Another reunion short-lived

The last free agent signed by Jeff Ireland and the Miami Dolphins was veteran Guard Eric Steinbach. The main reason for his signing had to be because Philbin coached him in college at Iowa. During Jeff Ireland’s tenure this organization has constantly gone after players who they have had a past relationship with. There was a point where this team was being filled with ex-Dallas Cowboy rejects faster than Justin Bieber sells out concerts to teeny boppers. However once again, this strategy of choosing players whom they are familiar with, over the best available talent is NOT WORKING.

Not only is the strategy of choosing guys they know not working, but also the consistent acquisition of players who are coming off season ending injuries, or who have a career riddled with injuries, NOT WORKING. Both David Garrard and Eric Steinbach missed the entire 2011 season, because they needed back surgery. Well is it any surprise to phins news fans that both players are now injured AGAIN, and now one is retiring. This is not the first time these clowns have made this same mistake of signing guys with an injury history. Look how well offensive linemen Jake Grove and Justin Smiley turned out. What a waste of millions of dollars and time, on players that had a high probability of becoming injured.

The sports betting strategy is that Ireland will never figure it out, he is set in his ways, and he will continue to shop at the discount bins featuring familiar players from his days with the Cowboys. The funny thing is that the Dolphins have already worked out Guard Jake Scott twice, but the problem with him is that he is not from Dallas, and he has started every game in the past 7 years.


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    Jeff Ireland is almost as bad as Al davis…… if not worse! Its sad to be a loyal fan and have to sit by each year barely watching your team compete, I can only watch and pray this season as a loyal fan, smh……..(sigh) R.I.P. TO IRELAND

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I think he might be worse at least Al davis won some Super Bowls, I pray to that they can turn it around this season and at least be competitive.

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    Boy you nailed this article. From the moment this country became the GM, it’s been a train wreck. Why does every single player acquisition have to be an acorn, a diamond in the rough? God I hate both of those colloquialisms. Here’s a thought…how about signing guys who can help the team in areas of deficiency? You know, like maybe a serviceable WR? After three preseason games, the lack of talent at the skill positions is beyond glaring. How in the hell is Tannehill going to have any success this year? Better question, how in the hell does Ireland have his job still? Seriously. Look through his acquisitions in the draft and FAs. Many more whiffs than hits. Not only that, but the few players that were talented are gone (ahem, Brandon Marshall).

    After watching these three games, how can any non-blind Phins fan think that this team is going to win more than 4 or 5 games? Maybe the Cowboys will cut Miles Austin or Dez Bryant and we can sign them? Oh yeah, Ireland’s history with Dez isn’t so good… Is Steve Ross really this stupid? Is this a contract situation with Ireland where Ross doesnt want to pay him after he’s canned? This team has gotten worse since Ireland came aboard and considering they were coming off a 1-15 record when he was hired, that’s really saying something.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Haha, I agree totally, I hate those two colloquialisms, why can’t he just get playing that will help this team. They should have drafted a young talented receiver in the second or third round this year to help RT. Could have been like what Cincy did with AJ Green and Dalton, but no the trade Marshall for a bag of peanuts and then don’t even use the picks to try to replace him. Yeah Ireland has to have something on Ross, that has allowed him to keep his job.

  • phinfreak

    What will eventually get Ireland fired is a combination of another year of empty seats, and Philbin. The HC and GM are on two completely different planets.

    Ireland has to be the worst GM in the league.

    Watch him trade RBush for Wallace….

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I can’t believe Ireland actually gets bad good money for what he does. He is like the weather man, he gets paid even when he is wrong. I just always feel that every move he makes is like a “wtf was he thinking.” Why didn’t he try to trade Vontae for Wallace, that would have been at least logical. I’m think other GM’s do not respect him and they always give him the short end of the stick when they deal with, or even better Ireland is the poker player at the table who can’t pick out the donkey, then you are it.

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