Lots of people going against Miami for their week 1 Survivor Pool pick

The 2012 NFL season is quickly approaching, and besides football gambling fans getting their sportsbook account’s fully funded so they can get their gambling fix, and their fantasy football rosters squared away, football gambling fans are also analyzing the week one match-ups so they can pick a team for their survivor pools.

Survivor pools are fun, and very simple to understand. Each week you must pick one team to win, regardless of the spread, and if that team wins then you advance to the next week and choose another team. The only catch is that once you choose a team, then you are not allowed to choose that team again during the season. So there is a little bit of a sports betting strategy, because if you make it until the final weeks of the season, you do not want to be stuck resting your hopes on garbage teams. Some survivor pools cost hundreds of dollars to be apart of, but the winner has the chance to win thousands of dollars, so for most football gambling fans the risk is worth the reward. Then there are some pool sites such as http://www.5sop.com/giveaway that allow you to enter a free survivor pool with the chance to win real prizes like an IPAD, or $500 gift certificate to Amazon.

The usual sports betting strategy for those who participate in a Survivor pool is to pick the team that is the biggest favorite of the week. Before the preseason began, the lines for week one were already out, and I have been monitoring them ever since. The Miami Dolphins opened up at +7 1/2 for their week 1 match-up against the Houston Texans. Now that the preseason as looked like anything but inspiring, Vegas as completely ratcheted up the spread, because every football gambling and their mother is putting money on the Texans. When I checked the spread yesterday the Dolphins were +11 1/2 point underdogs, now this morning when I checked again, the Dolphins are now +12 1/2 point underdogs. I have to say in all my years analyzing spreads and games, I can’t remember the last time an NFL spread moved 5 points or 66.66%, before kickoff with no major news development involved. That is a monstrous move. On saturday when I go over my picks for the game I will explain why this may actually mean picking the Dolphins getting the points is advantageous. However that being said, the trendy Survivor Pool pick for week 1 so far has been an overwhelming Houston Texans. Being a die hard phins fan, and even though I think the Dolphins are going to come up short against the Texans, I still refuse to pick them in the Survivor Pool I am enlist in. Dolphins fan for life, staying true to the cause.



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  • Riverdog

    Jimmy. There are only a few teams on the Dolphins schedule the Dolphins are unable to win. This game is one of them. I really don’t know what to expect from the Dolphins, they haven’t shown us very much during the pre season. I’m not sure if that is because they are keeping things close to the vest !! Or if they simply lack the talent. I think it is a talent issue. To many years of poor drafting for a scheme that was created to win in the 80s. That is what happens when a team goes in the wrong direction.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah I totally agree, this was why my optimistic prediction before preseason was 10-6 for the phins. It appears we are lacking in the talent department, and hopefully at least they will show promise so we can hope for a better future

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