Are we finally going to see Gaffney?

On October 2nd the Miami Dolphins signed 10 year veteran WR Jabar Gaffney, however up until now he has still not even been active for a game so far. He was supposed to come in and be the third receiver, that the Phins were in desperate need of. However between a combination of still getting healthy from a leg injury, and having to learn a completely new offense, Gaffney has been sidelined.

I have to assume it has more to do with the injury, because I really don’t understand how a 10 year guy who has been on multiple teams is taking so long to pick up on a new system. Mike Sherman explained the other day that Gaffney’s speed has not been 100% as of yet, but is getting there with each new day. Apparently today is the make or break day for Gaffney, because if he can prove that he understands the system, and can play up to speed, then he will be activated for the New York Jets game this weekend. The sports betting strategy is that this extra bye week was just what the doctor ordered for Gaffney, and he will finally be able to get some game time experience.

I know Marlon Moore played decent last game, however he has always been a little inconsistent for me, so it would truly be a huge boost to the offense if Gaffney can get on the field. A big game against the Jets would be the perfect time to have him available, and for our offense to sprinkle in some 4 wide receiver sets, to take advantage of a secondary that will be missing it’s best player in Revis. So the sports betting strategy is that if Gaffney can practice well today, than there is a very strong possibility that he will be able to be on the field this weekend and can hopefully contribute immediately.


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  • phinfreak

    I agree, Sherman will have a few new formations for the Yets to match up against. I believe 4 wides will be rolled out on Sunday, but w a single back in and out of shotgun, and Tanny calling audibles to run/pass options especially on short to mid yardage situations.

    On long yardage, the 4 wide will pose problems for the Yets so I expect to see some more zone coverage out of them, and us running right at it.

    I’ve got Fins 23, yets 17.

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