a major upset of the Texans, however unfortunately the reality is that the Dolphins are just not in the same league as the Texans. At almost every position the Dolphins are lacking in the talent department compared to the Texans. Fortunately for the Dolphins and most teams, when they are faced with tougher competition, then they tend to raise their level of play to the level of the team they are playing. The same goes for good teams who play worse when they play bad teams. So based on this theory, we should see a game where the Dolphins play above phins news fans expectations, and see the Texans play a little sloppier then is expected from them.

The only way the Dolphins are going to be able to stay in this game, is by doing the little things right, which is not committing penalties, not turning the ball over, and playing sound special teams. As bad as the Dolphins D has looked in the preseason, I believe that with Dansby and Burnett, being healthy to play, that the defense will look more similar to how they performed against the Atlanta Falcons.

The current line for the game is the Dolphins getting +12 1/2, and regardless of being a homer, I suggest to sports gamblingphins news fans to actually pick the phins getting the points. The main reason behind this suggestion, is because the initial line for this game was 7 1/2, and it has now jumped an astronomical 5 points. This is a huge move, and it can be argued that it has actually blown out too far. Sadly, I believe the Dolphins will lose this game, however I predict that they will only lose by 10 or 11 points. The total for the game is 42 1/2, and with my prediction of a final score of 28 – 17 in favor of the Texans, sports gambling fans should pick the game to go over. For those sports gambling fans who enjoy to wager on the player props that are offered by some sports gambling websites, I would suggest that Reggie Bush will have a big game, both running and catching the ball. So I would suggest to sports gambling fans to pick the over for Bush’s rush yards + receiving yards, and that he will score a touch down in the game.

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