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A Trade Back Could Be The Best Scenario

A Trade Back Could Be The Best Scenario

A trade back isn't in Miami's control to make, but teams reaching for QB's might bring the opportunity

A trade back isn’t in Miami’s control to make, but teams reaching for QB’s might bring the opportunity

A trade back could end up the dream scenario for the Fins

The 2017 NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and there is no doubt that all the NFL football fans around the world are anxiously awaiting to see how it all shakes out.

The Dolphins won’t be drafting in the beginning half of the first round, but they definitely have a good chance to land a starting caliber player with the 22nd overall pick… and that chance will be nearly as good if they get the opportunity to trade back.

While Miami can draft a very good player with their first round pick, they have more than one hole to fill, and this draft is considered one of the deepest defensive drafts in recent memories. Since one player at the #22 pick isn’t going to turn the Dolphins into a Super Bowl team, my hope is Miami gets lucky with an offer to trade back.

Trade back could be what the doctor ordered to fill all Miami’s holes

If there isn’t a run on QB’s, and one of the top 3 is left on the board, the teams selecting behind them might make a move to trade up. The Texans seem to be the best chance for that. With that being said, Miami can trade back a few spots, and in the process get an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick, to add to their arsenal of draft picks. Either of these extra picks would go a long way in finding another quality starter. And they need all the help they can get to fill all these holes.

This is simple math folks. They have more holes than they have in premium picks. I know Miami isn’t in control, but as I pray to the gods of draft luck, I find myself hoping more for a trade than anything. Of course, you then have to worry about Miami pulling a Jeff Ireland of 2013 and striking out with a load of picks. But I guess I’ll have to make my pray a ‘two-parter’. What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about whether or not Miami should trade back in the first round to pick up some extra draft selections?


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  • Lemmus

    …for Miami, this draft is (or should be) driven by OL depth (or lack thereof), not by its defensive depth …if we fail to get an OL starter we will be lucky to reach even the 9-7 record being predicted by ESPN …and imnsho, there are no prospective OG starters beyond the 1st round and probably not past GB even there …and definitely not in the 5th

    …thus a trade back past GB will most likely kill our season before it even starts …that is very little room for T-baum to make a trade …unless it includes a starting quality G …not impossible but definitely unlikely

    …alas, I’m pretty convinced that T-baum has a Custer like glory syndrome and will go for either a LB at 22 or a trade-back in 1 with extra 2/3 pick/s …and then try for a Hail Mary with a couple Gs in the 4/5 …and I don’t trust Gase to stop him 🙁

  • The key to any draft is the General Manager/Coach not focus on I like this player But can he help us to beat the Patriots etc. History has proven in the NFL that offensive linemen are the most versatile and play the most years.

    Dolphins have to decide are they going to draft the best player’s or team needs?

    a. Drafting the best players (Fans would pay to see and they Can help lead to success but not addressing position of needs but could also be a bust)

    b. Drafting the team needs. (The Dolphins Will have what they need during regular season and would be more balanced)

  • Once again I’m no expert on the draft but here is what the Dolphins should not repeat again.

    What if the Dolphins had drafted Darrelle Revis in 2007?
    The Dolphins’ 2007 draft was littered with “what ifs?” but the biggest was ninth overall pick Ted Ginn Jr., who was not close to being a No. 1 receiver. There were plenty of franchise players available such as Revis, linebacker Patrick Willis and running back Marshawn Lynch. Miami also selected quarterback bust John Beck in the second round and tailback Lorenzo Booker in the third round that year in a draft that contributed to its worst record (1-15) in franchise history. — James Walker

    • admin

      ooohh my that hurt… don’t be cruel. I almost wet myself when they called out Ginn’s name…. but since it was him and his whole family that one pick went along way.

    • PhinFan52

      True Story.. that was probably the worst draft in modern history

      • admin

        It seemed so good directly post draft… oohhh boy, it proved to be the worst though. That was likely worst combo of draft and coach in Fins history, with Cam’s 2007 coming a very close second… least the draft offered some players.

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