Gotta love me some Bush

After Reggie Bush’s resurgence last season, there are a lot of lofty expectations for his production under this new west coast style offense. Being the ultimate competitor that he is, Bush has already painted a bulls eye on his back by declaring earlier this off season that he would win the rushing title this year. Even though it is a bold and ballsy statement, football gambling fans should not be quick to bet against him. Personally I don’t think he will win the rushing title, but a top 7 finish and 1200 yards rushing is conceivable.

When the Dolphins first acquired him last free agency period, I had mixed feelings about the Jeff Ireland move. He is a player who has flashed some brilliance during his career in New Orleans, but after such a successful college career at USC, everyone, with me included, always expected a little more. His main problem was just staying healthy, and there were a lot of critics who said that he could not run in between the tackles because he was too small. But after he was traded to Miami, something seemed to click in his talented medulla oblongata. The thing that impressed me the most about Bush, was reading multiple articles last year before the season, that he was always the last player on the field, either doing extra wind sprints, or getting extra time at the jug machine. Deep down after hearing this, I believed that Bush was going to have a positive impact on the Miami Dolphins. Phins news nation was getting a player with a chip on his shoulder that was out to prove he could be the same electric player that led his collegiate team to a national championship.

Now going into his second year with the phins, he has become a leader. The one player that this new west coast offense is going to benefit the most is Reggie, and he knows it. It is a very similar offense to the one that was run in New Orleans during his first two seasons in the league. In his rookie year in 2007 he racked up 88 receptions for 742 yards, these are Marshall Falk type numbers. In his second year he hauled in 73 passes for 417 yards in only 12 games of action. Football gambling fans have to believe that coach Philbin is creaming in his shorts dreaming of ways he can utilize Bush’s open field elusiveness. Last season for the Dolphins, Bush had 43 catches for 296 yards, and my money is on over 65 catches and 500 yards receiving for this season. What does phins news fans think? Also in this type of offensive scheme, where zone blocking is utilized, this should be an even greater benefit for Bush’s style of running. For those of you football gambling fans that are involved in Fantasy football leagues, I would suggest drafting him as your second running back, if possible, because he has the potential this year to be a statistical machine.


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