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Sometimes a team plays great and racks up all types of impressive statistics, but they still end up losing the game, such as when the Phins lost the Arizona game. Then there are games, where the other team is the one running up the stats on you, however they fail to get in the end zone enough, and the result is a victory even though you didn’t play your best football. The Phins played a sloppy game against the Rams, but their defense even though it was bending more then a rubber band, held strong when it counted in the red zone. In addition the Dolphins received a bit of karma. After having had their own problems with field goals, they were rewarded with an unexpected 3 missed field goals from the usually automatic Greg Zuerlein. In the end a win is a win, no matter how ugly it was, and in reality we were owed at least one win from our two heart breaking overtime losses.

I am actually glad we were exposed on defense in this game, because we will have something to work on going into the bye week. Football gambling fans can bet that even though the Phins won this game, the players are not satisfied by their lackluster performance, and if this group is as prideful as they seem, than don’t be surprised if they practice extra hard during this bye week. This is all good, because the next game, the players will need to bring their A game, because a huge match up looming against the Jets coming off the bye week will be a true test of where this team is headed for the remainder of the season.

There were three things that stood out to me on this game. The first was that again we received a huge play from a defender at the end of the game to help preserve the victory. On third down on St. Louis’ last drive, rookie Olivier Vernon, broke through and recorded his 2nd sack of the game. This ultimately forced the Rams to try a 66 yard field goal. Hopefully this is a glimpse of more good things to come from Vernon, because football gambling fans would admit that he had his best game as a Dolphin yesterday. The other thing that stood out was the ballsy fake punt call on fourth down by Philbin on the Dolphins own 40 yard line with a few minutes left in the game. I completely loved the call, and even though Philbin seems to be a straight laced conservative guy, his coaching style is very aggressive and is a positively refreshing change from the boring conservative coaching style of Sparano. Once again, I feel like Philbin reminds me a bit like Bill Belichick, which is clearly a step in the right direction. Lastly, rookie QB Ryan Tannehill, seems to get better with each game that passes. I love seeing him change the plays on offense, and he had his most efficient game yet, going 21 for 29 for 185 yards, 2 touch downs, and a 112 QB rating. It appears that phins news fans may have something special in this kid.


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  • Lance

    Awesome win, but the refs almost didn’t allow it.

    I didn’t get to see the entire game, but I saw enough. I saw the fumble by Givens that was reversed, as well as several other poor calls. That great one-handed, outsretched catch by Gibson inside of 50 seconds was particularly disturbing, and nobody seemed to notice. The refs ruled he went out of bounds to stop the clock, but a Dolphin made contact with him on the way down and he landed in bounds before rolling out, which means he was down by contact and the clock should have rolled on. That missed ruling could have potentially ruined everything.

    A well-earned victory, especially after beating the Rams and the refs. The new England loss was just as sweet.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah, it was wild seeing two calls on the field go our way, then both be over turned. The fumble by the WR should have definitely been a fumble. Yeah it was ugly, but I will take it.

  • Brandon

    I saw the same thing Lance. That receiver was clearly in bounds when he made that catch. I don’t think any of the Dolphins fans have forgotten Nanee’s first and only catch of the season, and it looked like that’s what we saw from the Rams on Sunday. Even Bradford’s tuck seemed to be a bit uncalled for. The ball cam straight down for the tuck and he had nowhere to put it because the defender’s helmet was there. That call is rewarding a mistake by the QB. The touchdown runs was legit though. I felt he recovered it even though he lost control. It wasn’t like Big Ben last year (?) against us.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah I thought the fumble was even worse then Nanee’s which was ultimately called a fumble. I can’t remember the last game I saw where two turnovers, that were called turnovers on the field were both reviewed and ended up being reversed; unbelievable. Oh that Big Ben play last year was a horrible call, please don’t remind me, I was at a bar in cancun watching the game and their was no sound, so I couldn’t understand what was going on, it was a ridiculous call

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