Lamar Miller’s chance to shine?

phins newsThe Miami Dolphins received good news early this week that RB Reggie Bush’s knee did not endure major damage, however to be on the safe side it appears that he may have to sit out a couple of games. As a result the running duties will be handed over to the duo of Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller.

In both cases Jeff Ireland decided to trade up to draft each of these two running backs over the last two years. Now with Reggie Bush presumably out, these two players will get an increased work load, and a chance to make an positive impact on this team. Daniel Thomas has had a rough start to the year gaining only 80 yards, for a paltry 3.6 yards per carry, and two costly fumbles, and only 1 touch down. He was often injured in his rookie year, and is starting to lose his grasp on the back up running back spot.

On the other hand this next game for Lamar Miller, could be his chance to solidify his back up running back role on the team. In his limited action so far this season, Miller has clearly impressed gaining 113 yards, with a 5.9 yards per carry average and 1 TD. Even though he has only had 19 carries, and has a high yards per carry average, this has been typical for him, even when you look at his numbers from when he was playing for the Hurricanes. In 2010 he rushed for 646 yards for 6 TD’s, with a 6.0 yards per carry average. Then in 2011 he rushed for 1272 yards for 9 TD’s, with a 5.6 yards per carry average.

If sports gambling fans were going to wager on which running back was going to have a bigger impact during Bush’s absence, than I would suggest betting on Miller. I would even go a step further and saying that not only will Lamar outperform Thomas, but he will garner the lion’s share of the carries, and Thomas will become just an after thought in the Phins running game. Sports gambling fans should not be surprised if Thomas is placed on the trading block after this season, due to the emergence of Miller as a bona fide option in the running game.

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  • phinfreak

    I felt DThomas had bust written all over him. He’s been an under acheiver since he was drafted. This is an example of Ireland/Parcells falling in love with size stats vs projected productivity.

    He’ll be on the block next year.

    Miller has a chance if he could just learn the plays and who to block on passing downs.

    Would love to know what he scored on the Wonderlic test?

    I dont think itll matter much vs Cards anyways. Kolb will throw downfield plenty vs this D and if they get ahead its over for fins, given we have no passing attack.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      To be honest, I don’t like the idea of trading up to get a RB, those guys are usually a dime a dozen, no need to trade up for them. Plus I follow college religiously and totally wanted them to go after DeMarco Murray and he was available without having to trade up, another nice draft decision. Yeah I bet it was low on that test.

      Kolb has played well this year, but there is always the chance for him to have implode and threw a few picks, I expect it to be a defensive battle this weekend

  • Disgusted Dolphin Fan

    As for Daniel Thomas, fumbles, injuries, dropped passes and 3.5 ypc just don’t cut it in a bottom line business. He just doesn’t pass the eyeball test. He reminds me of that old saying,” looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane”

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    First off, I liked your last post about the feel of this team. For as negative as I’ve been about the Fins, I find myself getting a little excited about this team. Our front 7 on D is pretty solid, especially against the run. On O we run the ball very well. We need WRs and DBs. Assuming we address this in the offseason (big assumption given our front office), I don’t see how we are not a playoff team real soon.

    As for Miller and Thomas, I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Thomas. He’s ok at best. Like you said, RBs are a dime a dozen. There are countless examples. Why trade up for one? Miller has an explosive big play element that Thomas simply does not. I wish he would pick up the pass blocking schemes so that he would be on the field more. Funny about the Wonderlic. I’m guessing it was a single digit score. Ever listen to him speak? And that’s coming from a UM alum. Quite frankly, I don’t care if he scored a 0, just score TDs.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Thanks, yeah I agree are strengths are clearly in the trenches, actually probably the only thing that Tuna did well in Miami. Now we need the skill positions, like a playmaking WR, TE, and Safety and this team will be on its way to the playoffs.

      Yeah not only did we trade up for a RB, but we did it two years in a row. Well that is why they pay Miller for his football ability and not his smarts, but hopefully he can pick up the blocking schemes like you said so he can be on the field more

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