Fisher or Philbin?

phins newsOver the last 5 years the Miami Dolphins have been bad, however when compared to their next opponent the St. Louis Rams things are comparatively a lot better in Miami. The Rams have won 3 games or fewer in 4 of the past 5 years, which is clearly worse than what the Dolphins have done in that time span. However, just like the Dolphins the Rams have a new coaching staff, and look poised to come out of their 5 year slump.

The ironic part of the situation is that the man behind the Rams turnaround is none other than Jeff Fisher, whom we originally courted before being spurned by him for the Rams. As a result the Dolphins organization, went in another direction and signed Joe Philbin, who even though he has had many years of experience in the league, he was never an NFL coach before. Obviously football gambling fans would admit we were taking a bigger gamble on a rookie head coach, instead of having a coach with 16+ years of head coaching experience.phins news

The Rams are 3-2, and are playing with a chip on their shoulder, and should obviously not be taken lightly by us. In regards to which coach I would rather have, I would hands down still want Philbin. I love his fast pace offense, and I love that he is aggressive late in games and goes for it on 4th downs. This reminds me a bit of the great hooded Bill Belichick style. Fisher is a much more conservative coach, and to me his style appears to be a bit outdated for this new era of football. What does the rest of phins news fans think?

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  • Lance

    Great question.

    I have to admit, when Miami had the opportunity to land Fisher, I wanted him bad, not because he would take us to the Superbowl, but he’d make us competitive and respected right away. When we lost out on him, I quickly soured and was thankful–I did not want him having final say over personnel, that would have been bad. I like what Philbin brings. I like his personality and I get the sense he knows a lot about football and can coach players; unlike Sporano who knows a lot about football but can’t necessarily coach the players.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I actually, never wanted Fisher, because even though he did well for Tennessee, he was always conservative and more times than not produced mediocre teams. To be honest I didn’t really like any of the coaches that were available, was at least intrigued by Philbin’s west coast offense, but I did not think he would be as good as he has been so far

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    When I first heard Fisher’s name, I got excited…for about 5 minutes. Then I realized that he got to the Super Bowl one time and only made the playoffs 3 or 4 times in his 15-16 years in Tennessee. That sucks. So I realized that he sucks and he’s the typical NFL retread that the Phins simply did not need. Fuck him and his cheesey mustache. I hope we lay a beat down on him and his Rams.

    Fisher is a Sparano type coach..keep it close and play not to lose. Come to think of it, that seems to be the case with all mustached coaches (Sparano, Wannstache, Ditka, Fat Andy Reid). The league is a passing league now with the defenses being so limited in physicality that their only real opportunity to be game changers is through turnovers. Go Phins!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree with you 100%, the only thing Fisher has going for him is having been in the league for so long. Yes he is definitely a conservative Sparano type coach

  • phinfreak

    I think the criteria this article is focusing on is flawed. Using offensive scheme or tempo should not be the determining criteria.

    The real reason Fisher spurned Ross ought to be the focus.

    Fisher didnt want to be subordinate to Ireland. Fisher wanted complete control and to pick his own GM, as he did in StL.

    It was not the management structure Ross wanted in his support for Ireland, thus Fisher spurned.

    X’s and O’s dont matter in terms of outcome, perhaps style yes, but not results.

    Had Fisher taken the job, I dont think we’d be here with Tannehill, but Moore as the starter, and judging by the last 5 games, maybe its a good thing he refused the job.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Im not focusing on why he is not the coach, I am saying that I would rather have had Philbin’s style of coaching and his aggresive style of offense over Fisher hands down. It is more up to date with the style of play in the NFL, then Fisher’s 1990’s style of play

  • Oavery

    I would much rather take my chances with Philbin than Fisher. You know what you get with Fisher – a conservative team that is pretty solid but got to the playoffs a quarter of the times and in 16 years got to the SB once. Not terrible but not good. Philbin’s value may be immediately evident in looking at the way GB’s offense has fallen apart without him. I like his fast pace. I think he is developing out young players and developing our rebuilding team. It will take a few years to know if he is the man or not but he has a chance to turn out to be excellent while Fisher at his best is only average to good.

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