Need to establish the run game

Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill has blown away all expectations for football gambling fans this season, and looks and feels like the franchise QB that Phins news fans have been longing for. However, RT needs some help and it should be the running game that needs to shoulder some of the burden.

Ever since Reggie Bush hurt his knee in the first Jets game, the rushing attack has been virtually nonexistent. I have already stated that Lamar Miller needs to see more carries, but it goes way beyond that. First of all Reggie Bush is only averaging around 15 carries per game over the last 4 games. In the beginning of the season he demonstrated that as the game wears on and his carries increase, he only gets better and wears on the defense.

The Tennessee Titans rush defense is ranked 30th in the league allowing 141.6 yards a game. This is definitely a weak spot in the Titans defense, and the Dolphins coaching staff needs to find a way to exploit this. For starters Bush should be slated to rush the ball 20-25 times in this game. In addition Lamar Miller should get 5-10 carries as well. This game is the perfect opportunity for the Dolphins run game to get back to its early season form. Not only that, but if the Dolphins can establish the run this will most likely lead to a lot more opportunities for RT to use play action and slow down the pass rush that has been taking a beating on him. The Phins did not try to establish a running game against the Colts, and the end result was a lose, if they do not do this against the Titans the result will be the same.


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