Is there finally solidarity on the O-line

When Tony Sparano took over the Miami Dolphins, he had the esteemed pedigree of an offensive line guru. In addition, the Dolphins invested massive amounts of money on the offensive line. So it was assumed that that would not be an area of concern on the team. Instead, due to a rash of injuries, and constant tinkering by Sparano, the offensive line could never achieve the consistent cohesiveness that is needed for success in this league.

One of the main factors for success, besides talent on the offensive line, is having a group of guys that have played with each other for a long period of time. For each play, especially one that is a designed running play, each member of the offensive line must be on the right page and, not only know his blocking assignment, but must know exactly where is fellow teammate will be at all times. The only way to help ensure that each player is on the same page, is countless repetition as a unit.

Now coach Joe Philbin, who has a similar specialty in the offensive line area, has immediately come into South Beach, and made sure that the first thing he does is pick a starting rotation and not fuck with it. The starting offensive line for the entire training camp has consisted of Jake Long at LT, Richie Incognito at LG, Mike Pouncey at C, Artis Hicks at RG, and rookie Jonathan Martin at RT. He has decided to refrain from experimenting with different combinations of players, and has opted to stick with the theory of ‘no need to fix something that is not broken.’ The talent is definitely there, and now Philbin is making sure that they have as much practice together as possible. Football gambling fans can bet that if this offensive line can stay healthy, especially Jake Long, the phins news nation may finally see this group become a strength and not a weakness.


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