Initial Impressions from Hard Knocks

With last night’s premier of HBO’s acclaimed show Hard Knocks featuring the Miami Dolphins, there were a few take a ways to be gleamed from the episode. Sports gambling fans have to admit that even if they do not like the Dolphins, the show in itself that HBO produces is very entertaining and well executed.

Besides viewing it on its entertainment value, phins news fans can begin to see some first hand developments of their 2012 team. First of all, it is encouraging to see that Coach Joe Philbin appears extremely comfortable in his new role as a head coach. He seemed in total control, and the type of person who has no problem gaining the attention and respect of the room.

Another observation that was apparent was the significant upgrade in the tempo of the practices. This will have a two fold benefit for the team; one being that the players will be in a lot better physical condition for the start of the season, and the Dolphins are going to utilize a quicker pace on offense. Hopefully this will translate into a more efficient offense that will be able to score more points.

All sports gambling fans have to admit that Chad Johnson is one funny mother fucker. He has a great sense of humor and appears to have a positive attitude about football and life. Again, hopefully this will translate into a productive season for him and that he can be the play maker he once was. The only thing that was a little discouraging was the talk Philbin and Johnson had had after Chad’s media appearance. Obviously Philbin wants Chad to behave and represent the team properly, but at the same time, Chad should have a little leeway to be himself. Just look what happened to him in New England, when he was forced into lock down mode. Yes, Chad can not go over board, but at the same time he needs to be his loose easy going self in order for him to preform up to his ability. But all in all Philbin definitely handled the situation like a man.

Lastly, sports gambling fans can bet their pom pom s that the Miami Dolphins probably have one of the most beautiful group of cheerleaders in the league. Their brief cameo had my mouth hanging open in utter amazement with the quality of talent in the group. Too bad the Dolphins record did not coincide with the extent of the beauty of its cheerleaders, because then surely they would be in the playoffs every year.


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