Double dose of Bush and Hartline

phins newsIf the Dolphins are going to prove naysayers wrong this year they will obviously need to have solid play from their rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. However, in order for RT and the offense to play well they will need the support of their two biggest play makers; Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline.

It is no surprise that when Bush and Hartline have a break out game then the Dolphin’s offense explodes for 35 points. Reggie Bush announced before the season that his goal was to be the league’s leading rusher, and to average over 5 yards a carry. Well after two games, Bush is second in the league with 241 rushing yards and a 6.0 yards per carry average. Obviously there is plenty of season left to be played before Bush can give the “told you so’s” but he is definitely letting his game do the talking. Bush has always been a very talented player, you don’t win a Heisman trophy for being a nice guy. (Even though it was stripped away, he still initially won it) His one downfall has been his durability issue, and whether he was big and strong enough to run in between the tackles. Since he has arrived in Miami, he has had a chip on his shoulder, and has went about his business like he wants to prove himself to the rest of the football gambling community. He came down to South Florida, has worked like a maniac and has in the process taken on a leadership role. His confidence level is through the roof and now he is playing like a number 2 overall pick. If he can continue to stay healthy, then the rushing title will be in sight, and the Dolphins offense will be running up and down the field on teams as if it were a track meet.

phins newsThe other player who came into the season needing to step up was Brian Hartline. With the departure of Brandon Marshall, someone in the receiving corp had to step up. Many football gambling fans thought it would be Brian Hartline. He has played sparingly over the years, but whenever he is in the game, he seems to always be the one to make a big catch when the Dolphins need it most. However, he missed the entire preseason with a calf injury, and football gambling fans began to write him off, and even wonder if he would be apart of the receiving corp this season. Now after two games he is off to a blazing start with 12 catches for 161 yards and appears to be the favorite target for RT. His best statistical season was in 2010, where he caught 43 balls for 615 yards. At the moment he his on pace to blow those numbers out of the water. For those phins news fans curious to know what his final numbers would be if he continued this pace, take a look at this: 96 receptions for 1288 yards. That my friends would be a pro bowl caliber year.

So even though it may be highly unlikely that these two players continue on their torrid pace’s, it is encouraging that we have two offensive weapons that have the chance to be capable of carrying our offense, and thus increasing our winning potential.

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  • phinfreak

    I disagree, at least in the simplicity of what the article states will need to happen for the offense to play well.

    In order to prevent the yets from simply taking away Hartline, and dropping a S in the box to key on RBush, the Fins will need another …

    Bess is the silent key to blowing apart yets scheme at taking away ONE receiver and a RB.

    By Bess being the #1 early in the game in middle of field, it will put that age old pressure on Rexy to pick his poison.

    Without the third head, yets can put tons of pressure on Fins O and RT…and force fins to execute with little to no margin of error, and nobody wants to count on that.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Obviously other players need to do their part, Bess is always a solid contributor, but how many games has he actually taken the team on his back and won for us. Bush has, Hartline has not but has the cabability to. Bess is a key part of our offense though especially for the clutch 3rd down catches

  • oavery

    Bush has proven to be a real class act. After being criticized and maligned and also being underutilized and misutilized at New Orleans, and dissed by fans who believed what the press said . . . . Bush’s workman-like, focused, tough effort, demanding the best of himself and inspiring best efforts in others has made him a star on a Dolphin’s team needing stars.

    Hartline is a real surprise after his injury and non-performance in camp and is another player who has been endlessed dissed. I hope that his current upgraded performance and his evolving chemistry with Tannehill helps propel both of them to recognition and respect and becomes a nucleus for a revived Dolphins.

    Miami has good to excellent personnel on defense and seem to be warming to their new defensive scheme. The 4-3 suits their manpower. They should help Miami be solid for years to come.

    Miami finally has a QB who, with protection, will get better and better in the coming years. Our OL is still weak-ish. Martin needs experience on the right and strength. Long still is weakened by injury. Pouncey is playing like a top pick. But they are playing decently as a group with every potential to get better. Our RB are very good. All we need is some developing chemistry between our WR, our missing TE, and Bush from the backfield to continue to progress and the Dolphins will have the foundation to become a very good team this year and an excellent team after the next draft.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree to everything you said, plus I would add that we need improvement in the secondary, and with our skills in cover TE’s or RB’s out of the backfield. OUr D-line is top notch

  • al c

    i agree also. we have plenty of picks for next year and if there is an elite reciever when its our pick in the first round we jump on him. if martin and jerry dont show promise this year, then a lineman in the 2nd round and then settle up on the 2ndary. good things are coming for us loyal finz fans but be patient. one more good draft and we well be out of the rebuilding mode and sitting atop the afc east. the only thing the big ole tuna did right was our d-line. the rest smelled

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