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With all the trash talking place before the Jets and Dolphin game, it looks like the Dolphins coaches and players let their game do the talking for them today. It was a complete team effort and by far the best and biggest victory of the season for them. It also appears the Coach Philbin and the staff know how to take advantage of the bye week to prepare their team. Once again the coaching staff out coached the other team.

I would have to say the game ball would go to unit that in the past has been a weakness, but today played out of their minds; the entire special teams unit. A blocked punt returned for a touchdown, a blocked field goal, a perfectly executed onside kick, and a very nice return on a kickoff. I truly can’t remember the last time the Phins special teams played this well in a game.

phins newsThe only thing that is really concerning is the fact that RT got injured and did not return. Personally I think he probably could have returned if needed, but since the Phins quickly jumped to a 17 point lead, there was no reason to put him in any danger. He appeared to walking around the sideline during the game, and I would not be surprised to see him ready for the Colt game next week. Fortunately for the Phins, Matt Moore is probably one of the best back up QB’s in the league, and if you don’t believe me ask the Jets, because I’m sure they would love to have him instead of their two overrated bums that they call NFL quarterbacks. The other thing that bothered me was seeing Clyde Gates making all those catches, but regardless, I don’t really see a spot for him on the Phins team this year any way.

The key for the Phins now is too not get too cocky after such a great win. The Colts are a very good team at home, and could easily be a trap game. The last few years I would have been more worried, but this team and this coaching staff appears to have a chip on their shoulders, and is really starting to play like a quality football team. Football gambling fans better not sleep on this team this year, because the Phins are going to play hard every Sunday, and will be in the Playoff conversation in the last month of the season.

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  • Phinsane

    Every time the jets open their mouths…they get punched in it.

    Them dildo-holsters don’t want it!!!

  • phinfreak

    I think Rex Ryan could be on the hot seat, and Sparano. Isnt the Jets offense similar to how ours was w Henne? I also think Rex’s mouth is toxic to his own team, add to him a complete incompetent in Sparano…you have a cocktail for resounding failure.

    “Pride cometh before a great fall…”

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I totally agree, as soon as Sparano went to the Jets, I was secretly happy because I knew he would bring his terrible conservative play calling to New York, and help in the destruction of the Jets. Looks like he is ahead of schedule

  • Ireland is a country

    I had to pause and pinch myself a couple times yesterday. First, the onside kick. Wow, we have a coach with some serious balls. Second, a blocked punt AND a blocked FG in the same game??? I was like “Are you f’ing kidding me?” Our front seven on D is one of the best in the league. Save for the one drive the Jets had in the 4th quarter and they were lights out. Granted the Jets offense stinks.

    I am still wondering what in the hell the Jets did when they got Tebow. He took one snap for a 2-3 yard gain and that’s it. Oh, he did miss a block on that punt block. Rex made this mess and I’m enjoying watching him as it crumbles. I can’t believe it, but I think the Fins are a playoff team. They have a pretty weak schedule and they are playing good, solid, fundamental football. I believe they only had three penalties yesterday and they are owning the LOS on both sides of the ball pretty regularly.

    P.S. I dropped the “not a GM” from my user name as a salute to what these guys are doing for Jeffy. Hoping I’ll have to change it altogether soon.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah our special teams played fantastic, and Philbin has proved many times already this year, that not only does he have balls but he also knows exactly the best time to use them. The next couple of games is prabably our softest part of the schedule and if we can continue to play like this there is no reason why we should not be able to have ourselves in a solid position for a playoff spot. The reality is that the AFC is weak this year, and the Phins have been playing some very good football.

      I agree, this guys are definitely making Ireland look decent, would love to see what this coaching staff will be able to do with its stock pile of draft picks next year. Not to jump too far ahead but we could seriously start to build something special here over the next couple of years

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