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In an 8 day span the Dolphins have played two of the best football teams in the league, and in both games the Phins had a chance late in the game to tie it, however in the end they were not good enough to complete the valiant effort. Another main reason why they lost both games, is because of turnovers or stupid miscues, like roughing the kicker or walking the ball into the end-zone on a punt that should have been downed at the one yard line. In addition they turned the ball over inside of their own 20 in both games. You will never beat the elite teams in the NFL, making mistakes like these.

Another thing that we all knew, but is now becoming some glaringly obvious, is that the Phins need a big time receiver that can stretch the field. Sherman and Philbin appear to want to have a west coast style passing attack, so I would assume that this issue will be addressed in both free agency, and the draft. If USC WR Marquis Lee enters the draft, the Phins need to trade up to get this guy, he is the real deal, and would be the perfect receiver to pair with RT for the next 10 years. I would be extremely disappointed if the phins did not aggressively try to improve the WR position. They need to help out their young QB, and the best way to do that is to give him someone that other teams must prepare for each week, and at the moment nobody on offense is worthy of keeping defensive coordinators up late at night.

To be honest even though the defense played tough, and they kept both games close, there was never any moment in either game where I thought, or felt the Dolphins would win. They are not there yet, and frankly I am ready for the season to end so we can begin to acquire more talent to fill this roster.


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  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    Ya think? We traded our best WR for two 3rd round picks, signed an over the hill head case in Chad Johnson, and didn’t address the issue until the 6th round of the draft. We have zero deep threat. Zero. You really think dickhead Ireland will trade up for a skilled position? Hell we could’ve had TY Hilton in the 3rd and addressed a glaring need. Instead we drafted Egnew who has the same stat line I do – 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 TDs. My best guess is (assuming Ireland is still on board) we draft another O lineman in the first round as Jake Long is outta here. Then we draft more D linemen (who aren’t real good) in the second and maybe look for an acorn WR in the 3rd. Is that what we should do? Hell no. We need to get Lee as you said AND draft another WR in the 2nd and/or 3rd round.

    The top NFL teams all have elite QBs and quality at the skilled positions. We don’t have either. We have been lucky to win 5 games this year. Before the season, I thought this was a 4-5 win team. Because of our soft schedule, we will most likely get 6 or 7, which still sucks. Even worse, I still don’t know what the hell we have in Tannehill because he has nothing for talent around him. Is he good? Bad? Fair? A future backup? I don’t know and I don’t think anyone who is honest can know either because of the lack of talent. Time to get rid of U2’s homeland, get a real GM, and start addressing areas of weakness on this team. Please end the season already.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Amen, you summed it up pretty nicely, I was pissed last draft traded Marshall away for a flaming bag of shit. (in all honesty I was not bothered by trading Marshall away, it was the fact that we did not get the proper price for him. two 3rd rounders for a pro bowl WR) Then during the draft we wait until the 6th round to draft a WR, WTF. Like you said in the first 3 rounds this year we need to draft 2 WRs.. Lee is the real deal, we need to find away to land him. He is one of the most electric players in college football hands down

  • phinfreak

    Finally you guys are starting to hone in on what Ive been screaming about and what really ails this team….talent.

    First and foremost, Ireland must go. Then the fins must find playmakers, not development players.

    I like the 6’8 TE Fauria because we all know Egnew is a major bust where they picked him.
    WR’s obviously but dont diminish the real need for cover Db’s. Our CB play is a real weak point in our D.
    I also believe we need another premier pass rusher to compliment Wake. Odrick is ok but not a player opposing teams need to scheme for.

    “Today, you need two things in the NFL, a QB and QB killers…”

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      We need to give RT a chance, so we need to give him weapons… Definitely a TE and WR, preferable 2 WR’s… and at least 1 DB, and 1 LB. Obviously there is other positions of need as well, but we can only get so much, so those 4 positions would be under the category of immediate need

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