Gaffney signed sealed and delivered

Back in early September, right before the season started I was clamoring for the Miami Dolphins to sign veteran WR Jabar Gaffney, and now I finally got my wish. Obviously Gaffney is not going to come here and blow the doors off this league, but he provides solid veteran leadership and sure hands, something that this team could definitely use. In order to make room for Gaffney, the Dolphins finally decided that Legedu Naanee was not worth the time anymore.

The reason the Gaffney signing took so long to accomplish is because he injured his thigh muscle during the New England Patriots mini camp, and was still struggling to regain his strength. Apparently he is healed and at 100%, so this coupled with another poor performance from Naanee, led to the roster maneuver. Just a quick look at the statistics of these two individuals would make football gamblingphins news fans believe that the Dolphins should benefit from this transaction. Naanee was horrible in the preseason, dropping numerous passes thrown to him, and in his 5 targets during the regular season, 3 culminated in turnovers. Obviously Naanee, should never have been on the field in the first place, but when a team lacks wide receiver depth, bad players are forced into action.

Even though Gaffney is 31 years old and in his 11th season in the year, he set career highs in both receptions 68, and yards receiving 947, last season with subpar Redskins QB’s. As long as Gaffney is healthy, football gambling fans have to believe he will have an immediate impact on the Dolphins offense. In his 466 touches of the football over his career, he has only turned the ball over 4 times, so this should automatically be an improvement over butter fingers Naanee. If all goes well, Gaffney should be contributing on the field this Sunday against the Bengals.

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  • Lance

    I felt the same way about Gaffney. I screamed for Miami to sign him when he was available and just trusted there was a good reason they didn’t. I’ve silently been hoping they would sign him each week, and I’m ecstatic they have finally done so.

    He may only be our 3rd best receiver, but he’ll fit in perfectly for three-receiver sets and will back-fill any of our starters respectably. The fact he had such a productive year under Grossman is very telling of his abilities.

    Our team just improved overnight.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I hope Gaffney can get into shape by the Ram game, it would be nice to have three solid options to throw the ball to

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