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Last night was the second episode of Hard Knocks, and for Miami Dolphins fans who have been religiously following phins news, there was not much gained from the behind the scenes look at training camp. Phins news followers know that Garrard was injured, however not that it occurred will hanging out at home. Phins news fans also were well aware of Ryan Tannehill’s continued success that is currently above everyone’s expectations, and the ending to the Chad Johnson soap opera.

While watching the final scene where Philbin was basically firing Chad, I felt like I was watching the behind the scenes conversation of when Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries ended their brief 40 day marriage. There was that awkward feeling of each person knowing what the outcome was going to be, in this case Chad getting the axe, and Philbin knowing he was going to fire him. Philbin was awkwardly trying his best to give the heartbreaking news as painlessly as possible, with a lot of “I like you as a person,” “it’s not just the arrest,” “not a good fit” type of lines. Directly after this scene the HBO narrator stated the prime question that is in all of phins news fans minds, “what young receiver is going to step up now?”

The bottom line is, this gives younger guys more repetitions at practice and a better chance to make the roster. The sports betting strategy is that one of these youngsters takes this opportunity and parlays it into securing a roster spot and setting themselves up for a productive season. I am interested to see what Chris Hogan always open, can do, since he was being praised by not only players but coaches. Obviously he is probably only a practice squad guy, but it would be interesting to see him get a little more preseason game time experience.

The next preseason game should be very foretelling, in both the QB and the wide receiver race. The sports betting strategy is that which ever players standout in the Panthers game, will get the chance to be named the starters in the all important 3rd preseason game, which is the equivalent of being named the opening day starter.

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  • phinfreak

    Philbin, your righteous indignation is going to cost this team, and you in the final analysis.

    Ireland lets BMarshal go, then alows cutting the best WR on the roster (Bess is slot).

    And you wonder why theres no talent on this roster…after how many years now?

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      To be honest I didn’t mind losing Marshall, what bothered me was getting a flaming bag of shit from the Bears in return for our pro bowl WR. Then to top it off the wait until the 6th and 7th round to draft receivers in a deep wr draft. It’s like fine get ride of Marshall but at least act like there is a backup plan.

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