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The score was respectable, but in reality there is still a visible gap between, us and the Patriots. We made too many costly turnovers in our own end, and too many penalties, at the most inopportune times. Our defense kept it close, but in the end the Patriots were just too much to handle. While watching the game I felt like it was comparable to being constipated sitting on the toilet for 3 hours. I just felt that no matter how much we pushed the Pats, in the end we just wouldn’t be able to squeak out the valiant effort. However, with the two costly turnovers, and the huge roughing the kicker penalty, it was very surprising that the score was as close as it was. The thing that just killed me was the Pats last drive of the game. Instead of killing us with the pass, which would have been easier to stomach, they ran it down our throats, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. It got to the point that the Patriots were obviously going to run, but still our defense could not stop them. I feel like that was the most frustrating part of the game. In addition, as much as I really like RT, and think he will continue to get better, he totally missed Hartline on at least 3 open deep balls. Against a great team like the Patriots, you have to be able to make those throws, and make the big plays when they present themselves. I hate to say it but at the moment there are three rookie QB’s that I would take in a heart beat over RT; Luck, Griffin, and Wilson. And the sad part is we could have traded up to get Griffin if we really wanted to, and we could have had a steal picking Wilson in the 2nd round.


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  • Lance

    What makes this loss so hard to stomach is that there is no reason we shouldn’t have beaten the Patriots on paper: no Gronkowski, half their OL out, a couple of DL suspended, home game, full stadium (don’t recall the last time seeing that).

    We made the typical mistakes most teams make against NE, mistakes that weren’t forced and didn’t have to be made. Our defense played good enough to win this game. I was disturbed by what I read on Sun Sentinel about Wake and Odrick on the sideline during the Patriots final drive–that’s a factor in why we weren’t stopping the run.

    What bothered me the most was settling for the field goal that made it 20-13. We had 2nd and 4 on their 7. We should have ran it until we got in the end zone. It would have been a much different game at that point because NE couldn’t have settled for just a FG.

  • phinfreak

    So, what happend to your “shock the nation”? C’mon homey, this game wasnt as close as the score. Brady took a knee at the 1 remember?

    Fins are what their record says they are, a bad pool of talent. I told you Pats would win this going away, as their 2nd team OL blew the likes of Starks and Solai off the ball on ‘the drive’ to take a knee at the 1.

    The X’s and O’s. What surfaced again is the fins’ lack of vertical threat. Yes, Hartline did break contain a couple times but that isnt the fins’ game, so the rook missed him. Fins needed to continue threatening deep vertical and didnt, seems Sherman lost his stomach in favor of protecting his protege once Long went out.

    Without a deep middle or middle zone threat (Fasano sucks) its easy for opposing D’s to take away your X and Y. Bess? see what happens when they move him outside? He disappears, he’s not a #1 WR, he is and always has been a slot – period end of story.

    So where doest this leave the fins’ O? Exactly where they are, unable to put up points, possess the ball on a consistent basis, unable to run when they have to because D’s can stack the box and play press man, blitz, shut down the run, etc.

    On D, I have to believe Coyle is protecting his young mediocre DB’s by playing such soft zones. You can see him concede the out patterns, everyone in the stadium knows Welker is running a 5 yd-10 yd out, but you see our CB 8-10 yds off w inside technique. Completion Brady. On that WR screen to Welker for a TD at our 5 yd, that was Coyle being outcoached. That is a staple of Pats offense and he got ponned by calling a stupid blitz exposing 1 on 1 matchups with no margin of error.

    I have serious concerns over Coyles D play calling. Fins have gotten burned giving up TD’s with his basic A gap blitz.

    Just too many holes on this roster for fins to be anything more than 6-10 team.

    Like Ive said, FIRE IRELAND!

    • Lance

      I’ve agreed with your points on your previous Xs and Os analysis of Miami’s stategies and personnel, but I disagree with you vehemently that the Patriots won this “going away.”

      Take a look at Brady’s stats–we made him look pedestrian. He scored his first TD on shortened field and he scored his second after we ran into their punter–both punting plays. We held the best offense in the league to two TDs and only 23 points. Belichek never gives any team anything. If Brady knelt it on the one-yard-line, it’s because he felt it was his team’s best chance. Yes, Ryan had a terrible game, and I don’t agree with your assessment of his missed deep balls under zero pressure–any NFL QB must make those throws evertime.

      Again, I don’t disagree with much of what you have said, but if we would have just run the ball until we got in the endzone when we had 2nd and 4 from the 7 I believe Miami would have come out on top.

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    No Niners game preview? Here, I’ll do it for you.

    Dolphins get beat on the LOS on both sides of the ball all game. Maybe score 10 points and lose by double digits. Sound about right?

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