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Before I get into the meat of what I would like to talk about, which is the Miami Dolphins looming free agents, I would like to add another player to the grocery list that Ireland picked, whom turned out to be spoiled milk; Jabar Gaffney. In truth I actually wanted the Phins to sign him during mini-camp, and was wondering why it took so long for them to sign him in the first place. Then when he was signed it was strange that a 10 year veteran took over 3 weeks to understand the offense, and get the chance to play. In his limited amount of action, he was nothing special, so I have no qualms about his release, and in this case I can’t get mad at Ireland for this one because he took a shot on a veteran guy who on paper looked like a player that could help the team.

Now in regards to our 5 biggest free agents that will come on the market after this season, the Phins have some very big decisions to make. The five players I m speaking of are Sean Smith, Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Brian Hartline, and Randy Starks.

Jake Long – It is tough to find a franchise Left Tackle, and if they want to keep him it will be very costly. This is going to probably be the toughest decision of the bunch, because his level of play has regressed over the years. Personally I would love to see us try to trade him, and at least get something for him, because at the moment I think he is too much of a potential liability down the road to garner such a huge contract. His past is checkered with injuries, so this has to also be weighed into the decision.

Reggie Bush – If you would have asked me during the first few games, what I would do with Bush, I would have said with a resounding yes that he needs to be a Phin next year. But ever since his knee injury, he has clearly not been the same. I know the coaching staff has not used him as much, and even appears to be confused on how to use him, but we can’t give big money to a running back that is only going to rush for 40 yards a game. Running backs are a dime a dozen and right now if Bush continues like this I would not resign him.

Brian Hartline – He is clearly having a break out year, and has developed a good chemistry with Ryan Tannehill. The wide receiver position is already a weak spot for us, so I see no reason why we should let one of our most productive WR’s leave, when this would just create an even bigger hole in the offense.

Randy Starks – He is having one of his better seasons, and has consistently been one of our top D-linemen, and I hope that we can retain him as well.

Sean Smith – This is a tough one. Our group of corner backs are clearly not very good, and Smith is very inconsistent, but sadly he is the best of a bad bunch. Again even though Smith has head scratching moments, he is still our best CB and it would be a huge hole to fill considering we should be looking for a CB even if we decide to keep him. Most football gambling fans would say you would have to resign him

What does the rest of phins news fans think we should do with our pending free agents?


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  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    You were being awfully kind in your assessment of Jake Long. His play this year has been not good. Actually it’s been shitty. I have watched him get beat consistently all season on pass protection. Unless we can get some kind of deal on him, we can’t resign him. Thing is, his agent has a reputation of chasing the highest dollar offer, so getting Long for any discount isn’t happening. I think we are watching him in a dolphins uniform for the last time.

    Reggie Bush – big whoop. He flashes moments of brilliance then disappears for weeks at a time. As you said, running backs are a dime a dozen. We have Thomas and Miller on the roster and can easily sign another one in FA or draft one in the 4th or 5th round.

    Hartline needs to be resigned for the reasons you said.

    Starks has been diesel for a few years now. He’s great against the run and generates pass rush. Those guys aren’t easy to find. Sign him.

    Sean Smith is a tough one because of the reasons you said. Also, there aren’t any stud DBs it the draft this year.

    This team still has a lot of holes in it. Hopefully Philbin can have more input into who the Phins select in the draft. Gee, this is depressing…6 weeks left in the season and we’re talking free agency and draft. That’s a tell tale sign that your team sucks.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Haha i know it is depressing to be talking about which free agents to sign, and who to draft, when we are not even in December yet

  • phinfreak

    Jake Long = no. This is a perfect example of “what would belicheck do?” type decision. He would be gone, traded for picks.

    Sean Smith = maybe, not at a high price, only if at value, otherwise bubye. Smith lost his oppty to cash in as a top tier CB, he blew it.

    RBush = yes. he can be resigned at value. he’s not asking for a truckload of money. besides, I believe fins arent using him correctly.

    Starks and Hartline are no-brainer yes’.

    Fins need a TE, WR, CB’s, and a dominant pass rusher opposite Wake, an upgrade over Misi at OLB, and are in desperate need of a S that can line up in the box and be disruptive.

    On offense, fins need to spend a high pick on a LT or RT and move the rook over to the L. Another G. Fins should look to the FA market for a WCO experienced WR, one from GBay comes to mind.

    Fins two years away from playoffs.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I would love them to get Marquis Lee WR from USC he would be a perfect number one WR , and def need a CB and TE… I thought Charles Clay would have a break out year in this style of offense. maybe last game is what he needed to get the confidence of the coaching staff, and start to contribute more. It is sad to have to spend yet another high draft pick on an O-lineman, but you are right… yeah two years seems about right, maybe a a quality draft and we might squeak in next year

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