No luck on third down for phins defense

It was a highly entertaining battle that featured two young teams with their rookie QB’s slinging it all over the field like a classic wild west movie. Both teams and QB’s played better than advertised, unfortunately for phins news fans the end result was a tough loss. To be honest, as soon as the Colts took the lead in the 3rd quarter, and it was obvious that our defense could not stop Andrew Luck and the Colt offense, I did not see us winning this game.

The biggest thing that killed us during the game was our third down defense. The Colts were a remarkable 13 for 19 on third down, for an extremely high 68% efficiency rating. In addition most of these third down conversions were down and distance. The most impressive thing about Luck, was his constant movement in the pocket, while he continues to look down the field for his open receivers. Even though he is only a rookie, the Dolphins defense has not seen a QB this good all season.

Our team played tough, and Ryan Tannehill was not too shabby himself, going 22 for 38 for 290 yards with 1 touchdown and no turnovers. Lets also not forget that he was not 100%, and that he was getting drilled all game. He really showed a lot of courage standing in the pocket taking hits.

The other thing that I would have done differently was to have punted at the end of the game on 4th and 15, instead of going for it. They could have pinned the Colts inside the 20, had two timeouts, and possibly gotten the ball back with a 1 minute left in the game around their own 40 yard line. I love Philbin’s aggressive coaching style, but I feel like in this situation, the wise sports betting strategy would have been to punt the ball. Yes, I know the defense did not stop the Colts all half, however the Colts would most likely have run the ball twice, and then thrown on third down. Regardless, I think the Colts were the better team today, and the Dolphins proved that they still belong in the playoff race.


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  • Ireland is a country

    That game sucked to watch. Our secondary played soft, like a bunch of pussies. I don’t think this loss had anything to do with Philbin. This was all about lack of execution by our DBs. For Christ’s sake, if Sean Smith held onto the ball with about 2:40 to play, we would’ve had the ball in FG range. He missed a couple other picks today as well.
    Jake Long played like shit today. To be bluntly honest, he hasn’t been very good this whole season. The refs also sucked in this game, all goddammits on the intercom aside. The hold on the punt return at the end was a crap call as well as a few other calls.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah that was probably Smith’s worst game as a Dolphin, and I thought he was turning the corner in the right direction before this. Yes definitely agree Long has been a disappointment this season, probably should let him walk instead of paying that contract or doing frnachise tag and trying to trade him…. Yeah that hold was bullshit and some of the illegal motions on the offense were bull as well. But I regardless, I still think we got out played in that game. Our secondary could not stop them all day, never going to win like that, and if you play like that in the secondary you should not win.

  • Lance

    Even though Luck did well against our secondary, our defense was holding him to field goals for the most part. The most frustrating part of the day was it seemed that every time on 3rd down when our guys were getting ready to sack him, he would get rid of it. Our pass rushers simply have to be more aggressive when they get close.

    Yes, Sean Smith should’ve had that INT, but there were at least 4 others we should have had: Dansby (pick-six), Caroll (2), and Smith again on that TD pass.

    In the end, for me, it came down to our offense’s inability to get into field goal range with ample time when it counted–we were held to 3 points in the second half. This puts a serious damper on playoff aspirations.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      We were decimated on third down, and we dropped so many potential INT’s. Yeah we had plenty of time at the end of the game to not only get into field goal range but to score the winning touchdown. Even though I though were were out played we still had a chance to win this game.

  • phinfreak

    I do believe a single player can win or lose a game for the whole team, see missed FG’s in overtime, see Sean Smith drops at key point in game.

    I hate the soft zones Coyle schemes, but I think he is compensating for what he sees he lacks in talent back there.

    Jake Long is totally on the decline, he’s lost a step and is now getting beat by bull rushes. No way in hell Ireland should pay…he can go test the market and play for a bad team w no LT.

    Why did Miller only get one carry? I think somethings up there…this kid flashes everytime he carries the ball.

    I believe Tanny is everything Luck is, Luck had better pocket to throw from and wasnt hobbled w a knee. Tanny got crushed many times, and had pressure in his face all the time, rarely had a clean pocket.

    The running game in this scheme is complimentary to the WCO, so we’re not going to see much consistency out of it. It seems they’re managing Bush’s carries, rightfully so, but they have to give Miller more carries because #33 isnt getting it done – no big plays out of him.

    I think this team is very close, in fact one good draft from being a legit playoff team. The Colts are playing inspired for their coach, and thus above their talent level, which is not sustainable. Fins are in better overall shape from the top to the bottom of the roster.

    Ireland ought to be looking at Corners, pass rushers, and a LT in this coming draft.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree with what you are preaching and I too am very confused at why Miller is not seeing more action. The guy shows flashes every time he touches the ball, but he is barely used. I would also add a WR to that draft. Yeah Long is becoming a weak link not a strength.

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