Even though the roster is down to 53, it is still not set yet

The Miami Dolphins have narrowed down their roster to the necessary 53 players, however there is still a few more tweaks to be made. Clearly, after trading away both Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins created holes in positions that were already weak to begin with. So it would be astute of them to scour the waiver wire for players that can help this team at either the wide receiver or corner back position.

After multiple reports yesterday of a possible trade with the Washington Redskins to exchange RB Steve Slaton for WR Anthony Armstrong, the Dolphins brass kept their hands off the trigger, and could possibly be rewarded for their patience, because Armstrong was waived. If the Dolphins are still seriously interested in him, then Armstrong just needs to make it past the 7 teams in front of the Dolphins on the waiver wire. Other notable WR’s that are sitting on the sidelines without a team are Deion Branch, Rashied Davis, Maurice Stovall, Diondre Borel, and Tori Gurley. The wise sports betting strategy would be to go after Deion Branch, who is a proven veteran, and a player from a division rival. I think I would sign him just to piss off Belichick.

The Dolphins currently only have 3 CB’s under contract on the roster; Sean Smith, Richard Marshall, and Nolan Carroll, so the sports betting strategy is that they sign at least one CB. Some possible options besides the ones we mentioned yesterday, are Joselio Hanson, Drayton Florence, Alphonso Smith, Darius Butler, and Jonathan Wilhite.

The Dolphins currently have 4 QB’s on the roster, but it seems that they are seriously looking to trade Matt Moore, with possible destinations being Arizona, Green Bay, and Denver. It is telling that Matt Moore is the one being shopped and not David Garrard. Besides the fact that the Dolphins would probably receive better compensation for Moore than Garrard, because of Garrard’s injury, I also see a pattern of Philbin continuing to clean house, by dealing away guys that came with the past regime. He traded Ryan Cook to Dallas to make room for undrafted rookie Josh Samuda, and also kept rookie Kheeston Randall, instead of veteran Ryan Baker. These are just small, but telling signs that Philbin feels more comfortable with guys he brought in, then guys that were already here. I tell you one thing, I would not mind if he started going to the Green Bay Packer well to fill out the rest of this team, because at least the Packers are a perennial powerhouse compared to the Dallas Cowboys.


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  • Cuchulainn

    You can’t blame Philbin for dumping Sparano’s players on both sides of the ball. We’re changing schemes and philosophies on offense and defense. It would have been naive to think that Philbin would be able to use those players and win as many were complacent under Sparano and not a fit for the new schemes.

    It was a smart move on Ireland’s part not to trade Slaton for Armstrong, who was injured most of last season and this preseason. From the list, I would expect to see Moore moved to AZ or Denver as he doesn’t appear to be a fit for the WCO that we and GB run.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yeah I agree, its just funny to see constantly seeing guys being constantly shuffled out of the organization, because we are constantly going through different regimes. It would be nice to finally find some consistancy, and the only way that is going to happen is if Philbin can produce winning seasons.

      Yeah I’m glad they didn’t pull the trigger on that deal. I think I would rather have Moore than Garrard, but it seems they will probably be able to get more in return for Moore. What do you think they can get for Moore if he is traded? 3rd pick possibly, or Eric Decker, or Michael Flyod. I think these are closer to dream scenarios then real life, would be nice though. Maybe we could package Moore, and Slaton for one of those two receivers

      • Cuchulainn

        Aye, consistency… We haven’t had any of that since Wannstedt. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, all dumping the previous regimes players and GM and starting over. Now Philbin and Ireland are doing the same to try and find players to fit what they want to do now.

        Moore is not a fit for the quick strike WCO and has done nothing but hurt his stock all off season. The Broncos and Cards might be interested in him, but he will not warrant anything over a 5th round pick.

        Slaton was released as we are stacked at RB. Nolan was a good pickup and is an upgrade at Safety. Armstrong will contribute if healthy. The others were depth and special teams players.

        • Jimmy Bourbon

          Yeah I really hope Philbin can make some headway with the team, I am exciting to see the west coast offense with the no huddle. I think this will give us a clear advantage in our beginning of the year home games under the hot Miami sun. I would like to see us pick up Gaffney. Also as long as Hartline is healthy then he will be an improvement over what we saw in the preseason

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