Complete Game

The Dolphins found a way to play a complete game and as a result they were rewarded with a much needed and well deserved victory. The Miami Dolphins started the game off with two quick turnovers, but the defense was able to stand tough and keep the game within reach at only 0-6. Then the Phins pulled it together and scored 17 unanswered points to take the lead in the 4th quarter. However, after another missed field goal from “laces out” Dan Carpenter, the Bengals took advantage of the very good field position and parlayed it into a touchdown. Luckily the Bengals kicker Mike Nugent had his own problems with making field goals, and he sailed one wide right from 41 yards away.

As a result the Phins got the ball back with 3 minutes remaining and were able to pick up at least one first down, but the drive stalled out with 1:45 left in the game. This was the point in the game where I was having flash backs of the last two weeks and was waiting for the Dolphins to rip my heart out, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom Kali Ma Shakti de style. However, just when the Phins need to show some back bone they go ahead and get a huge game ending interception from Reshad Jones. This was the nail in the Bengals coffin, and the exclamation point on a very solid showing on the road against a quality team. Yes there were some miscues, but all in all the defense played very well, and the offense made the plays when they had to, and they did this against a team that is considered playoff caliber.

The thing that is most shocking about this team, is that they have clearly played above most phins news fans expectations, and with a couple of lucky breaks or made field goals this team could be sitting at 4-1. Unfortunately those are the breaks with a young team that is just not quite there yet, but like I have been saying all year, this team is definitely giving Phins news fans more hope than most of our other teams over the past decade.


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  • Lance

    A lot to be positive about from this game. Of course we still have issues, but I love how thin we were at CB and still held one of the more productive passers in the NFL in check, even after Carrol was temporarily knocked out with a concussion–that shows a lot of progress from years past.

    I also love the comment I saw on one blog regarding Jeff Ireland–something to the effect taht the entire secondary that gave Dalton fits was drafted by Ireland. I have never jumped on the “fire Ireland” bandwagon, nor am I close. There is a lot of emerging talent on this team, and as we get better, that talent will have the opportunity to blossom. Success breeds success (i.e. New England Patriots).

    I just hope we can whoop the Rams after Fisher spurned us. 3-3 at the bye will do quite nicely going into the weak part of our schedule.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Yes, if you look at the last three games, I think it is fair to say we out played the opponents for most of the games, its just when you turn the ball over and are constantly missing field goals it makes it a lot more difficult to come away with the victory. True the secondary did well and were products of Ireland. 3-3 would be very nice going into the bye week, but the Rams are not as bad as everyone thinks

  • phinfreak

    Carpenter….is killing us. Cost us two games, and vs Cincy could have cost us too.

    He is done, fini, fried, cooked. Ireland needs to bring a kicker in, theres plenty FA out there.

    Philly relies on kicker again its gonna cost us.

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